BW and FR - Life Line

Dec. 15, 1916 - Dave Williams (BW's Father) born in Texas

Jan. , 1921 - Fern C. (BW's Mother) born in California

Nov. 10, 1924 - David Ritson (FR's Father) born in London

April 10, 1927 - Edda M. (FR's Mother) born in New York

April 1, 1942 - Dave and Fern married

August 19, 1942 - Dave's First Mission in WWII

August 1, 1944 - BW born in Albuquerque, New Mexico

April 1, 1951 - David and Edda married

1948 - 1951 (?) - BW lived in Tuscon, Arizona

1951-1955 - BW lived in Tampa, Fla.

Feb. 21, 1953 - FR born Rochester, New York

1955-1958- BW lived in Savannah, Ga.

1955 - FR lived in Lincoln, Mass. Visits London on Queen Mary

1956 - FR's Grandmother Francesca M. dies

Fall 1956 - BW started 7th grade in Boone, NC for a few months.

Fall 1956 - BW transfered to HV Jenkins Junior High (7th, 9th) in Savannah Ga.

Summer 1958 - Dave W. posted to RAF Station Feltwell, Norfolk, England

Fall 1958-June 1960 - BW went to High School (10th,11th grades) at Central High School, Bushy Park, London, England

June 1959 - BW bicycles around Europe

1960 - FR visited England and fed deer in Bushy Park. Goes to school at Hampstead School. Visits France and Italy.

July 1960- BW studied French in Paris for a month

Fall 1960 - BW transferred to Lakenheath High School, RAF Lakenheath.

Jan. 27, 1961 - Olive Choate Williams (BW's grandmother) died

1961 - FR moves to Perry Lane, Menlo Park. Goes to Ladera Elementary School (3rd grade)

June 1961 - BW graduated from Lakenheath High School, RAF Station Lakenheath, England.

July 1961 - BW returns to USA. Dave W. posted to Vandenberg AFB, Calif.

Summer 1961 - BW got first drivers license in Texas to help drive across USA to Ca.

Fall 1961 - BW started college at UC Santa Barbara

1962 - FR moved to Stanford. Goes to Stanford Elementary School

July 1964 - BW married Lori Henry Wolfson

Sept 1964 - June 1965 - BW attended Santa Barbara City College for a year

? 1965 - FR's Grandfather Max Ritson dies

March 7, 1965 - Eran Michael W. born in Santa Barbara, Ca.

Sept 1965 - BW went back to UCSB

Sept 1965 - FR goes to Terman Jr. High School, Palo Alto

March 1966 - May 1967 - BW worked part time for EGG in Goleta as mail clerk and custodian ($2.00/hr!)

Summer 1967 - BW moved to Texas with Eran to live with Fern and Dave in Austin

Sept 1967 - FR goes to Henry M. Gunn Sr. High School.

1967- FR takes trips to Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, France, and Sicily.

Fall 1967 - BW attended Southwest Texas State College in San Marcos, Texas, for one semister

Spring 1968 - BW attended University of Texas, Austin, for one semister

Fall 1968 - BW moved to San Diego with Eran (876 Diamond St., Pacific Beach)

Fall 1968 - Eran goes to Gellespie Cottage (sp?) Nursery School in La Jolla

1968/69 - BW attended San Diego State

1969- FR goes to England for a year, attends Camden School for Girls

June 1969 - BW graduates from San Diego State with BA in Math

Summer 1969 - BW, LW, and Eran move to Santa Cruz

Sept 9, 1969 - Dave Williams (BW's grandfather) dies in Texas

Oct. 1969 - BW begins work at UCSC Science Library

? 1969- BW, Lori and Eran move to 230 Surfside, SC

? 1971 - Lori and BW separate

May 1971 - BW and Eran move out of house at Surfside, Santa Cruz

Land lady, who lived next door, wanted the house for her daughter who was moving back to town.

1971 - BW and Eran move in with Joyce and Crittus (sp?) Locke at 3111 Mission Drive, SC

June 1971 - FR graduates from Gunn High School in Palo Alto.

Sept 1971 - 1974 - FR attends UCSC

Oct/Dec 1971 - BW and Eran take train trip across Canada

June 1972 - (Dave and Fern) Buy property in Scotts Valley (2230 Glenwood Drive) for BW

1973 (?) - BW moves onto Scotts Valley Property

April 1973 - Marriage between BW and Lori dissolved

Summer 1973 - FR visits England, Israel

Summer 1973 - Eran and Fern visit Hawaii

Sept 1973 - Dave died in Texas, near Austin.

Spring 1974 - Francesca working in Covello with Alan Chadwick

June 15, 1974 - BW and FR married each other in the garden (That's what my notes say!)

July 1974 - FR bicycles around the San Juan Islands

July 1974 - BW and Francesca Ritson started living together

Summer 1974 - Eran and Fern visit Florida and the Bahamas

1975 - 1985 - BW and FR help found and work with the Alternative Energy Coop and Energy Center , SC.

July 4, 1975 - Raphael born in Scotts Valley at home, in the trailer they lived in on the property.

Summer 1975 - Eran and Fern visit Alaska via cruise

May 1976 - FR and family buy house on Sutphen, Santa Cruz

Summer 1976 - Eran and Fern visit Africa

Fall 1976 - 1977 - BW gets MLS at San Jose State University

? 1977 - FR's Grandfather Vincenzo M. dies

April 1977 - BW, FR, and Raphael moved to Sutphen

Summer 1977 - Eran and Fern take Taulk Tour to the unknown, maybe Yellowstone

Fall 1977 - FR worked part time at Solar Access as bookkeeper

Summer 1978 - Eran and Fern go to the Orient and India

Summer 1979 - Eran and Fern go to ??

Winter 1979 - FR goes back to UCSC

June 1980 - FR graduates from UCSC in Environmental Studies

Summer 1980- Eran and Fern go to New England

1980 - FR manager of MPC Energy Center

1981-1982 - BW part time lecturer at UCSC in Science Writing Program

1982 - Fern moved to Santa Maria, Ca. from Texas

May/June 1983 - BW, FR, and Raphael went to England and Italy for 7 weeks
(RRW fell into Paris pond pushing boat.)

June 1983- Eran graduates from Santa Cruz High School

Fall 1983 - June 1984 - Eran attended Lewis and Clark in Portland, OR.

Jan 1984 - ? - FR works for Santa Cruz Planning Dept.

June 1985 - BW resigned from UCSC

Summer 1985 - Fern and Raphael go to dude ranch

August 1985 - BW sells Scotts Valley property to Marc Ritson

Sept 1985 - BW began working at Cal Poly SLO as reference librarian and PC support for the reference dept.

Fall 1985 - BW, FR, and Raphael stayed with Fern in Santa Maria while we looked for a new house around San Luis Obispo, Ca.

Nov 1985 - Brian and Francesca purchase Atascadero property ($157,703), 12300 Morro Rd.

August 1986 - Raphael and Fern visit China

Sept. 1986 - Eran in India with Antioch College

Sept 1986 - FR went to Rome for 2 weeks with Ada Ornsteil to visit Ada's twin sister

Feb. 1987 - Eran goes to Nepal

Feb. 13, 1987 - FR's Grandmother (Daisy Ritson) died in London

March 1987 - FR and Raphael went to London and Italy for a month

Sept. 1987 - Eran attends St. Johns in Santa Fe.

Sept 1987 - FR started Architecture program at Cal Poly, SLO

July 1989 - Raphael and Fern cruise to Mexico

June 1989 - Eran graduates from St Johns

1990 - Eran goes to Mali with Peace Corps

April 1, 1990 - Brian and Francesca marry legally in Morro Bay, Ca.

Sept. 1991 - FR graduates with B. Arch from Cal Poly.

June 1991 - BW and FR moved to Portland and rent an apt at 2917 NE 13th for a couple of months

July 1991 - BW began working for Multnomah County Library in Portland Oregon as Automation Manager

1992 - BW, FR, and Raphael move to 2216 SW 17th, Portland where they rented for a year.

1992 - BW's book on Computer Conferencing published

1991-1993 - Raphael goes to Lincoln High School in Portland, OR

Sept 1992 - Brian and Francesca purchase Elliott property (Portland, Or.) ($106,500)

Oct 1993 - Sale of Atascadero property ($175,000)

1993-95 - Raphael goes to University of Rochester

1994 - Eran graduates with Masters at San Jose State in ESL

July 18, 1994 - Eran and Kimi marry

Sept 1994 -May 1996 - Eran and Kimi go to Hungary to teach English

Sept 1995 - Sale of Sutphen property in Santa Cruz ($167,000)

Sept 1995 - Francesca starts to work at Portland Public Schools as Architectural Designer

Sept 1995 - Raphael goes to Portland State University

August 1996 - Eran starts teaching in the ESL program at San Jose State University

Sept 1996 - Raphael goes to Evergreen State University, Olympia, Washington

June 1997 - Raphael graduates from Evergreen with BS in Biology ?

? 199- Raphael goes to University of Guam

April 1999 - BW and FR visited Paris for a week

March 1999 - FR gets arch. license in Wa.

Oct - Dec 1999 - BW and FR To China as exchange Librarian and tourist

Oct. 5, 1999 - Noah born to Kimi and Eran

August 2000 - BW retires from Multnomah County Library

Sept 2000 - Francesca gets a new job as Senior Architect with EMRA in Seattle.

Sept 2000 - Brian and Francesca moved to Seattle

Sept 2000 - BW and FR sell Elliott House in Portland to brother Peter ($173,000)

Oct 2000 - Brian and Francesca purchase house on Taylor Ave. on Bainbridge Island, Wa. ($209,000) and move in.

June 2001 - Eran returns to Guinea for a month to work on the English plan for the bank. Spends a week in Paris on the way back to the US in July.

Fall 2001 - Kimi begins teaching at San Jose State U. in the ESL program also.

Fall 2001 - Eran accepted to the Fine Arts Writing program of San Jose State U.

2002 - Eran, Kimi, and Noah move to Bay St in Santa Cruz.

July 2002 - Raphael graduates with Masters in Marine Biology from University of Guam

August 2002 - Raphael moves to Fort Pierce, Florida and starts work for the Smithsonian at their marine lab.

Oct 2002 - Francesca takes a job with the Washington State Dept of Corrections as Project Manager in Olympia

Dec 2002 - House on Bainbridge is sold ($214,000) and everything is moved to Olympia.

July 2003 - Bought the House near Shelton ($250,000) and moved in from the rental in West Olympia.

2004 - Eran takes a job with the State Dept, English Language Officer

Feb 2004 - BW and FR Vacationed in Florida with Raphael.

March 2004 - Francesca moves to a job with the State of Washington General Admin.

August 2004 - Francesca's Mother, Edda, Dies at Stanford

Dec 2004 - Raphael buys house in Ft. Pierce, Fla.

Feb 2005 - BW and FR Vacationed in Florida with Raphael again.

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