inkwell.vue.248 : Jon Lebkowsky, "Extreme Democracy"
permalink #76 of 87: Emily J. Gertz (emilyg) Sun 24 Jul 05 10:42

hey folks -- I have just been catching up and reading this interview.  kudos
to all for the excellent discussion thus far.

I want to mention that I am sitting on several extra hard copies of Extreme
Democracy (almost literally -- I live in Brooklyn, after all) that were left
over from the Personal Democracy Conference here in NYC in May.  If anyone
would like a copy, I am empowered by Jon himself to offer one to you at a
fair and reasonable price.  
inkwell.vue.248 : Jon Lebkowsky, "Extreme Democracy"
permalink #77 of 87: Jon Lebkowsky (jonl) Mon 25 Jul 05 19:28
Hey, thanks, Emily! 

New Yorkers reading this, please help Emily reclaim her space!
inkwell.vue.248 : Jon Lebkowsky, "Extreme Democracy"
permalink #78 of 87: It's a new sun to me (nukem777) Fri 29 Jul 05 22:07
Fantastic discussion, great book and superb inputs for new ideas in
the emerging technology and software as applied to political networks.

Post #70 is a sweet one Jon, thanks for that...I'm presently
consulting for the internet portion of someone's run for the Senate
from Rhode Island, his internet campaign can use all of these thoughts
and more, especially as Joe Trippi has just thrown his talents toward
one of our competitors....the more the merrier, the process just gets
that many more people awake and involved and right now that's what it's
all about.
inkwell.vue.248 : Jon Lebkowsky, "Extreme Democracy"
permalink #79 of 87: Jon Lebkowsky (jonl) Sun 31 Jul 05 13:31
Thanks, Ted! Looks like many or most campaigns are adopting new
technologies, though some are more adventurous than others. Some
candidates are blogging (like Steve Urquhart from Utah,, but I'm still looking for a state- or
national-level candidate who was a blogger first.
inkwell.vue.248 : Jon Lebkowsky, "Extreme Democracy"
permalink #80 of 87: It's a new sun to me (nukem777) Sun 31 Jul 05 17:34
LOL, that's coming, no's bloggers strike me as Patrick
Henrys (only because the New York Times Book Review did an article on
him today)...their sense of urgency over the political realities of the
day force them to their the search engines and RSS
feeders continue to make them more widely read and heard, it will be
inevitable that some of them will run, or be run, for office....all to
the good of the Republic i think.
inkwell.vue.248 : Jon Lebkowsky, "Extreme Democracy"
permalink #81 of 87: It's a new sun to me (nukem777) Sun 31 Jul 05 17:40
great pointer, by the way, thanks.

The problem i face, with the 'old school' is their starting
point...why do I need a website, what good is it, how will it really
affect my campaign? Etc.  Basically from scratch...good questions tho,
which make you think and shape the existing technologies or create new
ones to actually make it all be a servant for their particular needs.
great work if you can get it and a lot of fun to be a part of it all.

You guys are so ahead of the political curve as to how technology can
assist in a modern campaign. I've got a lot of catching up to do....the
Inkwell.vue interviews this year have really followed out a nice track
in this regard -- with social collaboration, the future, future
frequencies, etc.   Don't know if that has been intentional, if I'm
just going with the flow, or being adaptive to my own situation, but it
has been something special...
inkwell.vue.248 : Jon Lebkowsky, "Extreme Democracy"
permalink #82 of 87: Jon Lebkowsky (jonl) Mon 1 Aug 05 13:56
I guess I put some of those interviews together when I was a host of
inkwell, and was following my own interests. I was actually worried
that we were doing too much of one thing, but you could fill a lot of
inkwell slots with those kinds of discussions... there are so many
people thinking in this realm at the moment.

Political campaigns are still more about money than connecting with
constituents, I'm afraid, but we can all hope that'll balance out.
inkwell.vue.248 : Jon Lebkowsky, "Extreme Democracy"
permalink #83 of 87: It's a new sun to me (nukem777) Mon 1 Aug 05 19:08
no doubt,  that's about all this fellow does is raise money...the
website is almost a fallback place for him to spell out his positions
and ideas and try and communicate issues while his meetings with
single-focused groups is all about "what can you do for us?".
inkwell.vue.248 : Jon Lebkowsky, "Extreme Democracy"
permalink #84 of 87: virtual community or butter? (bumbaugh) Tue 2 Aug 05 06:46
Where are things going next, <nukem777>? What's on the horizon?
inkwell.vue.248 : Jon Lebkowsky, "Extreme Democracy"
permalink #85 of 87: It's a new sun to me (nukem777) Tue 2 Aug 05 10:08
I'm a grandfather, as of Sunday, July 24 at 1045am...Reagan Jane
Quinn, 7 lbs, 2 oz, 19", black hair, eye color to be determined.  I am
relocating to the Phoenix area, where my daughter lives, in order to
properly spoil my grandchild.  

Turned in a PhD proposal for my Philosophy professor, where I got my
M.A. on the historical development of eudaemonia and how the theme of
joy was picked up by Paul and developed in the New Testament thru to
the Summa Theologica.  Might be a bit too much for Claremont Graduate

Collaborating on a web project and e-book re: ElderCare for the Baby
Boomer generation and its impact on our laughable health care system.

Writing my own book, loosely based on my loose life to date.

Developing content for Sirius to provide an hour to two hour long
syndicated show for them with a friend of mine...this has been 4 years
in the making and looks like it is finally going to come to fruition,
we'll see.

Kind of resurrecting an old company of mine, RapidTransfer, which is a
consulting firm for systems integration and assisting start-ups in
their web a lot of people I got burned out by the sheer
total idiocy of corporate so-called management and their inability to
'get it' and just put it back in the box and walked away from it....I
actually think that is a growing problem in this country - the amount
of talent that is walking away from the whole tech field in complete
disgust; we are wasting a valuable resource and it is going to come
back to haunt us down the yellow cyberbrick road (pun on China there).

Still waiting on my relative's guy to get it together regarding the
internet....they seem to think that since the actual vote doesn't take
place until Fall of '96 there is no immediacy...and his nephew, the one
in charge of developing the internet campaign, is still apparently
trying to find his computer....aargh, it is all just too much to get
concerned about...they either get it or they don't...I'll let my cousin
take one more shot with them and then leave them to figure it out.

Doing some blues harmonica recording for a couple of albums, just
laying down tracks for other peoples forthcoming debuts...very
enjoyable, but I won't let them use my name, just a nickname, so no one
knows about it and I don't get sidetracked...

That's about it...casual life, thanks to the can do just
about anything, at your own pace, from just about anywhere....

The one downside of all this activity is that I don't get much time to
hang out and read and interact with all the WELL conferences I used to
be more actively involved in...and, as a consequence, I don't get to
keep up with and encourage so many other great people and the things
they are doing here on the WELL and in the hinterlands.

Hopefully, once I'm settled in Phoenix, I can get back into some kind
of rhythm...

That's probably way more than you wanted to know, and I probably
misunderstood your question, but there you have it.

What's up with you these days? What are you involved in now?
inkwell.vue.248 : Jon Lebkowsky, "Extreme Democracy"
permalink #86 of 87: Jon Lebkowsky (jonl) Thu 4 Aug 05 11:58
Is that the fall of 2096? :)

> we are wasting a valuable resource 
> and it is going to come
> back to haunt us

Interesting problem: we were leading the world in technology, but now
we're bogged down in legacy systems and the attendant bureaucracies;
meanwhile other, less encumbered parts of the world are leapfrogging
and leaving us in the dust (if frogs leave dust). 
inkwell.vue.248 : Jon Lebkowsky, "Extreme Democracy"
permalink #87 of 87: It's a new sun to me (nukem777) Thu 4 Aug 05 18:16
yup, given the restrictions Homeland Security is putting on our use of
technology we are going to become the gardeners and maids of
cyberspace...pathetic. If you even want to use a freakin' mobile phone
to full capacity you have to go to Europe or Japan, it's ridiculous. 
Given the speed of technological development that frog dust is going to
become a desert real soon.

Ooops, 2006.

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