Americ Azevedo - Notebook

americ azevedo

"Live more and more in the Present which is ever beautiful and stretches away beyond the limits of the past and the future." --Meher Baba

Knowing what we don't know is the beginning of wisdom. Living fully, watching for feedback from our actions (and non-actions) deepens wisdom. Good people strive for wisdom, not only knowledge. Good people cultivate nonviolence, loving kindness.

To reduce the insecurity of uncertainty, many of us look for truth that is lasting. This can be in mathematics, religion, philosophical metaphysics, the wisdom found in meditation.

Discovering shared values involves countless dialogues. I have faith that good values will surface over time.

Good people make a good society. Meditation prepares us for dialogue. Not just discussion or debate. A healthy movement between dialogue and meditation creates good societies.

A good society depends on inner unspoken states of mind. Inner and outer world are deeply related.