About the Author
Faris Malik, the author of this web site, has been researching the subject of eunuchs and ancient conceptions of sex and gender identity since 1991. He has been working as a freelance translator since that year as well. 

Faris graduated with a degree in German from the University of California at Berkeley in 1986, after spending two years as a genetics major. He received a master's degree in German literature from Princeton University in 1989. 

Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, and raised from the age of six in various cities throughout California, Faris attended high school in Fremont. During and after college he traveled much in Europe and the United States. He lived in Göttingen, Princeton, and New York City before returning to the San Francisco Bay area in 1994. 

Faris was baptized in a Baptist church in Berkeley in 1995, but left to pursue Islam three years later. In addition to the "Born Eunuchs" site, he manages the Queer Jihad website as well. Faris lives in Oakland.

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