This is me. I am this.

I am Jill. I've been known as Jill D. for a long time, and as the Internet along with everywhere else is overrun rampantly with a superfluity of Jills, I am: Jill D. or, day to day.

I work as Director of Content Development at Edmund Publications Corp. If you're curious about what I did before this, feel free to check out my résumé to learn about my past work experiences.

I live in San Francisco, CA. I work a lot these days but I do get myself out of the office chair and onto the streets, trails, beaches, hills and valleys to train for the 1998 San Francisco Marathon (I ran the '96 Napa Valley Marathon - feel free to read about it).

Thanks always to my mother, my Executive Producer, and to my father (not sure what his title is!). They're at Davidson Insurance Services. Other family on the web: my cousins David and Steve, and the hard work of my uncle Michael Tobin - check out his excellent family educational website, WholeFamily. Someone who isn't officially family yet but who is the most important person in my daily life is this guy.

I updated this page on 12/27/97.