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inkwell.vue.80 : Amy Jo Kim - Community Building on the Web
permalink #51 of 52: Ari Davidow (ari) Mon 31 Jul 00 05:40
I should point out that there is the usual roaring discussion of things
virtual community in the WELL's "vc" conference, expanding on the points
raised in Amy Jo's book and beyond. There is also a discussion centered
around the book being held on Howard Rheingold's site. For further 
information, go to .
(Visit for excerpts of the book, online,
and for other information about the book, or generated since the book's

And, once again, many thanks to Amy Jo Kim for writing an excellent
book, and for participating here.
inkwell.vue.80 : Amy Jo Kim - Community Building on the Web
permalink #52 of 52: Amy Jo Kim (amyjo) Mon 31 Jul 00 08:12
It was a pleasure to participate -- hope to see some of you online in
the venues that <ari> mentioned.

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