deadsongs.vue.139 : Money, Money
permalink #0 of 1: David Dodd (ddodd) Mon 8 Sep 03 08:48
Money, Money
w: Barlow m: Weir
deadsongs.vue.139 : Money, Money
permalink #1 of 1: Alex Allan (alexallan) Mon 8 Sep 03 21:13
Money Money
Lyrics: John Barlow
Music: Bob Weir 

Copyright Ice Nine Publishing; used by permission.

My baby gives me the finance blues
Tax me to the limit of my revenues
Here she come finger popping clickety click
She says "furs or diamonds, you can take your pick"

She wants money
(what she wants)
She wants money
(what she wants)
She wants money
(what she wants)
She wants money
(what she wants)
Money, money, money, money, money
Money, money, money, money, money

She says "Money, honey", I'd rob a bank
I just load my gun and mosey down to the bank
Knocking off my neighbourhood savings and loan
To keep my sweet chiquita in eau de Cologne


Mama, don't send me down to rob that bank again
I got a notion you're leading me to sin
Won't you relax, won't you lay way back
Don't you bug your honey about no Cadillac
It's only bucks, you don't need no jack
So won't you please relax and lay way back

My baby's loving gives me such a thrill
It gives me inspiration making counterfeit bills
Now some folks say the best things in life are free
I sure don't get no loving living honestly


Lord made a lady out of Adam's rib
Next thing you know you got women's lib
Lovely to look upon, heaven to touch
It's a real shame they got to cost so much


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