Protect Yourself With Travel Insurance

When you’re planning a vacation, you think of a lot of things. You fantasize about seeing new locations, tasting new foods and enjoying new adventures. You plan to take great photos, make new memories and have a great time. What you don’t think about is what you will do if your plane is delayed and your cruise ship leaves without you. You don’t plan on having your plans thwarted by a hurricane or the airline losing your luggage. Unfortunately, these things happen every day to travelers across the globe. Buying trip insurance is the best way to protect your vacation from the unexpected.

There are many great companies that offer trip insurance. The coverage you get depends solely on the policy you buy. The amount of coverage you will need for your trip depends heavily on your trip costs, duration and destination. Buying enough coverage to ensure an enjoyable voyage is important when deciding to purchase traveler’s insurance.

What Traveler’s Insurance Covers:


If you are taking a cruise, having insurance is a must. If your plane is delayed and you miss your sailing, your insurance policy may cover the cost of flying you out to your first port. Without trip insurance, you would lose both your vacation and all of your cruise fare.

If the airline loses your luggage when you are leaving for a cruise, you could be stuck at sea for days without clothing if you don’t purchase trip insurance. With a traveler’s insurance policy, you may be provided cash to purchase items to take with you on your trip.

Getting left behind in a foreign port can be a nightmare. Missing your cruise ship can be disastrous if you don’t have trip insurance. Between finding people that can help, getting a flight home or staying in a hotel, it can be a costly hassle to finally get back to your home city. By having a trip insurance policy, you can rest assured that you will be taken care of if the unthinkable happens.

Land Vacations

Taking a vacation to the Gulf coast or in the Outer Banks can be magical. It can also leave you in the path of a hurricane. If your trip is interrupted due to acts of nature, trip insurance can help you recover some of your costs. Traveler’s insurance may provide reimbursements for missed tours, hotel closures and damaged belongings. Without trip insurance you are simply taking a chance that everything will go as planned.

Traveling far from home can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Certain regions of the world are beautiful locales to visit, but are also prone to civil unrest. If your vacation is ruined due to war, terrorism or other violent acts, having a trip insurance policy will give you added protection and transportation back to your home. Purchasing an adequate trip insurance policy can make all of the difference when you are traveling abroad.

If you rent a car while on vacation, your auto insurance policy may not cover any damages to the rental car. Sites like will help you find policies that will cover you, even while you are away.

Cancellation, Injury and Illness

Sometimes things in life just happen. If you have to cancel a trip at the last minute, you may not be able to get a refund from your airline or cruise line. Trip insurance usually allows you a means to cancel your trip if you should become ill or injured. In addition, if you become sick or get hurt while on your vacation, trip insurance may cover the cost of your care.

Getting travel insurance is easy. There are great companies that offer low cost insurance policies that will cover you while you are away. Whether your vacation is on land or by sea, there is a policy that will cover you. Find a travel insurance company for a custom policy today.