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baggins Tom McIntyre (& Laura, Zephyr, & Veronica, too)
bb Get wet, high, and lost with Brian Battuello
bbear The Change Project: dealing with a turbulent world.
bbraasch Bill Braasch
bernie Bernie Walp is more awestruck than awesome
bg bg's little corner of cyber-space
birrell Birrell Walsh -- Bless You!
biscuit Paul Bissex, aka E-Scribe New Media
bkwill Brian Williams' and Francesca Ritson's Pages
blairh SF's Echo Beach Band -- tropical jazz
bobby Bob Manrodt's evolving Windows in Eternity
bparnes Brett's Tapelist 5k
bronxbob Robert L. DeCandido
bryan Bryan Higgins
bslesins Brian Slesinsky's Weblog
btanaka Brian Tanaka's BWorld
bubbles Float along Fantasy Way like a soap bubble with Tom Digby.
burton Susan Burton

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