deadsongs.vue.40 : China Doll
permalink #0 of 1: David Dodd (ddodd) Tue 2 Sep 03 15:02
China Doll
w: Hunter m: Garcia
deadsongs.vue.40 : China Doll
permalink #1 of 1: Alex Allan (alexallan) Tue 2 Sep 03 18:32
China Doll 
Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Jerry Garcia

Copyright Ice Nine Publishing; used by permission.

A pistol shot at five o'clock
The bells of heaven ring
Tell me what you done it for
No I won't tell you a thing

Yesterday I begged you
Before I hit the ground
All I leave behind me
Is only what I found

If you can abide it
Let the hurdy gurdy play
Stranger ones have come by here
Before they flew away

I will not condemn you
Nor yet would I deny
I would ask the same of you
But failing, will not die

Take up your china doll
It's only fractured
Just a little nervous from the fall
La la la la la la la

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