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deadsongs.vue.70 : Eternity
permalink #0 of 1: David Dodd (ddodd) Tue 2 Sep 03 15:14
w: Dixon m: Weir, Wasserman
deadsongs.vue.70 : Eternity
permalink #1 of 1: Alex Allan (alexallan) Tue 2 Sep 03 19:44
Lyrics: Willie Dixon
Music: Bob Weir, Rob Wasserman

Copyright Ice Nine Publishing; used by permission.

I'm lookin' out my window
I watch the clouds go by
I look to see eternity
The endless rolling sky

You cannot think of eternity
Think of it like time
You try to think, you try to count
You just mess up your mind

Eternity, eternity
Honey, I love you, you love me
Let's love each other through eternity

Since before man could see
There was eternity
After man is come and gone
Eternity lingers on, eternity lingers on

Everything crawl, creep, or fly
Just live until they die
I love you, honey you love me
Let's love each other through eternity

Eternity, eternity
I love you, you love me
Let's love each other through eternity
Through eternity 

Well I think about life, we don't know
Whether it all could be in vain
Look through time, it's for sure
It's the greatest gift to man

Music and Love, you can't explain
Try and understand
The greatest thing could ever be
We make love through eternity
Make love through eternity

When the world think our defeat
Think that we are gone
We'll still have our place of peace
Our love will linger on, linger on

We won't care just what who said
If it's truth or lie
We'll still have our greatest gift
Our love won't ever die
Love won't ever die
Love won't ever die

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