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Jr. Circa 1994

Jr. Gone Wild was an Edmonton-based country-rock band. Formed in the early '80s, over the course of a dozen years they played hundreds of shows across Canada and the U.S., released several critically acclaimed albums, and influenced many younger bands. Following their breakup in 1995, the band's members have gone on to new musical endeavours. Mike McDonald, the one constant in the band since its beginning, has started the Mike McDonald Band.

Following the breakup of the band, this page has grown in scope. At least thirty people played with Jr. at some point. Many of them are now in other bands, producing a lot of damned good music. Keeping up with everything all these people are doing is an impossible mission, but it sure is fun.

The History section of this page includes not only Mike's history of the band, but my prehistory of the band and introduction to Jr. Gone Wild. You'll also find history in its first draft form: band newsletters, home page news updates, and more.

The Music section gives a rundown on the six Jr. Gone Wild albums, with lyrics, album covers, band lineup information, and comments where available and applicable. It also includes information on albums by bands featuring Jr. Gone Wild alumni, like Greyhound Tragedy, Hookahman, and many more.

The People section is a roll call of the many musicians who have been a part of the Jr. Gone Wild experience, from longtime core members like Mike and Dove to guest musicians who played on a song or two on one of the CDs.

The remaining sections should be self-explanatory. Please look around, and email comments to Mike or me, Steve Roby.

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