About Me




Hello, my name is Brian James. I have studied different types of addictions for over 10 years. I find the subject fascinating and I don't ever get bored with it. When I'm not studying addictions I usually enoy hanging out in online social communities, hence why I joined The Well. I also love the outdoors, bowling, new foods, traveling, driving, and watching sports to name just a few.


More Information

As a child I was surrounded by people who had all sorts of addictions including alcohol and drugs. I was young and couldn't understand why they were addicted and why they couldn't just quit. Well fast forward to my adult years I soon found out why when I started to have my own struggles. So I set out to be sober myself and to become an expert on the subject. I've helped run several addiction websites and have written content for many websites.


My Mission in Life

After overcoming my weaknesses and becoming an expert on addictions I decided to help others. I want to help people better understand their addictions and help them overcome them. So I do this in sveral different ways be it websites, talking on the phone, or coaching in person. I will also be writing content for my page on The Well. I am not a licensed therapist however I believe my insight will be very helpful.