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What party? -Kenny

Kenny gave him a nice home in the shed. At first he blamed it on me I didn't let you guys get away with an annonymous Doodad Deposit. Huh. -Tina

Awesome webpage people! Totally, childishly gratifying to see the photo of me w/the mermaid tattoo in there--I love this! What a gas to have such high tech fellow party goers! I guess we're rapidly advancing on the future. I really like the nightime impression piece--definitely art. Thank you! -Anne D.

I love the web site, you guys are soooo 90's. Love, Ted

hey guys! What do you mean by mom 2B anyway? And how would you even know? Correction for you... in the picture with me is Melissa. Cool to see some pictures! We will miss you guys at Phish! It was wonderful to meet Lily finally! Hope to see you guys again real soon! Love, hugs and kisses, Jill

Nice going! It's fun to be able to check in on a "work-in-progress". I like the snaps (could go for more resolution but, hey, whadyawant), and Debbie's list. Wouldn't expect answers to some of the mysteries generated by the
event but am pretty sure noone has those answers. When I get my pix developed I'll get them to you in some form to be included as you see fit. -Lou

Thank you for the internet exxxxxxxperience !!!! Great job on this website. -Allison & Chris

Hey Guys,
Great to see you at the party!! Your little angel is adorable!
Boy, the weather couldn't have been better!! Good thing the rain held out until Sunday.
Are you guys coming up for Slip In to Summer?? Hopefully we'll see you then.
Peace and Love to you all, Lisa.

Dear Lily Carlisle,
It's Friday night and your hostess is off to see Greg and his brother, All Man. And I tuned in to my favorite site and there was your most wonderful and extraordinary comments on this year's gig. I got teary eyed reading your warm and most sincere prose. It reminds me how special your mommy and daddy are and how lucky we all are to have our still expanding circle of friends. You are a terrific writer and your tender words will live with me for many years to come. I thank you for all this.
Love, Uncle Kenny

OK, its August 24, and maybe Further Beyond Trip-In to Carlisle is not fresh on my mind. Only 3 short weeks ago we were having the times of our lives with the closest friends any group could ever put together. Every one of us played a significant part of the journey. Now I know what the arty part is - Jill's doo-dad made it all the way to the Great Went courtesy of Lisa! I managed to get an excellent hour or so of good first set music plus lotsa dancing on the video. It's only an hour but it is guaranteed to make you feel good. We are going to have a screening for those attendees (and a few of the much missed) at a time to be annouced later as soon as some consesus is reached (assuming, of course that there IS any interest), which there better be for all of you-know whos.
Love, Shel and Lisa

Hi Lily,
I just read what you wrote for the Carlisle Carnival Site. For a new person, you are very erudite. How did you get this way? Have your mom and dad been experimenting with your brain and found a way for you to be expressfully precocious? Whatever it is I did like your observations a lot but just you be careful not to hurt yourself. Don't be thinking to hard for too long about too much or you run the risk of a braineurism. I'm just saying this as personal advice, ok? Pace yourself.

"Any mosquito that bit me died happy!" -Anonymous

nice job on the page love, jen

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