deadsongs.vue.210 : Victim Or The Crime
permalink #26 of 27: beneath the blue suburban skies (aud) Wed 23 Jan 08 08:43
oops, meant to add this link to his essay
deadsongs.vue.210 : Victim Or The Crime
permalink #27 of 27: William Jason Baggett (billybaggs) Wed 23 Jan 08 18:57
that's a great essay!

apparently they both contributed to the lyrics.

interesting to me is the idea that gerrit didn't mean junkie in the
sense that i took it.  according to him, "Never mind that the line and
the word had nothing to do with junk or junkies, much less Garcia..."

and i loved garcia's response regarding the subject..."i don't give a
fuck, sing what you want."

regardless of what the original meaning or intention of the lyrics
were, i still can't help but thing that it eventualy had some
implication.  after all, songs change and evolve over time and can end
up meaning different things.  maybe that's just me projecting though, i

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