Judy Malloy:

l0ve0ne and Other Stories

New: Paths of Memory and Painting
part one of Paths, where every luminous landscape,
was featured at: The Future of Writing, University of California Irvine,
Cover to Cover on KPFA radio in Berkeley, the E-Poetry
Festival, Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona,
and the Biennale Internationale des poetes en Val de Marne,
France, where it was short-listed for the Prix poesie-media
2009. The entire trilogy was previewed at a UC Berkeley
Center for New Media Roundtable and exhibited at the
Electronic Literature Organization Conference at Brown
University in June 2010.

The Roar of Destiny

Dorothy Abrona McCrae

Forward Anywhere (with Cathy Marshall)


name is scibe

about Judy Malloy

remembering the words and images
drawings of the trees, the forests, and the mountains
a distant view, as if I were there
recollected on this early morning
where every luminous landscape
California winter sun
blue and green fields of clear color
pale green leaves meticulously rendered
landscape of the California Impressionists
immersed in the lives of the Society of Six
color-laden visions of their hiking journeys

but that is what happened
following the footsteps of St Patrick
it was so long ago
intertwined with remembered lore
weaving in the details
in the aftermath of what wild nights or words
armed only with remembered song
wine dark Aegean Sea