Critical Code Studies Working Group 2012
Literary Advisory Board, Electronic Literature Organization
National Writers Union

Judy Malloy

New Media Poet and Writer, Information Artist


  • FILE 2012 - Electronic Language International Festival , Sao Paulo, Brazil, July 16 - August 19, 2012

  • Judy Malloy, Retrospective at "Electrifying Literature", Electronic Literature Organization Conference, West Virginia University, June 20-23 2012.

  • Participant, Critical Code Studies Working Group 2012, Reading Code in Context, January 30 - February 20, 2012, sponsored by the University of Southern California-based Humanities and Critical Code Studies Lab.

  • Electronic Literature, the 127th Modern Language Association (MLA) Annual Convention, Seattle, Washington, January 5-8, 2012

  • Looking at You Looking at Me, Artwork from the di Rosa Collection, di Rosa, Napa, California, October 29, 2011 - February 11, 2012

  • Language-Driven Installation Art, Electronic Literature Organization
    Conference, Brown University, Providence, RI, June 3-6, 2010

  • Judy Malloy: Paths of Memory and Painting - Authoring New Media Narrative
    Poetry on the Web
    , lecture, Berkeley Center for New Media New Media Roundtable,
    February 11, 2010

  • E-Poetry 2009, installation, Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, May, 2009

  • Computers and Writing 2009, UC Davis, Online Sessions,
    February 2009

  • radio interview and reading, Cover to Cover, KPFA,
    December, 2008

  • The Future of Writing, exhibition, UC Irvine, November, 2008

  • Visionary Landscapes, Exhibition, North Bank Artists Gallery,
    2008 Electronic Literature Organization Conference, Vancouver, WA,
    May 29- June 1, 2008

  • Early Authors of Electronic Literature, Exhibition,
    Washington State University Vancouver, May 29-June 1, 2008

  • Centenary of Carmen Conde, Exhibition, Cartagena, Spain 2007

  • EcoPoetics, Exhibition, FLEFF Film Festival, Ithaca College,
    Ithaca, NY, Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art, Cornell University
    Library, March 30-April 6, 2006

  • 2005 Web Bienniel,, Exhibition, Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum
    and the Hellenic American Union in Athens, 2005

  • New Art Open, Online Exhibition, Dublin, Ireland, January 2005

  • Reading, Hyperpoetry, Hypertext04, University of Santa Cruz,
    Santa Cruz, CA, August 2004.

  • Guest Writer, Empyre, December, 2003 - January 2004.

  • Lecture, "Women in New Media", San Jose State, February, 2003.

  • Reading, Electronic Readings, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA,
    April 5, 2002

  • Panelist, "Writers Looking Ahead", State of the Arts, A Symposium
    on Electronic Literature
    , UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, April, 2002
    Moderator: Marjorie Luesebrink; Panelists: Stuart Moulthrop, Caitlin
    Fisher, John Cayley, Talan Memmott, Rob Wittig, Judy Malloy

  • Telematic Connections: The Virtual Embrace, Exhibition,
    Walter & McBean Galleries, San Francisco Art Institute, February 2001

  • "Archiving as Art", Exhibition, International Symposium on Electronic Art,
    (ISEA 2000) Universite Paris I-Pantheon-Sorbonne, Paris, France, December 2000. Catalog

  • LINES, Exhibition, Sao Paulo, Brazil, August, 2000

  • Women at the Millenium, Dwinelle Hall, University of California,
    Berkeley, CA, March 2000

  • Panelist, "A Round Table Discussion with Loss Pequeno Glazier; Judy Malloy,
    Johanna Drucker; and Mark Amerika"
    -- hosted by Jennifer Ley,
    in Lit [art] ure -- Something Old, Something New, Riding the Meridian, v. 2, 2000.

  • Boston Cyberarts Festival, Boston, CA, May 1999

  • Boundless, West Coast Book Artists of the Seventies, Exhibition,
    San Francisco Center for the Book, June 8 - August 28, 1998

  • Panelist, Beyond Computers - program on Electronic Literature,
    National Public Radio (NPR), April 1998

  • Eighth International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA97),
    Exhibition, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, September 22 -27, 1997

  • (Virtual) Visiting Artist, Hypertext Poetry, The New School, NYC,
    Oct. 14-19, 1997.

  • Panelist, Web Wide Web Freedom, San Francisco Art Institute, Nov. 2, 1996

  • Panelist, the PAIR Program, San Jose Museum of Art, Oct. 1996

  • "Objective Connections" with Sonya Rapoport), Generations, Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA, "Sept. 21 - Nov. 16, 1996

  • Forward Anywhere(with Cathy Marshall) , The ADA Show, Artemesia Gallery, Chicago, March 1996

  • Forward Anywhere,(with Cathy Marshall) Xerox PARC 25th Anniversary, Xerox PARC Corporate Lobby, Palo Alto, CA, September 1995

  • The Yellow Bowl, Digital Identities, Sheppard Gallery, University of Nevada, Reno, February 3-March 3, 1995

  • Artists Books, Berkeley Art Center, October 3 - Dec. 31, 1996

  • CNN Future Watch, 1996. (Profile of the PAIR Program at Xerox PARC)

  • (ART) WORD (ART) Trojanowska Gallery, S.F. October 28 -Nov. 17, 1995

  • INTERNET, A's, NYC, NY March, 1995

  • Panelist, The Effect of Technology on Art, UC DAVIS, April 24, 1995

  • Panelist, Muiltimedia, The Author's Guild Conference, Palo Alto, CA,
    March 24, 1995

  • Lecture, "Computers and Text", Interactive art class, Stanford University,
    February 1, 1995

  • The Printed Word: From Gutenberg to the Information Superhighway,
    Exhibition, University of Nevada, Reno, April, 1994

  • Reading, Judy Malloy, Christine Tamblyn, and Maria Hernandez, "Hypertext",
    S.F. Public Library, Park Branch, (The American Poetry Archives) May 12, 1994

  • Photographic Book Art in the United States, Exhibition, Institute for
    Contemporary Art, New Orleans, LA, January, 1994 (show also traveled to The
    Washington Center for Photography, The Houston Center for Photography,
    CameraWork (San Francisco), and others)

  • The Yellow Bowl, Interactive Art, FISEA, Minneapolis, MN, November, 1993

  • Its Name was Penelope, The Computer is not Sorry, The Space, Boston, MA. January 1993 (catalog)

  • Shaped Structures, Exhibition, Palos Verdes Art Center, Aug. 6- Oct. 9, 1993

  • "MATRIX: Women Networking", Exhibition, SIGGRAPH '93, Anaheim, CA, Aug., 1993

  • Panelist, TELE-COMMUNITY, IDEAS Festival, Telluride, CO, July, 1993

  • Panelist, MetaNetworks/MetaCulture, with Robert Adrian, Jeff Mann, Heidi Grundmann, Nancy Patterson, Peter Sepp, Norman White, and virtual panelists Hank Bull, Kit Galloway, Carl Loeffler, Judy Malloy, Arthur Mattock, and Sheri Rabinowitz, A-Space, Toronto, Canada

  • Women and Technology, Exhibition, The Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, CA, Dec. 5, 1992

  • Wit & Wisdom, Exhibition, The Forum Gallery, Jamestown, NY, May 20-June 17, 1992. (catalog)

  • Cross-Currents, Exhibition, Selby Gallery, Ringling School of Art and Design,
    February 23 - March 28, 1992. (show was also at U. C. Santa Barbara, CA; Hayward State
    University, CA among others; catalog)

  • International Artists Books Exhibition, Exhibition, The National Library of
    Lisbon, Portugal, 1992

  • Reflux, The Sao Paulo Biennial, Brazil, November 1991.

  • Boundless Vision, Exhibition, Contemporary Bookworks, San Antonio Art Institute,
    Sept. 12 - Oct. 27, 1991

  • Scarlet Letters, Exhibition, Women's Studio Workshop, Roslindale, NY, Feb., 1991

  • Impulse 1991, Exhibition, Astrae Gallery, Washington, DC, Feb. 18 - March 3 1991

  • Die Mauer, Exhibition, SOCA Gallery, Napa, CA, November, 1990.

  • Lines of Force, Exhibition, Bayfront Gallery, San Francisco, CA, Oct.5 -Dec. 21, 1990

  • Multiples, Exhibition, Nexus Gallery/Chastain Gallery, Atlanta, GA,
    Sept.9 - Oct.12, 1990 (catalog)

  • Judy Malloy: Its Name was Penelope, Revealing Conversations, Richmond Art Center, CA, Oct. 3 - Nov. 19, 1989

  • A Book in Hand, Exhibition, Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, Colorado,
    Sept.14 - Nov. 19, 1989

  • ARTWARE, Exhibition, A Space, Toronto, Canada, April 6 - May 6, 1989

  • Panelist, "Art and Telecommunications," National Computer Graphics Association
    , San Jose State University, San Jose, CA, June 10, 1989

  • Art Com Software: Digital Concepts and Expressions, Exhibition, Tisch
    School of the Arts, New York University, NYC, NY, Nov. 4 - 22, 1988.(Show also
    travelled to San Jose State University, University of Colorado, Ars Electronica,
    Linz, Austria; Carnegie Melon Univ.)

  • Visual Poetry, Exhibition, Sao Paulo Municipal Gallery, Sao Paulo,
    Brazil, summer 1988. (catalog)

  • Satire, Exhibition, Florida State University at Tallahassee, January, 1988

  • 100+ Women, Exhibition, P.P.O.W. Gallery, NY, NY, Dec. 1987

  • Monumental Women, SOMAR Gallery Space, San Francisco, Sept. 18 - Oct 31, 1987

  • Books Without Bounds, Exhibition, Irvine Fine Arts Center, CA,
    Dec.4, 1987 - Jan. 14, 1988

  • In Relation to Marcel Duchamp, Exhibition, Nexus, Foundation for
    Today's Art, Philadelphia, PA, Oct 2 - 30, 1987

  • Ultimatum II, Exhibition, Images du Futur '87, Montreal, Canada, Sept. 1987

  • Artists Books, Exhibition, Texas Women's University, September - October, 1987.

  • Bookworks, Exhibition, A.N. Bush Gallery, Salem, OR, May 28 - June 28, 1987

  • ARTBUS, Documenta 8, Kassel, Germany, July 1987

  • Planetary Network - Roy Ascott, Online Event, Biennale of Venice, Summer 1986

  • Experimental Books, Exhibition, Works, San Jose, Oct. 1986

  • International Copier Art Bookworks, Exhibition, Technical University of Nova,
    Scotia, Oct, 1986 (catalog)

  • Handmade Photographic Books, Exhibition, Texas Women's University, Denton, TX,
    Jan., 1986

  • The Book in Time, Exhibition, SUNY Purchase, Purchase, NY, Oct., 1985

  • Photographic Books, Exhibition, Allen Street Gallery, Center for Visual
    Communication, Dallas, TX, May 13-26, 1985

  • Boxes, Exhibition, Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Winston-Salem,
    NC, June 21- Aug. 11, 1985 (catalog)

  • Handmade Photographic Books, Exhibition, National Society for Photographic
    Education Conference, Minneapolis, MN, March 14-17, 1985

  • Books Artists Have Made, Exhibition, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH,
    Feb. 17-Mar. 2, 1984 (curated by Franklin Furnace)

  • New Art 84, Exhibition, Intersection Gallery, SF, CA, Dec. 23 -Feb. 5, 1984

  • Experimental Books, Exhibition, Texas Women's University, Denton, Tx, Nov. 8-Dec. 5, 1983

  • Color Xerox Annual, Exhibition, Intersection Gallery, SF, CA, Dec., 1983

  • Artists Books, Exhibition, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA, Dec., 1983

  • Bookworks, Exhibition, National Library of Madrid, Madrid, Spain,
    Sept. 15-Oct. 15, 1982 (curated by Franklin Furnace)

  • Judy Malloy: Recollection, Heller Gallery, University of California at Berkeley, March 1-27, 1982

  • Black and White, Exhibition, Public Image, NY, NY, June 9-July 3, 1983

  • Bookworks: 1982, Exhibition, Moore College of Art, Philadelphia, Pa, Oct., 1982

  • Radical Humor, Loeb Student Center, New York University, NY, NY April,1982

  • Book as Art, Exhibition, Eaton/Shoen Gallery, SF, CA, June 14-July 25, 1981
    (curated by Franklin Furnace; show travelled to Univ. of Arizona
    Museum of Art, Univ. of New Mexico Museum of Art, the Walker Museum,
    and others)

  • Judy Malloy: Technical Information, SITE, San Francisco, CA, March 3-28, 1981 (partially funded by the NEA)

  • Book Show, Zone, Exhibition, Springfield, MA, Sept., 1981

  • Bound to Be, Exhibition, Catskill Gallery, Catskill, NY, April 17-May 12, 1981

  • "Nucleus I", XVI Biennial de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Oct. 16-Dec.20, 1981 (catalog)

  • Artists Publications 1980, Exhibition, Tweed Museum of Art,
    University of Minnesota, Duluth, MN, Nov. 7-29, 1980

  • Location/Dislocation, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA, April 25- May 23, 1980

  • Judy Malloy: 3X5, Visual Card Catalogs, Artworks, Venice, CA, Sept. 18 - Oct. 18, 1979

  • Generative Systems, Exhibition, Heller Gallery, University of California at
    Berkeley, Nov. 18-Dec. 16, 1979

  • Options in Independent Art Publishing, Visual Studies Workshop,
    Rochester, NY, Nov. 6-9, 1979

  • Artwords and Bookworks, Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art,
    LA, CA, Feb. 28-Mar. 30, 1979

  • Wiggly Bush Meadow, San Francisco Public Library, April 18-May 27, 1978 (with Doyle Saylor; sponsored by La Mamelle, inc. as part of the LOCATION project; partially funded by the NEA)

  • Judy Malloy, Mixed Media, Upstairs Gallery, Sunnyvale, CA, March, 1976


  • Judy Malloy, "Authoring Systems", in Lori Emerson. Marie-Laure Ryan, and Benjamin Robertson, eds, The Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media and Textuality, Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, in press, 2012

  • Anna Couey and Judy Malloy, "A Conversation with Sonya Rapoport (on the Interactive Conference on Arts Wire)", in Terri Cohn, ed, Pairing of Polarities, Berkeley, CA: Heyday Press, in press, 2012

  • Judy Malloy and Sonya Rapoport, Objective Connections, Spaces of Life: The Art of Sonya Rapoport, Mills College Art Museum, January 18- March 11, 2012 originally created for Generations: The Lineage of Influence in Bay Area Art a celebration of the Richmond Art Center's 60th Anniversary, 1996.

  • Judy Malloy, "The Electronic Manuscript", Authoring Software, 2011
    Other features written for Authoring Software in 2011 and 2012 include a series of annotated bibliographies on "Computer-Mediated Collaborative Writing", "Twitter", "MUDs and MOOs", and "Poetry Generators"

  • Judy Malloy, "Travels with Contemporary New Media Art", Grantmakers in the Arts GIA Reader, 21:2, Summer 2010

  • Judy Malloy, "Creative Approaches to New Media". in D. Kritt and L. Winegar, eds, Education and Technology: Critical Perspectives and Possible Futures, Lanham MD, Rowman and Littlefield, 2007.

  • Judy Malloy, "Streaming Media Trail," Leonardo, 38:3, 2005.

  • Judy Malloy, "Reading From the Screen, Four Writers at Hypertext '04," Tekka, 2:4, 2005.

  • Judy Malloy, "Writing Public Literature in an Evolving Internet Environment" in Heide Hagebolling, ed, Interactive Dramaturgies: New Approaches in Multimedia Content and Design, Springer, 2004

  • Judy Malloy, Editor, Women, Art and Technology,Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2003
    with writing by Margaret Morse, Lynn Hershman, Sonya Rapoport, Pauline Oliveros, Agnes Hegedus, Helen and Newton Harrison, Jo Hanson, Char Davis, Brenda Laurel, Jaishree K. Odin, Eva Wohlgemuth and Kathy Rae Huffman, Sandy Stone, Donna Cox, Nell Tenhaaf, Troika Ranch, Anna Couey, Kathy Brew, Steina Vasulka, Joan Jonas, Judith Barry, Dara Birnbaum, Pamela Z, Zoe Sofia, and many others

  • Judy Malloy, "Narrative Structures in LambdaMOO" in: In Search of Innovation - the Xerox PARC PAIR Experiment. Craig Harris, ed. MIT PRESS, 2000.

  • Judy Malloy and Cathy Marshall, "Notes on an Exchange Between Intersecting Lives", in: In Search of Innovation - the Xerox PARC PAIR Experiment, Craig Harris, ed., MIT PRESS, 2000

  • Judy Malloy, "Hypernarrative in the Age of the Web",, National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) website, 1998

  • Judy Malloy, "A Common Language: Art and Technology in the Age of the Internet", AlphaWorks, December 1997

  • Judy Malloy, "On the (Art) Net",Razon Y Palabra, 1997

  • Judy Malloy, "Forward Anywhere", (with Cathy Marshall) in: Wired Women. Seal, 1996 ed. Cherny and Weise. pp. 56-70

  • Judy Malloy, "Interactive Installation Art", MicroTimes, April 5, 1994: 306-314.

  • Judy Malloy, "Manipulating Words with Computers", MicroTimes, November 23, 1993

  • Judy Malloy, "Computers in Painting and Sculpture", MicroTimes, Sept. 20, 1993.

  • Judy Malloy, "Some Artware for Macintosh Computers" MicroTimes, May 31: 298-303, 1993 (produced with an equipment loan from Apple Computers)

  • Judy Malloy, "Uncle Roger, an online narrabase", Leonardo 24(2):195-202, 1991.

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  • Judy Malloy, Thirty Minutes in the Late Afternoon, Art Com Magazine 42(10), Oct.1990 (entire issue)

  • Judy Malloy, "OK Research/OK Genetic Engineering/Bad Information, Information Art Defines Technology", Leonardo 21(4): 371 - 375, 1988

  • Judy Malloy, "Bad Information in - Bad Information Out, Art Com Magazine 8(2),1988 (entire issue)

  • Judy Malloy, "The Art of Information is OK: Judy Malloy in conversation with Carl Loeffler", Art Com Magazine 8(1) no.29, 1987

  • Judy Malloy, "Information as an Artists Material", Whole Earth Review no. 57:48-49, Winter, 1987

  • Judy Malloy, "Anyway you look at it, ADM has your antenna...." In: The Un/Necessary Image, P. D'Agostino and A. Muntadas for the MIT Committee On The Visual Arts. NY, Tanam Press, 1982. pp. 76-79


  • Paths of Memory and Painting, 2010
    featured at: Berkeley Center for New Media Roundtable,
    UC Berkeley, February 11, 2010,
    Language-Driven Installation Art, Electronic Literature
    Organization Conference, Brown University, Providence, RI, June 3-6, 2010

  • where every luminous landscape, 2008
    The Future of Writing, UC Irvine, November, 2008
    E-Poetry 2009, Barcelona, May, 2009
    short-listed for Prix poesie-media 2009, Biennale Internationale
    des poetes
    Val de Marne, France, May, 2009

  • The Wedding Celebration of Gunter and Gwen - (2006-2007)
    featured in Visionary Landscapes,
    the 2008 Electronic Literature Organization
    International Conference Exhibition

  • Concerto for Narrative Data
    published in The Iowa Review Web, 2008;
    also featured in the Centenary of Carmen Conde,
    Spain 2007; and the 2006 FLEFF Film Festival
    Ithaca, NY

  • Revelations of Secret Surveillance - (2004-2007)
    Revelations of Secret Sureveillance was performed at
    Hypertext 2004, University of California at
    Santa Cruz and featured in the Net Art Open - on the
    Internet from Ireland in January 2005; the 2005 Web Biennial
    at the Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum and the Hellenic American
    Union in Athens; selected for inclusion in the Rhizome
    ArtBase, NY, 2007.

  • Afterwards - published in the December 2003 issue of
    the Iowa Review Web, the web publication of the
    Iowa Review

  • A Party at Silver Beach - (2003)

  • Dorothy Abrona McCrae (2000)

  • Interlude - Dorothy and Sid (2001) - published in
    The Blue Moon Review.

  • The Roar of Destiny Emanated From the Refrigerator (1995-1999)
    The Roar of Destiny is included in the Boston CyberArts
    HyperGallery and profiled in my chapter in Interactive Dramaturgies
    Heide Hagebolling, ed, Berlin, Heidelberg, Springer, 2004)
    "...a perfect example of thought and physical interaction
    working together... " -

  • L0ve0ne - published in Eastgate's Web Workshop
    A polish translation of L0ve0ne
    -- k0cHack0g0s -- by Mariusz Pisarski and Zuzanna Grochulska,
    is available at

  • Forward Anywhere,
    a collaborative hyperfiction by Judy Malloy and Cathy Marshall (1996)
    - published by Eastgate, Cambridge, MA. (Reviewed in the
    London Independent,CNN's FutureWorks;
    Convergence; and Especulo) January 18-March 11, 2012

  • its name was Penelope. for both Macintosh and MS-DOS computers - published by Eastgate, Cambridge, MA., 1993. (Reviewed in Washington Post Book World, New York Times, American Book Review, Modern Fiction Studies, Postmodern Culture, and others)

  • "Wasting Time", A Narrative Data Structure" - Published in: After the Book (Perforations 3) Summer, 1992.

  • YOU! A collaboratively created data structure - Exhibited at INTERNET, A's, NYC, NY; Included in The New Media Reader CD -- The New Media Reader edited by Noah Wardrip-Fruin and Nick Montfort. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2003

  • Molasses, Berkeley, CA, Bad Information, 1988. (for MacIntosh Computers HyperCard - produced at the Whole Earth Review under sponsorship of Apple Computers) - Exhibited at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, NYC, NY

  • Uncle Roger the first electronic hyperfiction (1986, adapted for the web in 1995)

  • Uncle Roger, A Database Novel for Apple II and IBM computers, Berkeley, CA, Bad Information, 1986-1988 (also available as online on Art Com Electronic Network) - partially funded by the California Arts Council and Art Matters


  • You!, CyberEncounters (an online event), Tisch School of the Arts, NY University, NY, June 1991

  • Earthquake Survival Kit, South of Market, San Francisco, CA, Oct.17, 1990

  • Free Values, 9TH and Folsom St, San Francisco, CA, Nov. 8 (election eve), 1988

  • Lucy Comes Back, Pike's Building, Berkeley, CA, June 23, 1986

  • Booze, People's Park Annex, Berkeley, Ca, June 23, 1985

  • Human Lust Inducing Virus, S.F. Art Commission Gallery, S.F., CA, June 5, 1984

  • OK Genetic Engineering, J.P. Malloy, President, Tech Expo, Holiday Inn, Emeryville, CA, Oct. 26, 1983

  • Super Lucy, Chapter 15: I Really Like Niagara Falls, S.F. Art Institute, S.F., CA, April 8, 1983; Ollies, Oakland, CA, May 13, 1983

  • Super Lucy, Chapter 11: Who's Up Next?, Lobby, SF Museum Of Modern Art, Nov. 6, 1982

  • Super Lucy, Chapter 6: Take it All Off, University Art Museum, Berkeley, CA, June 27, 1982

  • Super Lucy, Chapter 3: Oh Fuck not Again, Target Video, San Francisco, CA, April 10, 1982

  • The Big Zucchini, Chapter 12: What's That Noise?, La Mamelle, inc., Dec. 4,5, 1981


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Writer, The Arts on the Internet: Art, Advocacy, News, Information
Center for Digital Democracy, Washington, DC, Spring, 2004
Prepared a consultant's report on how art information is represented on the

Consultant/Artist in Residence, Electronic Communities
and the Document of the Future

Xerox PARC, Palo Alto, CA, 1993 - 1997
Wrote and programmed an interactive narrative in LambdaMoo (with Pavel Curtis);
Created Forward Anywhere, a collaborative hyperfiction (with Cathy Marshall)

Visiting Faculty, San Francisco Arts Institute, 1997
Co-taught a course on World Wide Web Theory and Design. Students acquired
an overview of the Internet, learned how to do basic HTML, how to explore
the Web and how to use available software tools. They studied contemporary
Web-based art and acquired an understanding of the variety of art possible
in this medium. Each student produced a Web based work of art.

Consultant, Internet Yellow Pages, 1993-1994
Worked on the initial ideas and content for the Internet Yellow
. Compiled Art Content for the Internet Yellow Pages. Was on the
initial Review Board for The McKinley.

Associate Editor, Leonardo, 1991- 1994
Associate Editor, Leonardo Electronic News, 1991 - Aug., 1993
Asst. Editor, F.A.S.T., FineArt Forum, 1988-1989;
Coordinating Editor, F.A.S.T., FineArt Forum, 1988-1990
The International Society For the Arts, Sciences and Technology, San Francisco, CA
Solicited and edited content for "Words on Works", a collection of statements by new media artists about their work. Coordinated and created content for the electronic newsletters FineArt Forum and Leonardo Electronic News. (which later became Leonardo
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Contributing Writer, MicroTimes, 1992 - 1995
BAM Publications, San Francisco, CA
Wrote articles on interactive art and literature for the Multimedia section
of MicroTimes.

Producer, Making Art Online, 1993 - 1994
Center for Image and Sound Research, (CSIR) Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Updated and organized my collection of artists statements about making art in telecommunications systems for a Multimedia, Art and Telecommunications Project that was hosted on one of the first artists websites, CSIR's ANIMA. Making Art Online is currently hosted on the Walker Art Center's Web Site.

Computer Conferencing Consultant, Telluride Institute,
Telluride, CO, Summer 1993
Consulted on computer conferencing systems, Set up preliminary BBS system for the InfoZone, a community based network including gathering and organizing information that would be made available through the Internet on sustainable agriculture, health care, environmental protection, and arts resources; hosted an electronic publication workshop.

Visiting Artist, Deep Creek School Telluride, CO, Summer 1993, 1994
Worked with graduate art students in art and telecommunication and art
writing for a summer school affiliated with the Arizona State University.

Online Conference Host:
Co-host, The ARTISTS Conference on Arts Wire, 1997-2001
Co-Host (with Anna Couey), Interactive Art Conference on Arts Wire, 1994-2001
Conference Host and Founder, ARTS Conference, on the WELL, 1993 -1994
Conference Co-Host (with Howard Rheingold and Matisse Enzer),
Telluride Community Conference, on the WELL, July 1993 - 1994

Judy Malloy has also worked as an information specialist, programmer, abstracter, and indexer, including Technical Librarian for Electromagnetic Research Corporation in College Park, Maryland and Technical Librarian for Ball Brothers Research Corporation in Boulder, Colorado, (now Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.) where she was project head for the design and programming of a computerized catalog.

About Judy Malloy

Born and raised in New England, Judy Malloy is a California-based poet who works at the conjunction of hypernarrative, magic realism landscape and information.

Her work has been exhibited and published internationally including the San Francisco Art Institute; Tisch School of the Arts, NYU; Sao Paulo Biennial; National Library of Madrid; National Library of Portugal, Lisbon; Los Angeles Institute for Contemporary Art; Boston Cyberarts Festival; Walker Art Center; Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA; University of Arizona Museum of Art; Visual Studies Workshop; the Electronic Literature Organization; Universite Paris I-Pantheon-Sorbonne; Eastgate Systems; E .P. Dutton; Tanam Press; Seal Press; MIT Press; The Iowa Review Web, and Blue Moon Review, among many others. Parts of her recent work Paths of Memory and Painting have been exhibited or presented at the Berkeley Center for New Media Roundtable, the E-Poetry Festival at the Center of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, and the University of California Irvine, as well as short listed for the Prix poesie-media 2009, Biennale Internationale des poetes en Val de Marne.

Malloy's early work included landscape documentation projects,
artists books and electronic books.

A pioneer on the Internet and in electronic literature, she followed a vision of hypertextual narrative that she began in the 1970's with experimental artist books created in card catalog and electro-mechanical structures, and in 1986 she wrote and programmed the seminal hyperfiction Uncle Roger. In the ensuing years she created a series of innovative hypernarratives works published by Eastgate and on the Internet, including its name was Penelope (Eastgate Systems) and l0ve0ne, the first selection in the Eastgate Web Workshop. In 1993, she was invited to Xerox PARC where she worked in Computer Science Laboratory as the first artist in their artist-in-residence program. In 1994, she created one of the first arts websites, Making Art Online. (currently hosted on the website of the Walker Art Center)

As an arts writer, she has worked most notably as Editor of The New York Foundation for the Arts NYFA Current, (formerly Arts Wire Current) an Internet-based National journal on the arts and culture. She is currently the host of the Art California Web Portal in partnership with The California Studies Association.

Among her recent works of narrative poetry are the artist's trilogy Paths of Memory and Painting that includes where every luminous landscape and
when the foreground and the background merged. In 2010, Paths of Memory and Painting was featured at the Berkeley Center for New Media Roundtable, and in
the exhibition Language-Driven Installation Art, and at the Electronic Literature Organization
Conference at Brown University. Part I of the Paths trilogy,
where every luminous landscape, was featured at the E-Poetry Festival, Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, May, 2009, the future of Writing, University of California Irvine, Nov 2008, and was short listed for the Prix poesie-media 2009, Biennale Internationale des poetes en Val de Marne.

She is currently doing research for a new work,
From Ireland with Letters.

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