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Another Jr. Gone Wild-related album!

It Came From Inner Space: The Edmonton Compilation

1983, Rubber Records RR8301


Every city has its share of local compilation albums. This one's pretty special, though, because many of the musicians involved went on to bigger and better things. The album is included here because of the Malibu Kens songs, mainly, but there are other Jr. Gone Wild connections. For example, Dave Lawson, guitarist for Jr. circa Less Art, More Pop, was a member of the Standards, and Ev Laroi, who guested on Folk You, was a member of Route 66. Also noteworthy are facecrime, one of Moe Berg's pre-Pursuit of Happiness bands, and Edmonton punk legends SNFU.

The Malibu Kens, at this time, were Mike Sinatra (Mike McDonald), Scott Alloy (Scott Juskiw), Jungle Jim Avalon (alias Jim Algy, alias Blake Cheetah), and Bob Tudley (Ed Dobek).

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