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Best of...The Best of the Best of Trek Part Two
Edited by Walter Irwin and G.B. Love
253 pages


Answer Your Beeper, You Dreamer! by Jacqueline Gilkey
Love in Star Trek -- Part Two by Walter Irwin
Indiana Skywalker Meets the Son of Star Trek by Kyle Holland
The Trek "Fan on the Street" Poll by G.B. Love
Beneath the Surface: The Surrealistic Star Trek by James H. Devon
Kirk and Duty by William Trigg and Dawson "Hank" Hawes
In Search of Spock: A Psychoanalytic Inquiry by Harvey R. Greenberg
Brother, My Soul: Spock, McCoy, and the Man in the Mirror by Joyce Tullock
Star Trek in the Classroom by Jeffrey H. Mills
Speculation: On Power, Politics, and Social Integrity by Sharron Crowson
The Three-Foot Pit and Other Stories by Ingrid Cross
Vulcan as a Meritocracy by Carmen Carter
The Star Trek Films: Variations and Vexations by Mark Alfred


The top-rated articles and investigations that have become Trek classics

Featuring more of the intriguing, informative, and revealing contributions that made Part One so fascinating, The Best of the Best of Trek: Part Two is a must read for Trekkies everywhere. Selected by editors Walter Irwin and G.B. Love, these not-to-be-missed writings are by fans and experts alike -- speculations, histories, analyses, opinions, and ongoing experiences that expand our understanding of why Star Trek has captured the imagination and hearts of millions. It's nothing less than the very cream of the series that beamed so much of America's favorite science fiction subculture to so many. So climb aboard -- the adventure continues!


This is the second of two mass market paperbacks reprinting the contents of a trade paperback that contained selections from a series of mass market paperbacks. Nothing new was added to the trade paperback, nothing new was added to these. If you have all these books, you have three copies of each of these articles.

trade paperback coverBeyond Star Trek: From Alien Invasions to the End of Time
Lawrence M. Krauss
Basic Books
190 pages


Section One: They'll be Comin' Round the Mountain
Choose Your Poison
To Be or Not to Be
To Boldly Go... If We Can Afford It
A Cosmic Game of Golf
There, and Back Again?
Seeing is Believing
Gambling on the Galaxy
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
Section Two: Madonna's Universe
May the Force Be With You
Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know
It's About Time
All Good Things...
The Measure of a Man
The Ghost in the Machine
The Final Frontier?

Blurb (from the paperback edition)

"Both physics novices and physics experts alike will find the physics discussions interesting and amusing. And experts in both physics and science fiction will find pleasingly little to quibble about, since [Krauss] obviously knows both subjects well." -- Physics World

In the bestselling The Physics of Star Trek, the renowned theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss took readers on an entertaining and eye-opening tour of the Star Trek universe to see how it stacked up against the real universe. Now, responding to requests for more as well as to a number of recent discoveries in physics and astronomy, Krauss takes a provocative look at how the laws of physics relate to notions from our popular culture -- not only Star Trek, but other films, shows, and popular lore from Independence Day to Star Wars to The X-Files:

- What's the difference between a flying saucer and a flying pretzel?

- Why didn't the aliens in Independence Day have to bother invading the Earth to destroy it?

- What's the most likely scenario for doomsday?

- What do clairvoyance and time travel have in common?

- How might quantum mechanics ultimately affect the fate of life in the universe?

Join him on a fun, mind-bending journey through the nature of alien visitation, interstellar travel -- including the very latest on warp-drive systems -- time, consciousness, ESP, the probability of other life in the universe, and quantum mechanics.

"Pairing solid science with lighthearted language, Beyond Star Trek will up your trivia score and annoy your friends as you debunk the physical impossibilities of their favorite films." -- Discover magazine


The follow-up to Krauss's successful previous book, 1995's The Physics of Star Trek, this book is listed here mainly because of the title. The words "Star Trek" take up a much higher percentage of the book's cover than its contents. If Trek is the only reason you'd read a book like this, skip it. If, on the other hand, you're interested in entertaining and readable works of science popularization, this is worth reading. Just don't expect many Trek references.

Beyond Star TrekBeyond Star Trek: The Final Degeneration (audio)
Cathy Crimmins and Tom Maeder
Dove Audio
96 pages


Not seen. According to various sources, this exists as both an audio book and a regular book, though I can't confirm that the print version was ever actually published. Books in Print lists it as out of stock indefinitely, no longer lists the book version, and Barnes and Noble's website lists it as currently unavailable; their description has it as a hardcover from NewStar Media, though a google search reveals that Dove changed its name to Newstar in 1998. Crimmins and Maeder have written other humour/parody books on subjects ranging from politics to sexuality, some of which may also be audio books. According to Amazon, the audio version is narrated by Gary Owens.

Cover scan taken from

Beyond the BeyondBeyond the Beyond
Lee Goldberg
St. Martin's Press
292 pages


"It's bullets over Baywatch!"
- USA Today

Ex-cop Charlie Willis handles "special security" for Pinnacle Pictures. His job: to protect the studio and its stars, to keep the peace in the land of make-believe.

When Pinnacle revives the cult science fiction TV series Beyond the Beyond, two powerful forces fight for control of the show - a vicious talent agency and a homicidal legion of rabid fans.

To save the lives of a beautiful, back-stabbing network president, a conniving Hollywood producer, and a cast of self-absorbed young actors, Charlie Willis faces an agent who eats human flesh, an assassin with a love of power drills, a deranged astronaut, and an actress who kills with her enormous breasts.

It's business as usual for Charlie Willis, fighting for his life in TV, where everyone lies and a mistake can mean permanent cancellation.

Advance praise for Beyond the Beyond

"Beyond the Beyond is uproariously funny, equal parts Elmore Leonard, Carl Hiaasen, and wicked TV satire, made even more bizarre because it's all true!"
- Joyce Burditt, author of The Cracker Factory and Buck Naked

"If Carl Hiaasen crossed with Dave Barry is your idea of an optimum hybrid, buy Beyond the Beyond."
- Jeremiah Healy, author of Invasion of Privacy and Rescue

"Beyond the Beyond is a dark, comic thriller about television. But behind the broad comedy is a cautionary tale about the true power of the medium and how it can consume the lives of those who make the shows and those who watch them."
- Dean Hargrove, creator of Matlock and writer/producer of Columbo and Perry Mason

"Beyond the Beyond is the year's wildest ride - a full-tilt Hummer romp through TV's plaster garden of egos and icons."
- Richard Barre, Shamus Award-winning author of The Innocents and Bearing Secrets

"Lee Goldberg's Beyond the Beyond is hilarious, acerbic, thoroughly wonderful, and completely smart-assed. My only fear is that Lee will have to go into exile as the Salman Rushdie of the television industry. Leonard Nimoy will start a jihad!"
- Steven Womack, Edgar Award-winning author of Chain of Fools


In case the blurb doesn't make it clear, this is not a Star Trek book as such, but it is a book heavily influenced by the Star Trek phenomenon. The show Beyond the Beyond is the book's parodic analogue of the original Star Trek, complete with starship Endeavor, Captain Pierce, and alien science officer Mr. Snork. The novel's problem is that it's three or four books in one. The one most of interest here is the story about a Trek-like show, its makers, cast, and fans. The satire is broad and doesn't always map to the source material, but it's clearly about Star Trek nonetheless. The second story is an over-the-top satire about Hollywood business practices. The third is a tough guy private eye novel.

Unfortunately, the three books in one never really gel. There are dramatic changes of tone. Absurdly over-the-top satirical passages alternate with more-or-less serious pages about the private eye falling in love. This really should have been three different books.

For a harsher (but accurate) critique of this novel, see this review by David Hines.

Completely Useless Star Trek EncyclopediaThe Completely Useless Unauthorised Star Trek Encyclopedia
Steve Lyons and Chris Howarth
241 pages


About This Book
Episode Guide
[listings by letter]


Shameless exploitation of a revered science fiction cash cow

It's here! The book that could have been thicker and more jam-packed with facts and exposes, but wasn't. However, its disappointing size conceals a bumper collection of facts, both trivial and pointless, about Star Trek in all its incarnations, but especially the animated one.

Within this uniquely portable volume you will find:

- The silliest items of merchandise

- The fattest members of Starfleet

- Not much about Voyager really

- No distracting illustrations

and various other things!

All in all it's another stranger to broad-based appeal from the team that brought you Doctor Who -- The Completely Useless Encyclopedia. See how the critics raved:

'Brilliantly amusing' - SFX

'An unqualified 10 out of 10' - Dreamwatch

'The single funniest book I've ever read' - Doctor Who Magazine

'I raised my eyes upwards, despairing that such inanities could ever reach print' - TV Zone


Not a proper ST encyclopedia at all, as the foregoing should demonstrate, but well deserving of a place on the bookshelf of fans with a good sense of humour. A couple of typical (though shorter than average) entries: "LEETA THE DABO GIRL: Phwoar! Hubba hubba, etc."; "SAFE SEX: Practiced by Captain Kirk it seems, otherwise the galaxy would be littered with his progeny. There was a close call with Miramanee, but as far as we are aware, Kirk's only offspring is David Marcus, who was tragically killed by Klingon bastards." The Episode Guide lists all the animated episodes, followed by the line, "A number of live-action Star Trek episodes were also produced."

Complete Star Trek Theme Music: Themes From All TV Shows and Movies
Hal Leonard
Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
64 pages


Not seen. Sheet music of the various Trek themes collected in a single book. Hal Leonard also sells sheet music for individual compositions. Anyone interested in a book about the music, rather than a book of the music, should see 1999's The Music of Star Trek, by Jeff Bond.

Federation Travel GuideFederation Travel Guide
Michael Jan Friedman


Using Your Travel Guide
Rating System
Letter From Ambassador Troi
Best Bets
The Tour
The Amusement Park Planet
Angel One
Qo'NoS (Klingon)
Argelius II
Cardassia Prime
Places and Life-Forms to Avoid


Another cutesy, overpriced, stapled booklet, this extends the concept of the Federation Passport by recycling some of the same graphics and adding tourist information, plus a few advertisements (for Garak's Tailor Shop, Quark's, Chez Sandrine, and Sisko's Creole Kitchen). It's vaguely humorous but hardly essential.

Finest Crew in the FleetThe Finest Crew in the Fleet: The Next Generation Cast On Screen and Off
Adam Shrager
Wolf Valley
274 pages, plus 16 pages of photos


Introduction by David Gerrold
Patrick Stewart - Thespian on the Bridge
Jonathan Frakes - Number One Behind the Camera
LeVar Burton - Roots, Reactors, Role Model
Michael Dorn - A Great Trek Record
Gates McFadden - The Dancing Doctor
Marina Sirtis - From Hoi Polloi to Counselor Troi
Brent Spiner - Handy Android, Versatile Actor
Wil Wheaton - Stand By Him
Regular Players - Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar), Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan), Colm Meany (Chief O'Brien), and Diana Muldaur (Dr. Pulaski)
Faces You Know - Majel Barrett Roddenberry (Lwaxana Troi), Brian Bonsall (Alexander), Rosalind Chao (Keiko O'Brien), John de Lancie (Q), Michelle Forbes (Ro), Dwight Schultz (Barclay), and Patti Yasutake (Nurse Ogawa)


It has been ten years since Star Trek: The Next Generation began airing across America, drawing rave reviews from critics and praise from fans. Through 176 episodes and two feature films, including the recent hit movie Star Trek: First Contact, fans have come to know and love the show's characters and the actors who portray them. Until now, however, the real-life stories of this fascinating group of stars have never been fully told.

The Finest Crew in the Fleet offers the first in-depth biography of the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Adam Shrager's exhaustive research reveals the actors who starred as the crew of the Enterprise-D. It details their lives, their non-Star Trek roles, and the development of their characters.

Follow Patrick Stewart from his working-class boyhood in England and training as a Shakespearean actor to his role as captain of the most famous starship in history. Know him as never before -- as a teen obsessed with the movies, as a struggling young actor, as a triumph on two continents in his one-man production of A Christmas Carol, and as the man who molded the beloved character of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Meet Jonathan Frakes (First Officer William Riker), in real life married to soap opera star Genie Francis (Laura on General Hospital), discover how he "borrowed" his trademark swagger from John Wayne, and applaud his triumph as director of Star Trek: First Contact.

Learn about Gates McFadden (Dr. Beverly Crusher), her surprising dance background, and the truth about her forced absence during the second season of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Discover the Michael Dorn hiding behind the makeup he wears as the Klingon Worf, his history on the classic television shows CHiPS and The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and his frustration at going unrecognized despite his high-profile success.

Meet the very human Brent Spiner (Data), whose role on Star Trek: The Next Generation led him to work with John Travolta and to a cameo in the mega-hit Independence Day. Do you remember his recurring role in the series Mama's Family?

Discover that LeVar Burton (Geordi LaForge) almost joined the priesthood before turning to acting and landing the memorable role as Kunta Kinte on Roots.

Meet the real Marina Sirtis, discover her sexy early movies, and learn that she almost gave up on an acting career before being hired to play Counselor Troi.

There's more on other cast members as well: Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher), Diana Muldaur (Dr. Pulaski), Majel Barrett Roddenberry (Lwaxana Troi), Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan), John de Lancie (Q), Colm Meany (Chief O'Brien), and more.

The Finest Crew in the Fleet reveals this beloved cast for who they really are -- hardworking, talented actors with diverse interests and backgrounds. Fans will discover for the first time how the actors differ from and resemble their famous Starfleet counterparts. Written by a fan for fans, this is an important addition to the literature of the galaxy.


This is an unauthorized (but not muckraking) collection of cast biographies, with information drawn from previously published magazine articles, books, and websites. Worthwhile for fans of The Next Generation.

Joy of Trek coverThe Joy of Trek: How to Enhance Your Relationship With a Star Trek Fan
Sam Ramer
Citadel Press
217 pages


The Star Trek Phenomenon and Where You Fit In
How to Live With a Trekker; or, "Must We Have a Full-Size Poster of Worf in Our Bedroom?"
The Story So Far; or, "How Did Scotty Get So Old and Fat?"
The Characters -- Star Trek: The Original Show
The Characters -- Star Trek: The Next Generation
The Characters -- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
The Characters -- Star Trek: Voyager
The Aliens; or, "Why Do They All Have Weird Foreheads?"
Technobabble; or, "What the hell is warp, anyway?"
Really Cool Things to Say to Your Trekker; or, "Wow, You Watch Star Trek Too!"
The Star Trek Convention; or, "If We Don't Leave Now, I'm Going to Start Crying"
The Future; or, "Honey, They're Just Children. Don't Dress Them Like the Borg."
The Greatest Star Trek Episodes of All Time and Why You'll Like Them


When your significant other is happily sitting through the third Star Trek rerun of the evening, do you sometimes feel lost in space? Here, in a funny and easy-to-read format, is everything a Star Trek novice needs to know to keep up with a diehard Trekker. For instance, did you know that

- All life on Earth was "seeded" billions of years ago by an intelligent race of beings that looked like us but had no hair.

- Methuselah, Solomon, Lazarus, Alexander the Great, and Brahms were all the same person.

- Amelia Earhart disappeared when she was abducted by aliens and is now cryogenically frozen on a distant planet.

- The late-twentieth-century advances in personal computing were not supposed to happen. A computer nerd found a spacecraft from the twenty-ninth century and used it to invent advanced computer chips and make billions of dollars. (Sound familiar?)

You'll also find a concise history of the series and movies, a glossary of Trek terms, and quizzes to test your knowledge of the answers to burning questions such as, What the hell is "warp speed," anyway? Why do they all have weird foreheads? and Must we have a full-size poster of Worf in the bedroom?

Full of fun, but informative, too, this book will delight new fans, reluctant mates, and confirmed Trekkers alike.


After decades of ignoring unofficial, unauthorized Star Trek books, Paramount recently decided to sue the author of this book. As of June, 1998, the book is no longer being distributed by the publisher, but Paramount's copyright violation case has yet to be heard. The company won an injunction against the book by giving a judge the scripts for dozens, possibly hundreds, of episodes, claiming they were plagiarized in this book. Considering the book has some very short episode summaries, like a dozen other unauthorized books, it clearly draws upon Trek, but calling it plagiarism seems misguided or malicious.

As for the book itself... though marred somewhat by the author's occasional "humorous" asides (he's a lawyer, but also an amateur standup comic), this book is a good one for anyone new to Star Trek who's trying to figure out what it all means. It summarizes key developments in the various series and profiles the main characters. It also delves into the matter of living with someone who's a part of a strange international phenomenon: Star Trek fandom. It's light but informative. Incidentally, the original title of this book, according to Books in Print, was The Sensuous Trekker. The litigation is bad news, but the change in title is a good thing. I was not looking forward to showing up at a cash register with a book called The Sensuous Trekker; I doubt many bookstore clerks would have been excited by the prospect, either.

Klingon for the Galactic TravelerKlingon for the Galactic Traveler
Marc Okrand
264 pages


The Fiction of Klingon Conformity
Klingon Dialects
Regional Variation
Argot: Specialized Vocabulary
Visual Arts
Common Idioms
Language Change and Staying Current
Generational Differences: Pronunciation and Grammar
Vocabulary: Slang
The Changing Rules: Acceptable Deviation
Avoiding Gaffes
Phonetic Perils
Direct Address
Mismatched Concepts
Addendum to the Dictionary
Klingon-Federation Standard
Federation Standard-Klingon


"Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam."

"It is a good day to die."

What is the proper response to this?

What should I do?

Now, with Klingon for the Galactic Traveler you will know.

Organized into four easy-to-use sections, this book will guide your steps through the Klingon language and customs:

A misspoken word to a Klingon, who is quick to take offense and even quicker to take action, could have dire consequences. This book is the indispensable guide for the galactic traveler.


This is Okrand's follow-up to his The Klingon Dictionary.

Legends of the FerengiLegends of the Ferengi (audio)
Ira Steven Behr and Robert Hewitt Wolfe
158 pages


[Rules 1 to 285]


"Funnier than The Great Gatsby." - Rom

"Once you have their money, never give it back." - #1

"Anything worth doing is worth doing for money." - #13

For centuries these and the other famous Ferengi "Rules of Acquisition" have been the guiding principles of the galaxy's most successful entrepreneurs. But the wisdom behind them was not won without a high cost in lives and latinum.

Now at last these inspiring tales of avaricious Ferengi wresting monetary gain from the jaws of poverty are available to the profit-hungry across the galaxy!


Instead of simply listing the Rules of Acquisition one to a page like the previous book (The Rules of Acquisition), each rule gets a story a page or two long explaining how it came about. Fans of Deep Space Nine's Ferengi episodes may find this amusing and entertaining.

Romulan Bird-of-PreyMake Your Own Starship: Romulan Bird of Prey
Ruth Wickings
Pocket Simon Spotlight


This book features all the press-out pieces you will need to construct your own Romulan Bird of Prey

Display your completed starship on a tabletop or hang as a mobile


This is six sheets (or twelve pages) of perforated heavy paper inside a stapled cover, with model assembly instructions printed inside the front and back cover. Pocket published two Next Generation starship books in 1996 and two original series books in 1997.

These are among the last activity books for kids to be published by Pocket.

U.S.S. EnterpriseMake Your Own Starship: U.S.S. Enterprise
Ruth Wickings
Pocket Simon Spotlight


This book features all the press-out pieces you will need to construct your own U.S.S. Enterprise

Display your completed starship on a tabletop or hang as a mobile


As above, this is six sheets (or twelve pages) of perforated heavy paper inside a stapled cover, with model assembly instructions printed inside the front and back cover.

The U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D was published in this format in 1996.

Meaning of Star TrekThe Meaning of Star Trek
Thomas Richards
195 pages


Contact and Conflict
Character and Identity
Story and Myth
The Sense of Wonder


Star Trek has no equal. Easily the most cerebral show on television, it brought a literary sophistication to the raw material of science fiction and confounded all the formulas of television. By taking classic stories and placing them in strange new contexts, Star Trek became a modern Odyssey in outer space, a set of stories so basic to our culture that they can be told over and over again.

But while scores of books have been written on nearly every aspect of the series, no book has dared to explore what Star Trek actually means -- until now. The Meaning of Star Trek captures the essence of this timeless television masterpiece by linking the parallel universes of classical literature and popular culture. It's like Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, and Isaac Asimov sitting down to discuss their favorite TV show -- examining its portrayals of contact and conflict with other species and other cultures; its deep explorations of character and identity, and its complex conception of the idea of the individual self; its remarkably rich and varied use of story and myth; and its profound appeal to our shared sense of wonder, a reverence and awe for that which science cannot explain.

Enlightening, provocative, and enormously entertaining, The Meaning of Star Trek is essential reading for even the most casual admirer of the Star Trek universe, as well a a brilliant introduction to the worlds of literature, myth, and science fiction.


If book blurbs were subject to truth in advertising laws, some Doubleday employee would be safely locked away for a long time. Richards knows considerably less about Star Trek than the average fan does. That's not a crime, but someone writing a book like this should be better informed. Much more noticeable was his ignorance of science fiction. He makes a number of sweeping generalizations about Star Trek as opposed to science fiction that come off as utterly wrongheaded, and he mentions only two or three writers and one or two movies as examples of what he thinks science fiction is. His ignorance is painfully obvious. Every so often, perhaps despite himself, Richards offers a worthwhile thought, and it only serves to remind the reader of how disappointing the book really is. There are people out there who know a lot about Star Trek, a lot about science fiction, and a lot about the classics of literature. If we're lucky, one of them will write a better book than this some day.

Metaphysics of Star TrekThe Metaphysics of Star Trek
Richard Hanley
Basic Books
253 pages


introduction: The Philosophic Enterprise
New Life, New Civilizations
Prime Suspects
Insufficient Data
Pro Creation
Matters of Survival
To Beam or Not to Beam?
Personal Growth
Temporal Distortions
Epilogue: The Future


When is it okay to violate Star Fleet's Prime Directive? Is it cheating to be a telepathic psychiatrist? Is it possible to occupy someone else's body?

Wouldn't it be great fun to look back at the carefully created philosophical constraints that guide all Federation behavior, except this time do so through the eyes of a trained philosopher?

Well, fasten your seat belts and hang on tight as The Metaphysics of Star Trek takes you on a fascinating journey through what Trekkers have rightfully called "the greatest thirty-year thought experiment ever undertaken." Filled with examples from all the best episodes, this book is for anyone who has ever found himself replaying, alone or with a fellow Trekker, an episode's philosophical challenges -- for instance, whether or not Data is sentient (if so, what about Lore?); whether Captain Picard violated the Prime Directive to save the life of Wesley Crusher; or whether or not Tuvix had a right to live even if it meant the end of Tuvok and Neelix.

Among the reasons the shows have such loyal followers is the complexity of the moral dilemmas within which the captain and crew of the Enterprise, Voyager, and Deep Space Nine must fit their behavior. Also contributing to the series' special appeal has been the way in which the show evolved to allow Captains Janeway or Sisko to handle the new problems they encounter, many very different from those that taxed the philosophical integrity of Kirk or Picard. So join in with philosopher (and dedicated Trekker) Richard Hanley as he considers "the nature and proper treatment of personhood," or the question of "Insufficient Data: In which we evaluate the rights of computers, androids, exocomps, nanites, and holograms," or the question of "To beam or not to beam?"

The Metaphysics of Star Trek is sure to become a treasured addition to any fan's Star Trek library.


One of the many books published in the wake of the success of Lawrence Krauss's The Physics of Star Trek, this book looks at philosophical issues in Star Trek, and does so in an entertaining way. Unlike, say, Blair's Meaning in Star Trek, the book does not try to make Star Trek fit a particular way of looking at the world (Jungian analysis in Blair's case); instead, it's a wide-ranging discussion of issues arising from the shows and their philosophical implications.

The 1998 paperback edition of this book is retitled Is Data Human? The Metaphysics of Star Trek.

NASA/Trek coverNASA/TREK: Popular Science and Sex in America
Constance Penley
169 pages, plus 8 pages of photos


Popular Science
Spaced Out
"Hey, guys, what's this button?"
"7-Up and a splash of Teachers"
"All up and down the Florida coast"
Still Working-Through
Love and Rockets
Appropriate Technology
Slash Tactics: Technologies of Writing
Future Men
"Unperceived Utopias"
Popular Sex


Spock to Kirk: 'Please, Captain, not in front of the Klingons.'

This wry and highly readable investigation of the role of space travel in popular imagination looks at the way NASA has openly borrowed from the TV show Star Trek to reinforce its public standing. It also celebrates the work of a group of the show's fans who rewrite its storylines in porno-romance fanzines. Constance Penley advocates that scientific experimentation be accompanied by social and sexual experimentation, and devoted to exploring inner as well as outer space.

'Going into space with NASA/TREK is a good read and a good ride into uncharted regions of technoculture. In Penley's hands, popular science is a place to launch an inquiry into moral, cultural and political stakes in a world "where no man has gone before".'
Donna Haraway

'NASA/TREK is happily both enjoyable and insightful, and explores some intricate correspondences between science and sex. Among other things it offers a new and persuasive analysis of a populist subgenre: "slash" fiction.'
Samuel R. Delany


With a bit more work Penley could have produced a remarkable book about the intersections between NASA, science, Star Trek, and sex, and there are hints of that book here. Ultimately, though, it reads like two almost-unrelated articles combined into one book. As far as I can tell, that's exactly the case, because much of the text of the TREK section of the book is taken from an article Penley wrote for a book called Technoculture several years ago. The NASA material was new to me, though, and it was quite interesting.

It's unlikely that this book would appeal to a large audience of Trek fans, but for those more adventurous in their reading habits, it may be worthwhile. Bear in mind that much of this book is a discussion of "slash," or "K/S," fiction, which is fan-written fiction in which Kirk and Spock are lovers. Though Penley is an academic, she is also an unabashed slash fan, and her writing on the subject is refreshingly readable, compared to much of the available academic writing on the show. Fans interested in the slash aspect of the book may also be interested in Enterprising Women and Textual Poachers.

Ships of the Star Fleet: Cruisers and Frigates
Calon Riel and Todd Alan Guenther
Mastercom Data Center


Not seen. This is the revised edition of a fan-produced trade paperback by Calon Riel, published in 1988. A collection of ship blueprints and schematics, this is a more professional-looking version. Guenther and Mastercom also published Ships of the Star Fleet: Akyazi-Class Perimeter Action Ships in 1993. These unauthorized books are not explicitly identified as being based on Star Trek, but they are clearly meant to be taken as such. Thanks to Alex Rosenzweig for information on the 1997 edition.

Starfleet AcademyStarfleet Academy Exclusive Game Strategy Guide
Bart Farkas
GW Press
125 pages plus poster


General Overview
How to Use This Book
Getting the Most Out of This Book
Ship Table
Tester Tips
Managing Power
Creating a Mission
Mission 1 Target Practice
Mission 2 Routine Deployment
Mission 3 Uninvited Guests
Mission 4 Hide and Seek
Mission 5 Nothing Ventured
Mission 6 Into the Abyss
Mission 7 The Barrier
Mission 8 Divide and Conquer
Mission 9 Cry From the Dark
Mission 10 Escalation
Mission 11 Revenge
Mission 12 Carry a Big Stick
Mission 13 Diplomatic Immunity
Mission 14 Kobayashi Maru
Mission 15 Balance of Terror
Mission 17 The Sun God
Mission 18 End Game
Mission 19 Smuggler's Den
Mission 20 Common Ground
Mission 21 The Ultimate Klingon
Mission 22 A World of Their Own
Mission 23 Network Play


Star Trek: Starfleet Academy
Master the Starfleet Phenomenon

"Star Trek fans are finally about to get a simulation worthy of Starfleet itself"
- PC Gamer

"Starfleet Academy presents a graphical experience bordering on cinematic."
- Ultra Game Players

"The combat looks very true to the Star Trek battleship duel style..."
- Computer Gaming World

"A game like Star Trek: Starfleet Academy has been a long time coming."
- Computer Player

Learn how to win scenarios
The first ever Star Trek action flight simulator covered in detail
Exhaustive training secrets to guarantee your graduation from the Academy
Revealing insights into enemy vessels
Acquire unique Starfleet Academy cadet skills


A typical computer game hint book, this is mainly of interest to gamers and completists. Farkas adds a bit of a fiction feel to the guidebook by using log entries by the main character to represent ways of dealing with each mission. Unlike Bernie Yee's Judgment Rites book, however, the fiction is a minor part of the book, tips and other game-playing aids are emphasized. However, the use of the Star Trek movie font as the main typeface in the book makes reading the book a bit of a chore.

Pocket published a novel based on this game.

Star Trek's Greatest Guest StarsStarlog: Star Trek's Greatest Guest Stars
Edited by David McDonnell
242 pages


Quest for Guests
Vulcan's First Family
Mark Lenard (Sarek & Co.) The Good Father by Robert Greenberger and David McDonnell
Jane Wyatt (Amanda) Spock's Mother by Tom Weaver
Laurence Luckinbill (Sybok) The Laughing Vulcan by Marc Shapiro
Eternal Nemeses
Roger C. Carmel (Harcourt Fenton Mudd) by Dan Madsen
Ricardo Montalban (Khan) Khan the Conqueror by Robert Greenberger and Ian Spelling
Daniel Davis (Professor Moriarty) A Study in Starlight by Lynn Stephens
The Three Saaviks
Kirstie Alley (Saavik I) The First Saavik by Lee Goldberg
Robin Curtis (Saavik II) Beloved Alien by Ian Spelling
Kim Cattrall (Valeris) A Modern Vulcan Woman by Adam Pirani, Ian Spelling, and Marc Shapiro
Earth's Assigned
Robert Lansing (Gary Seven) Formerly Gary Seven by Peter Bloch-Hansen
Teri Garr (Roberta Lincoln) Hollywood Mom by Bill Warren
Alien Antagonists
Christopher Lloyd (Kruge) The Character Superstar by Bill Warren and Lee Goldberg
John de Lancie (Q) Q&A by Ian Spelling, David McDonnell, and Joe Nazzaro
Malcolm McDowell (Dr. Soran) The Man Who Killed Kirk by Ian Spelling
Starfleet Martyrs
William Windom (Commodore Decker) Memorable Character by Bill Warren
Stephen Collins (Captain Decker) The Forgotten Captain by Anthony Timpone
Paul Winfield (Terrell, Dathon) Starborn Survivor by Kyle Counts and Bill Warren
Merritt Butrick (David Marcus) The Captain's Son by Anthony Timpone
Worf's Brood
Suzie Plakson (K'Ehleyr, Dr. Selar) Her Klingon Soul by Robert Greenberger and Kim Howard Johnson
Brian Bonsall (Alexander) The Klingon Kid by Pat Jankiewicz
Alien Friends
Dame Judith Anderson (T'Lar) Vulcan Legend by Jan Goldberg
Eric Menyuk (The Traveler) Journeyman Eternal by James Swallow
Jonathan Del Arco (Hugh the Borg) Borg to Be Wild by Pat Jankiewicz
Famke Janssen (Kamala) The Perect Mate by Peter Bloch-Hansen and Ian Spelling
Starfleet Irregulars
Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan) Bartender to the Stars by Marc Shapiro and Ian Spelling
Michelle Forbes (Ensign Ro) Rebel With a Cause by Ian Spelling
Dwight Schultz (Reg Barclay) Secret Master of the Holodeck by Stuart Banks
Klingons Three
John Colicos (Kor) The Quintessential Klingon by Peter Bloch-Hansen
Michael Ansara (Kang, Jeyal) Klingon Soldier by Tom Weaver and Mark Phillips
William Campbell (Koloth, Trelane) Naughty Alien and Nasty Klingon by Robert Greenberger and Ian Spelling
About the Contributors
Publication History


Ricardo Montalban, Whoopi Goldberg, Christopher Lloyd, Teri Garr, Kirstie Alley, Paul Winfield, Dame Judith Anderson

What do these famous names have in common?

They all took part in the greatest adventure in entertainment history, going where no guest stars had ever gone before -- the frontiers of space aboard the Starship Enterprise!

Starlog magazine, the world's most authoritative science fiction media guide, presents fascinating inside stories from the star-studded guest list of TV's most enduring and influential SF series.

This Star Trek extravaganza includes:

Alien guest appearances!
Monster star stories!
Candid backstage encounters!
Celebrity sightings!
Interviews! Articles!
Insider profiles!
And more!


Anyone interested in the more famous guest stars to appear in the original series and The Next Generation should find this book interesting. It's a collection of articles reprinted from Starlog, from 1982 to 1996. The book's table of contents list only the character and actor names; the article titles and author credits appear only at the beginning of the actual articles.

One of the five versions of the book coverA Star to Steer Her By
Michael Jan Friedman


The Starfleet Captain
Christopher Pike
James T. Kirk
Jean-Luc Picard
Benjamin Sisko
Kathryn Janeway


This hardcover book was only available with special collectors' Playmates Star Trek action figures. It consists of short biographies of captains Pike, Kirk, Picard, Sisko, and Janeway and has a number of color photo illustrations. The biographies were later reprinted in Pocket's 1998 summer crossover "Captain's Table" novels about the respective captains.

At least five different covers were printed. The cover scanned here reproduces the four individual shots used separately on the four other covers.

Star Trek CollectiblesStar Trek Collectibles: Classic Series, Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager
Ursula Augustin, translated by Edward Force
235 pages


Trading Cards
Other Collectibles


Space, the final frontier. From the premiere of the first Enterprise 30 years ago to the adventures of the starship Voyager, the fascination with Star Trek has gone where no other television series has gone before.

This book shows more than 600 collector's pieces, many of which went out of production long ago, while others are present-day products. They include uniforms, equipment, masks, models, kits, books, photos, postcards, posters, games, toys, trading cards, jewelry, drinking vessels, curiosities, and much more. Everything the collector could want, plus a guide to current values.


As a price guide for Trek collectibles, this book leaves a lot to be desired. It's an American edition of a book originally published in Germany, and the collectibles are apparently a sampling of what's available in Germany. Most of the items included are American, but many are European. It's also far from complete. The House of Collectibles Price Guide to Star Trek Collectibles (last published in 1996) is much more complete (at least as far as the North American collectors' marketplace is concerned), at least as current, and probably more reliable in its price information.

That's not to say the book isn't without value. Fans interested in a European look at the phenomenon may glean some useful information. More generally, fans interested in the wide variety of Trek merchandise may appreciate the hundreds of color photographs.

Schiffer has published other Star Trek collectibles books: Jeffrey B. Snyder's A Trekker's Guide to Collectibles With Values (1996 and 1999 editions) and Kelly Hoffman's The Unauthorized Handbook and Price Guide to Star Trek Toys by Playmates, published in 2000.

Star Trek EncyclopediaThe Star Trek Encyclopedia: A Reference Guide to the Future Updated and Expanded Edition
Michael Okuda, Denise Okuda, and Debbie Mirek
831 pages


Federation Starships & Ships of Earth Registry
Ships of the Galaxy
Historical events in the Star Trek Universe
Timeline of Star Trek Production
Writer and Director Credits
Production Personnel


The future just got bigger! Beam aboard a completely revised edition of the definitive reference book for Star Trek fans! For the first time, this updated and expanded encyclopedia brings together all four incarnations of the entire ongoing Star Trek phenomenon: the Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager.

More than thirty years of imaginative Star Trek adventures have been recorded, including eight feature films, with new episodes appearing every year. Now this bestselling compendium has been enlarged to include every fact, figure, and detail of the ever expanding Star Trek universe.

Meticulously researched and helpfully cross-referenced, this new edition features more than 2,000 photos -- now in full color -- and all new diagrams and illustrations created especially for this volume.

Information on:

Main and supporting characters - Alien races - Planets and stars - Weapons - Medical equipment - "Inside gags"

Informative illustrations of:

Starships - Props - Phasers - Uniforms - Emblems - Technology

With more than 2,000 full-color photos and illustrations!


The second edition of this essential reference is more than twice as long as the first and in color instead of black and white. It has since been superseded by a third edition.

About the sticker on the cover scan: a copy of the Star Trek: The Next Generation U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Blueprints was offered free to buyers of the second edition of the Encyclopedia. As I understand it, in the USA, purchasers of the Encyclopedia had to mail the sticker in to Pocket to receive a copy, but in Canada, the two books were sold together, wrapped in plastic. The sticker is difficult to remove without damaging the dustwrapper.

Star Trek GenerationsStar Trek Generations Official Strategy Guide
Blaine Pardoe
Brady Games
207 pages


Introduction/Game Overview
Weapons and Items
Stellar Cartography
Away Team Missions
Amargosa Science Station, Part 1
Galorndon Core, Part 1
Galorndon Core, Part 2
Epsilon III
Amargosa Science Station, Part 2
Veridian III
USS Enterprise
Space Combat
Appendix A Crew Summaries
Appendix B Game Development
Appendix C Mission Tree


Can the crew of the starship Enterprise, along with legendary Captain James T. Kirk, stop Dr. Soran in time? The clock is ticking!

Quickly learn what it takes to complete every mission

Which items to acquire, what to avoid, where the enemy lurks, and more!

Detailed walkthroughs of all 12 missions, plus:

- Illlustrative level maps and screen shots

-Thorough tips and strategies

- Comprehensive coverage of stellar cartography, space combat, weapons, items, and characters

- Fascinating behind the scenes information

- Enterprise crew biographies, and more!


Not having played the game, I can't judge how useful this book would be for players. Like most computer game guidebooks, however, it's only of interest to gamers and completist Trek book collectors.

Star Trek Phase II: The Lost SeriesStar Trek Phase II: The Lost Series
Judith Reeves-Stevens and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
360 pages


Introduction by Jon Povill
Foreword / Star Trek's Missing Chapter
The Road Not Taken
After the Party's Over
False Starts
We're Back
The Lost Bible
Star Trek II Writers/Directors Guide
The Lost Pilot
"In Thy Image" Original treatment by Alan Dean Foster
"In Thy Image" First-Draft Script by Harold Livingston
The First Thirteen Episodes
"The Child", Revised Script, Written by Jaron Summers & Jon Povill
Afterword: Star Trek's End?
Star Trek Phase II Staff and Crew List


Dateline -- Paramount Pictures announces the formation of its own television network, saying that a new Star Trek program will be its cornerstone. The year is not 1994, but 1977, and the new Star Trek series titled Star Trek Phase II would have reunited almost all of The Original Series cast members.

Few people realize how close Star Trek Phase II, a footnote in Star Trek history, came to full-scale production. All of the actors were signed, except for Leonard Nimoy, whose Spock character would have been replaced by a young Vulcan named Xon. Sets and props were designed and constructed. New models, including a never seen version of the U.S.S. Enterprise, were built. A special effects company was hired, and scripts were written.

However, the plans for the network were canceled, and Paramount Pictures decided to shift gears to feature film production, shutting down the television series. The result of this decision was Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Star Trek Phase II: The Lost Series is the story of the missing chapter in the Star Trek saga, including full behind-the-scenes information on the show that almost -- but didn't -- happen. full of never-before-seen color artwork, storyboards, blueprints, technical information and photos, this book reveals the vision behind Gene Roddenberry's lost glimpse of the future.

Star Trek Phase II: The Lost Series also give a close look at the episodes that never were, including two that were later rewritten for Star Trek: The Next Generation. And for the first time anywhere, Star Trek Phase II: The Lost Series presents the never published series guidelines and the full script for the lost pilot of the series In Thy Image, written by producer Harold Livingston.


Plain and simple, this is one of the most important Star Trek nonfiction books Pocket has ever published, and any self-proclaimed Star Trek fan should have a copy. Those of us old enough to remember the 1970s remember reading about this unproduced series in newspapers and in magazines like Starlog. It came as something of a surprise when Paramount announced that the show was dropped and there would be a motion picture instead. Over the years a few books, mostly unauthorized, have provided some information for the lost stories of this unproduced series, but no book before this one had more than a fraction of the information to be found here.

If there's anything to criticize, it's the fact that so many pages are spent on "In Thy Image," which is really not all that different from the final version of the story filmed as Star Trek: The Motion Picture. More detailed summaries of the other stories, or complete reproduction of story outlines and scripts, would have been greatly appreciated. But regardless of that quibble this is an essential purchase for anyone interested in the history of Star Trek. (And not just the original series. Many ideas developed for Phase II were incorporated into The Next Generation, and two stories, "The Child" and "Devil's Due," actually became Next Generation episodes. Some characters and relationships were the inspiration for some of the characters on The Next Generation.)

Star Trek SketchbookThe Star Trek Sketchbook: The Original Series
Herbert F. Solow and Yvonne Fern Solow
254 pages


Walter Matthew Jefferies
William Ware Theiss
Fred Phillips
Wah Chang


Devise a look for the future. Construct strange new worlds. Create new life-forms. Design their clothes. Do it all in a week. And do it on budget. This was the mission for the creative staff of Star Trek. For three years just a handful of talented artists created the entire world of Star Trek.

The Star Trek Sketchbook is a unique opportunity to finally see the sketches collected from these artists, providing insight into their creative processes. The Original Series was fortunate enough to have that handful of designers who overcame the creative constraints of a weekly television series to forge a vision of the future that has become literally a cultural icon.

Matt Jefferies created meticulous sketches of every aspect of the Starship Enterprise and the worlds she visited. The energetic illustrations of William Theiss depicted some of the most lavish costumes ever worn in this or any other galaxy. Fred Phillips designed makeup that actualized whole new races, with just humans underneath. Wah Chang created props and hardware that are still the basis of futurist design.

For a writer, the sky is the limit. You can create anything, imagine anywhere. The designers on Star Trek had to make it real, affordable, and come back and do it all again next week. The Star Trek Sketchbook allows you onto the sound stages where it all happened.


A worthwhile follow-up to The Art of Star Trek, this was a trade paperback instead of a hardcover, but its large collection of rarely seen color illustrations and photographs offers a fascinating look into the visual side of the original Star Trek.

Star Trek: The Next Generation PostcardsStar Trek: The Next Generation Postcards


Ten years and counting...

Celebrate the first decade of Star Trek: The Next Generation with this history in pictures. Thirty postcards span seven thrilling television seasons, as well as the blockbuster feature films Star Trek Generations and Star Trek: First Contact!


As the blurb suggests, this is 30 postcards bound together as a paperback book.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Continuing MissionStar Trek: The Next Generation: The Continuing Mission: A Tenth Anniversary Salute
Judith Reeves-Stevens and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
272 pages


Foreword by Rick Berman
Introduction: 100 Years of Star Trek
Roddenberry's Revenge: The First Twenty Years
The Voyages of the Starship Enterprise... Seven? -- Preproduction
Uncertain Encounters -- The First Season
Finding Its Measure -- The Second Season
The Best Begins -- The Third Season
The Best Gets Better -- The Fourth Season
It All Comes Together -- The Fifth Season
Approaching Deep Space -- The Sixth Season
Going Out on Top -- The Last Season
A Tale of Two Captains -- Star Trek Generations
On Their Own -- Star Trek: First Contact
The Continuing Mission -- A Look Ahead
Afterword: "The Missing Year" by Robert Justman


"Let's see what's out there."
-- Captain Jean-Luc Picard, "Encounter at Farpoint."

In September 1987, lightning struck for the second time when Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered on television, beginning an ongoing mission that continues to this day. Skeptics doubted that Gene Roddenberry could re-create the imagination and excitement of the classic Original Series, but The Next Generation proved a more-than-worthy successor, winning over fans and critics for seven thrilling seasons on television, then soaring onto the big screen in two hit feature films: Star Trek Generations and Star Trek: First Contact.

Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Continuing Mission is an exquisite keepsake celebration of the unforgettable voyages of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D, collecting a breathtaking assortment of personal reminiscences, as well as never-before-published sketches, illustrations and photographs from the series and both movies. Captain Picard and the entire crew are captured here in loving tribute to ten years of exploring new worlds and new civilizations and going boldly "where no one has gone before".


This is, at first glance, a lavishly illustrated hardcover coffee table book paying tribute to The Next Generation. It is also a making-of book that is at times refreshingly candid and critical. It also includes summaries of every episode. A slightly revised edition, with some advance information on and photos from Insurrection, appeared in paperback in 1997.

Trekker's Guide to Deep Space NineThe Trekker's Guide to Deep Space Nine: Complete, Unauthorized, and Uncensored
Hal Schuster
263 pages


Preface: A U-Turn in Space
Launching Deep Space Nine
Creating the Continuing Saga
Avery Brooks and Captain Benjamin Sisko
Alexander Siddig and Dr. Julian Bashir
Nana Visitor and Kira Nerys
Colm Meaney and Chief Miles Edward O'Brien
Terry Farrell and Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax
Michael Dorn and Worf
Rene Auberjonois and Constable Odo
Armin Shimerman and Quark
Marc Alaimo and Gul Dukat
Other Key Cast Members
Deconstructing the Episodes
The Worlds of Deep Space Nine
Appendix A: A Star Trek Timeline
Appendix B: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Actor/Actress Reference Guide
Appendix C: Deep Space Nine in Cyberspace: Acronyms and Addresses


Trace the trekker's timeline from the big bang to Deep Space Nine!

If you're a Trekker, you've logged some serious time on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. But have you caught every episode? Can you recount every major story arc? Do you know the characters' backgrounds -- and those of the actors? Can you recite Ferengi Rule of Acquisition 76? If not, you need this book!

Put your Trekker expertise to the test with this pop quiz. Answers can be found on the pages in parentheses:

Most episodes of DS9 cost around $1.5 million. For what landmark episode did the producers double the usual budget to $3 million? (page 27)

According to the star date system of time, when did the Big Bang occur? (page 208)

Without the wormhole, how long would a journey from the Alpha Quadrant to the Gamma Quadrant take? (page 191)

Which actor can count among his uncles a former prime minister and famous actor Malcolm McDowell (whose credits include the movie Star Trek: Generations)? (page 40)

Which actor was formerly a professor teaching theater at Rutgers University? (page 34)

How often has Q, the meddlesome, mischievous, omnipotent being, darkened the portals of DS9? (page 12)

How did the episode "Way of the Warrior" change the series -- and who joined the crew of Deep Space Nine? (page 154)

Veteran Trekker Hal Schuster tells all here. Episode by episode, he recounts the stars, writers, directors, plots, and SNAFUs. He explains how the series was created, how it has changed, and where it's headed. With biographies of the actors and their characters, a Star Trek timeline, a Trekker's Guide to the Internet, and much more, this is the ultimate guide to Deep Space Nine -- totally uncensored, intricately detailed, and utterly fascinating.


Hal Schuster's works lacked a certain originality. In his third book for Prima, he adds to the Nitpicker's Guide swipe he first used in his Voyager book a very short imitation of Pocket's Star Trek Chronology. Also, though the book is credited to Schuster alone, he apparently reproduced the episode guide from the website, with the permission of the authors, though without any payment.

Interested in the behind-the-scenes story of DS9? Read The Making of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine by Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens and the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion by Terry J. Erdmann with Paula M. Block, both published by Pocket.

Trekker's Guide to The Next GenerationThe Trekker's Guide to The Next Generation: Complete, Unauthorized, and Uncensored
Hal Schuster
284 pages


Part One: The History of The Next Generation
What Came Before
Launching the New Enterprise
Continuing the TV Voyages
The End of the TV Years
Reborn on the Big Screen
Part Two: The Universe of The Next Generation
A Guide to the 24th Century
Trek Tech
A Guide to UFP and Starfleet
Part Three: The Players
The Cast and Crew
Appendix A: Episode Guide
Appendix B: Lists of Casts and Characters


The second coming of Star Trek

1966 The first Star Trek pilot, "The Cage," is aired.

1977 Star Trek II, a new television show featuring the original cast, is proposed -- and never made.

1979 Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the first in what would become a long line of feature films, is released.

1987 A totally new Star Trek television show premieres -- a show that would become one of the most popular syndicated series of all time, spawning two more Trek-inspired shows and starting another series of successful feature films. Star Trek: The Next Generation is born -- and science fiction television is changed forever.

The Trekker's Guide to The Next Generation reveals what went into -- and what was left out of -- the seven television seasons and two feature films about the crew of the second Enterprise. Hal Schuster, a long-time, prominent chronicler of the Star Trek phenomenon, details just how the show was created, and how it changed following the death of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. He traces the history of The Next Generation from the cancellation of a popular program to the beginnings of a box-office serial smash.

Using information culled from interviews, the show's own bible, and other sources, The Trekker's Guide to The Next Generation takes you inside the popular phenomenon. Read character profiles and biographies of the actors who brought them to life. Get plot summaries for each of the 177 television episodes and get an insider's look at guest stars, innovators, and bloopers. Learn what happened between James T. Kirk's command and the debut of the new Enterprise with Captain Jean-Luc Picard. at the helm. Review Star Trek science, comparing factual physics and the writers' flights of fancy.

Totally unauthorized and uncensored, The Trekker's Guide to The Next Generation tells you what the producers at Paramount Pictures don't want you to know!

Hal Schuster is the author of The Trekker's Guide to Voyager (Prima) and Trek: The Unauthorized A to Z. He is the former editor and publisher of Enterprise Incidents and Comics Features magazines.


There's really no reason to buy this. There is nothing here that isn't available in several other publications, and most of them are better-written. Plus, by buying the other books (preferably the official ones from Pocket, and possibly the Altman/Gross books), you keep money out of the hands of Hal Schuster, the man who published dozens of overpriced ripoff magazines and books during the 1980s. Incidentally, the blurb contains a mistake. "The Cage" was not aired in 1966, though parts of it were incorporated into "The Menagerie." 

Warp: A NovelWarp cover
Lev Grossman
St. Martin's Griffin
183 pages


This is a modern-day Ulysses, with the requisite twist: witness the reality of post-graduation haze volleying off of Star Trek reruns.

Hollis lives in an area not too far from where he graduated from college. His friends do, too. They all sleep late, talk about jobs they might get, girls they might date, money their parents might send them. In other words, their lives are seemingly on hold. Everything is going to happen. But despite this day-to-day boredom, Hollis has something to bolster him: Another reality is constantly running through his head, and it's one that leads him to the conclusion that maybe, just maybe, it's time to get serious.

Greatly exceeding typical tales of post-graduation angst, Lev Grossman has written a lucid and immediate novel of what and where a twenty-something's mind is when it isn't even made up yet.

"Reading Warp, I relived my own awful, ridiculous passage into the real world. This time around, I could laugh."
- Pagan Kennedy, author of Pagan Kennedy's Living and 'Zine

"Fast-paced and tightly structured, funny and incisive, Warp is destined to become a classic."
- Melanie Thernstrom, author of The Dead Girl and Halfway Heaven

"A fascinating adventure of the most unusual sort."
- Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons and Dragons


It's a novel, but not a Star Trek novel. So why is it here? Well, the picture of the Enterprise-D on the book's cover is part of the reason. What makes Grossman's book about a self-absorbed young man a bit different from all the others in this well-worn genre is the main character's tendency to daydream about various pop culture obsessions, filtering many of his experiences through the lens of Star Trek. The characters also occasionally talk about Star Trek, including a key conversation about warp speed and inertia that no doubt provided the book's title. Think "metaphor."

Two key questions: is it any good? Is it worthwhile reading for Star Trek fans? Well, it's a quick read, and it isn't bad, but the only part of it I haven't read before in many other novels by twentysomething writers is the pop culture/Star Trek connection, and I don't think the author did as much as he could have with that. It's not a must read, but it's a reminder of the many ways Trek has permeated our culture.

Pocket Star Trek Novels

Star Trek: The Original Series


Starfleet Academy(Star Trek) Starfleet Academy
Diane Carey


Cadet David Forester has made it to Starfleet Academy's Command School, where the starship captains of the future are trained on mission simulators that make you feel as if you ar really on the bridge of a starship. But there's trouble at the Academy -- sabotage, conflict, and a series of "accidents" throw Forester's team of cadets into ascramble for their very lives.

Determined to save his crew, Forester rushes to stop a plot to destroy the Academy itself, and is thrust into a mission with Starflet legends Captain James T. Kirk, Captain Hikaru Sulu, and Commander Pavel Chekov. Together they must find the cause behind a series of ever deadlier raids on Federation outposts by an unknown enemy.


Loosely based on the Starfleet Academy computer game, this novel is mainly about Academy cadets, although Kirk appears in the book.

Hardcovers and trade paperbacks

Avenger(Star Trek) Avenger (audio)
William Shatner and Judith Reeves-Stevens and Garfield Reeves-Stevens


For three full decades, on television and in film, actor William Shatner has portrayed one of the most dynamic heroes of science fiction: James Tiberius Kirk, captain of the Starship Enterprise. Although Kirk appeared to perish at the conclusion of Star Trek Generations, the big national bestseller, The Return, revealed the amazing story of Kirk's resurrection.

Now William Shatner brings his distinctive blend of talents as actor, writer, director, and producer to continue the saga of Jim Kirk's second life -- and to reunite one of the greatest teams of any future century....

A lethal virus, inimical to all conventional forms of plant life, threatens the entire Federation with starvation and dissolution. With the Federation already on the brink of overpopulation, Starfleet's resources are stretched to their limit. Whole worlds and even complete star systems are placed under quarantine, causing interstellar food supplies to run dangerously low, and hostile alien empires to eye the weakened Federation with malevolence. But now, in this moment of Starfleet's greatest need, Captain James T. Kirk, long believed dead, embarks on a desperate quest to find the true source of the mysterious virus.

Elsewhere in the galazy, Ambassador Spock, his diplomatic efforts stalled by the spread of famine and chaos, returns to his native world of Vulcan to confront a mystery of a deeply personal nature. Did Sarek, his legendary father, really die of natural causes -- or was he murdered? Determined to learn the truth, Spock begins a highly logical investigation that soon leads him to a reunion with a long-lost friend he never expected to see again.

Kirk and Spock, together again, must join forces to save a new generation from an awesome menace unleashed by a ruthless interplanetary conspiracy. Pursued by hidden assassins and aided by old lovers and unlikely new allies, the two heroes risk everything, only to find themselves confronted by the one man who might be able to stop them -- Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise NCC-1701-E.

Full of high adventure and powerful drama, Star Trek: Avenger is an engrossing new Star Trek epic -- and a moving tale of past memories and new hope that only William Shatner could tell.


A hardcover novel, this is the third in the series, and the second set in the 24th century.

Vulcan's Forge(Star Trek) Vulcan's Forge (audio)
Josepha Sherman and Susan Shwartz


"A dramatic tale... Fascinating!" - Leonard Nimoy

In the grand tradition of the New York Times bestsellers Spock's World and Sarek, Vulcan's Forge explores the past and present of one of Star Trek's most popular characters -- and of the ancient culture that forged him.

Just over a year ago, Captain James T. Kirk was lost to the Nexus while saving the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-B from destruction. Aboard the science ship Intrepid II, Captain Spock, commanding some of his old crewmates, must face the loss of his closest friend. But while still in mourning for one friend, he must come to the aid of another.

Decades ago, as a teenager, Spock had teamed up with David Rabin, the young son of a Starfleet captain, to fight an attempted coup on Vulcan that would have turned the planet's people away from the path of logic.

Now a Starfleet officer, Captain David Rabin has been asigned to a harsh desert world much like Vulcan, where the Federation is determined to protect the lives of the inhabitants. But Rabin's efforts are being sabotaged and he has asked for Spock's help against the unknown forces that may well destroy the society he had come to save.

While reflecting on his youthful adventure with David Rabin -- the adventure that set him on the path to Starfleet -- Spock joins with Rabin to face an enemy out of their past and confront deadly Romulan treachery. In the process Spock will decide if the path of his life now leads back toward the family traditions he had once sought to escape.

In Vulcan's Forge, Captain Spock faces his greatest challenge and his most difficult choice.


This hardcover is the first Star Trek novel by science fiction/fantasy novelists Sherman and Shwartz.

Paperback novels

Treaty's Law(Star Trek: Day of Honor 4) Treaty's Law
Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch


The Day of Honor is celebrated throughout the Klingon Empire. But every tradition had to begin somewhere....

Signi Beta is an M-class planet ideal for farming. The Federation wants Signi Beta, but the Klingon Empire has the stronger claim. Captain Kirk hates to lose the planet, especially to his old adversary, Commander Kor. Their mutual antagonism turns into an uneasy alliance, however, when yet another alien fleet attacks both the Klingons and the U.S.S. Enterprise. Now Kirk and Kor must rely on each other -- or none of them may survive to wage their war again.


Following the success of the Invasion! crossover, Pocket produced the Day of Honor crossover in 1997. Unlike the Invasion! stories, which were part of a continuing storyline, these books were thematically linked by the Klingon Day of Honor. Each book tells a story in which that Klingon holiday (created for this crossover) plays an important role, with the original series novel depicting how the Day of Honor was founded. In a rare instance of the TV series borrowing from the books, a Voyager episode was rewritten to incorporate the concept; that episode was then adapted to novel form. Also unique to this crossover is the appearance of a Day of Honor book in the young adult line. All the books have since been reprinted in a large Day of Honor omnibus edition in trade paperback.

Other books in the crossover are listed below under the appropriate series.

Mudd in Your Eye(Star Trek 81) Mudd in Your Eye
Jerry Oltion


After millennia of warfare, the planets Prastor and Distrel may have finally achieved a lasting peace. Investigating on behalf of the Federation, Captain Kirk is shocked to find out that the architect of the peace is none other than that notorious con artist, Harcourt Fenton Mudd!

Mudd claims to be a changed man, but Kirk has his doubts. He knows that Mudd has to be running some sort of scam, but what is he up to? Kirk must find out soon -- before the peace gives way to unending war.


This is one of a few Trek novels by science fiction writer Oltion.

Mind Meld(Star Trek 82) Mind Meld
John Vornholt


Teska, a Vulcan child raised on Earth, is destined to play a crucial role in the reunification of the Vulcan and Romulan peoples. While Spock escorts his young niece back to Vulcan for her betrothal ceremony, he strives to help her understand both her Vulcan heritage and her growing telepathic abilities.

But when an unplanned mind meld reveals the true identity of a deadly assassin to Teska, she and Spock find themselves the target of a Rigelian criminal network. With the Enterprise light-years away, Spock and his niece must go on the run, pursued by a conspiracy determined to end Teska's future before it has even begun!


This is one of Vornholt's many Star Trek novels.

Heart of the Sun(Star Trek 83) Heart of the Sun
Pamela Sargent and George Zebrowski


When an abandoned space habitat is found within a distant asteroid belt, the Starship Enterprise is sent to investigate. Captain Kirk and his crew discover an artificial world full of technological marvels -- and unexpected dangers. But wonder and curiosity give way to fear when the habitat's shifting orbit sends it on a collision course with an inhabited planet within the same solar system. Now Kirk and Spock must find a way to save the planet without destroying a treasure trove of alien science, and time is running out....


This is the second Trek novel by this pair of science fiction novelists.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Hardcovers and trade paperbacks

Ship of the LIne(Star Trek: The Next Generation) Ship of the Line (audio)
Diane Carey


Revealed at last! The lost years between Star Trek: Generations and Star Trek: First Contact.

The Starship Enterprise 1701-D has been destroyed, and Captain Jean-Luc Picard finds himself without a command. While waiting for his new ship, Captain Picard has gone with Lieutenant Worf on a delicate diplomatic mission to the Cardassian Empire.

As Picard conducts high-level negotiations for the return of Federation prisoners of war, the Starship Enterprise 1701-E is being constructed under the supervision of Captain Morgan Bateson, a veteran of the twenty-third century who spent nearly ninety years in a pocket universe. Commanding this new Enterprise on what was supposed to be a short shakedown cruise, Captain Bateson has an idea of his own. In defiance of Starfleet Command, he will take Starfleet's newest, strongest ship and strike at the heart of the newly aggressive Klingon Empire.

Captain Picard's negotiations proceed smoothly -- until he discovers that a hate-crazed Klingon commander -- Captain Bateson's archenemy from ninety years ago -- has taken the Enterprise from Bateson and launched a vicious attack on Cardassia Prime. To save the ship and preserve intergalactic peace, Picard must ally himself with his former Cardassian torturer, rely on the legendary skills of one Montgomery Scott, and draw new strength and inspiration from the memory of James T. Kirk....

Ship of the Line reveals an unforgettable lost chapter in the ongoing saga of Star Trek that will thrill readers of every generation.


A hardcover, this novel is mainly about Captain Morgan Bateson, from the Next Generation episode "Cause and Effect."

Paperback novels

Ancient Blood(Star Trek: The Next Generation: Day of Honor 1) Ancient Blood
Diane Carey


To true Klingon warriors, no occasion is more sacred than the Day of Honor, when they pay homage to all that makes them Klingon. But honor demands its price....

Worf finds his honor tested whn he goes undercover to infiltrate a planetary criminal network. How can he root out the corruption on Sindikash without resorting to deceit and treachery himself? Worf's dilemma is shared by his son, Alexander, who searches for the true meaning of honor in his own human heritage. Along with his son, Worf must confront deadly danger -- and the inner struggles of the Klingon soul.


Part of the Day of Honor crossover described above.

The Death of Princes(Star Trek: The Next Generation 44) The Death of Princes
John Peel


Dangerous assignments come in pairs when Captain Picard and his crew are confronted with two desperate missions on two different worlds. On the planet Buran, newly linked to the Federation, a mysterious disease devastates the population -- and turns them against the visitors from the U.S.S. Enterprise. Meanwhile, on nearby Iomides, a renegade Federation observer has disappeared, intent on violating the Prime Directive by preventing a tragic political assassination.

While Dr. Crusher struggles to find a cure for the plague ravaging Buran, Commander Will Riker leads an Away Team to Iomides. Their forces divided, Picard and his crew find themselves the only hope of two worlds.


This is one of a few Star Trek novels by Peel, who also wrote several unauthorized nonfiction books about Trek for another publisher.

Intellivore(Star Trek: The Next Generation 45) Intellivore
Diane Duane


The Great Rift lies between the Sagittarius and Orion arms of the galaxy. Stars are scarce there, beyond the authority of the Federation, and legends abound of lost civilizations and of ancient monsters that prey upon those who dare to venture into the vast darkness between the stars.

When several ships and colonies mysteriously disappear into the Rift, the U.S.S. Enterprise leads an expedition to investigate various disturbing reports. Accompanied by two other Federation starships, Picard and his fellow captains discover a bizarre menace of unimaginable power. And the only way to trap this destructive entity is to use the Enterprise as bait.


This is one of Duane's many Star Trek novels.

To Storm Heaven(Star Trek: The Next Generation 46) To Storm Heaven
Esther Friesner


When Lelys, ambassador of the plague-ridden colony planet of Orakisa, approaches the Federation seeking help for her dying world, the U.S.S. Enterprise speeds to the rescue. Captain Picard and his crew escort the Orakisan delegation to its long-lost sister world, Ne'elat, where the ambassador and the Away Team are initially welcomed, but then endangered. As the Enterprise officers make their way through a web of planet-wide intrigue, time is running out for the people of Orakisa and the inhabitants of all their sister-worlds as well.


This is fantasy writer Friesner's second Star Trek novel.

Young adult books

Breakaway(Star Trek: The Next Generation Starfleet Academy 12) Breakaway
Bobbi JG Weiss and David Cody Weiss
Pocket Minstrel


Before she was an officer aboard the U.S.S Enterprise...

No one ever said Starfleet Academy would be easy, but Cadet Deanna Troi never expected it to be this hard, either. She's been taken prisoner by pirates on the Borocco-Kai, and now she's weaponless and helpless.

Of course, it's only a test: a holodeck exam that all freshmen must pass. But for Deanna, the stakes are even higher than usual. She's opted to take the test early because it seemed like the only way to save her future at the Academy. Her telepathic abilities, natural aloofness, and an overbearing mother have made it difficult to gain the trust of her peers, and even harder to focus on her studies. Deanna has been sinking -- fast!

But if this test is her only way back up, Deanna's in deep trouble! Unless she taps into her inborn abilities and saves the Borocco-Kai... and along with it, her career in Starfleet.


One of three Star Trek YA books by Weiss and Weiss, Breakaway is about Deanna Troi's Academy experiences.

The Haunted Starship(Star Trek: The Next Generation Starfleet Academy 13) The Haunted Starship
Brad Ferguson
Pocket Minstrel


Before he was an officer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise...

Geordi La Forge has been given the chance of his lifetime! He's been chosen to join the training vessel Benjamin Franklin as assistant engineer, an opportunity rarely given to plebes. Geordi is determined to live up to Commander Sanchez's expectations. Their mission is to chart a neglected sector of the asteroid belt that lies between Mars and Jupiter. That night, Sanchez calls up a history of the old starship and Ben's first commander, the heroic Ike Ikushima, who died after saving his crew from disaster. The next night Geordi sees Ikushima's ghost, arm raised, pointing directly at him! When he tells Sanchez, everyone begins to doubt Geordi's reliabiility... until the ghost reappears, pointing a warning finger at them all!

What does it mean? Is the ship haunted? Is it an alien invasion? The cadets are about to make history themselves -- if they escape with their lives!


This is a young adult novel about Geordi LaForge by the author of several previous Trek novels.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Paperback novels

Armageddon Sky(Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Day of Honor 2) Armageddon Sky
L.A. Graf


All Klingons revere the Day of Honor, their most sacred holiday, but the true nature of honor can be a matter worth fighting over....

Dispatched on a secret mission to investigate the raids, Commander Worf of Deep Space Nine and the crew of the Defiant find themselves trapped on an alien world threatened by global cataclysm -- trapped along with Klingons who were exiled to this world for their loyalty to Worf's dishonored family.

Worf must find a way to save the Klingons whose honor bade them to keep their pledges to the House of Mogh despite the orders of the Emperor, and to prevent a bloody massacre that will forever stain the honor of the Klingon Empire!


Part of the Day of Honor crossover series described above.

The Tempest(Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 19) The Tempest
Susan Wright


When a ferocious plasma storm strikes the entire Bajoran system, Deep Space Nine becomes a port under siege, filled to overflowing with stranded space travelers, unpredictable aliens, and Klingon smugglers. Worf and Odo find themselves tested to the limit as they struggle to control the chaos that has consumed the station.

But even greater danger faces Dax and botanist Keiko O'Brien when they must fly a runabout into the very heart of the storm -- and encounter a strange new form of life!


This is one of Wright's many Star Trek novels.

Wrath of the Prophets(Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 20) Wrath of the Prophets
Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, and Robert Greenberger


When a fatal disease spreads over Bajor, threatening the entire planet with extinction, Captain Sisko must accept aid from an unexpected source: Ro Laren, Starfleet officer turned Maquis renegade. Major Kira and Ro reluctantly join forces to track the alien plague to its source -- even as the disease claims new victimson Deep Space Nine itself. Dr. Bashir struggles to find a cure, but the secret of the virulent invader may hide deep in the shadows of Dax's past.


One of a few collaborations between these writers, this novel introduces the Next Generation character Ro Laren to Deep Space Nine.

Trial by Error(Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 21) Trial by Error
Mark Garland


When Quark brokers a lucrative deal to trade trellium crystals from the Gamma Quadrant for gold-pressed latinum, the potential for profit seems too good to be true.

It is. Pretty soon Deep Space Nine is under fire from at least three different alien races, each accusing the others of theft, piracy, and worse. Then angry Klingons get involved, and so do the Ferengi....

Odo wouldn't mind seeing one of Quark's schemes backfire, but not when it places the entire station in the middle of a shooting war that might consume them all!


This is Garland's first solo Trek novel; he previously co-wrote Ghost of a Chance with Charles G. McGraw.

Young adult books

Cardassian Imps(Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 9) Cardassian Imps
Mel Gilden
Pocket Minstrel


Bored stiff

Jake and Nog are looking for action -- in all the wrong places. They've played all the family holosuite games -- and the adult games are strictly off limits. So when Garak, the only Cardassian on Deep Space Nine, suggests a trip to the unknown depths of Level 45, they're ready to go. When they arrive on the musty, abandoned deck, they find a funny Cardassian toy that says "Moop" when activated. And then they discover the replicator button on the toy. Perfect! They can replicate enough "Moops" for a baseball game. But suddenly the figures that stand before them are all as tall as Nog -- and they're replicating themselves!

This is the fourth (and last, as of 2005) of Gilden's Star Trek books, following a Star Trek novel, a Star Trek: The Next Generation novel, and an earlier Deep Space Nine YA novel.

Space Camp(Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 10) Space Camp
Ted Pedersen
Pocket Minstrel


Countdown to catastrophe!

Commander Sisko has made Jake an offer he can't refuse -- the chance to attend Starfleet Academy Summer Space Camp on Rijar, once home to an ancient civilization, now an archeologist's dream. Jake's father has even agreed to send Nog. Jake is looking forward to the adventure and maybe finding something in the ruins to write a story about. But from the day they arrive it's a disaster!

The best friends are on their way to becoming worst enemies -- until an accident triggers the countdown of a megabomb that threatens the entire planet! Jake and Nog lead an expedition into the catacombs under the base in a desperate race against time. Their only hope is a terrifying voyage into cyberspace to gain control of the ticking bomb that is about to explode....


This is the third of Pedersen's four YA novels about Nog and Jake Sisko.

Honor Bound(Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 11) Day of Honor: Honor Bound
Diana G. Gallagher


There is no occasion more sacred to the Klingons than the Day of Honor. And to the Klingon youth, honor is a lesson hard-learned and harder-earned....

The hunter instinct is taking over Alexander, driving him to violence when he can't control his emerging Klingon traits. He's in trouble at school when his father, Worf, gives his word as a Starfleet officer that Alexander's behavior will change. But it takes a frightening confession from Worf before Alexander understands that he must control himself or lose everything he loves. A Klingon is honor-bound to keep his word, at any cost. And Alexander is about to pay the price as he faces disgrace and dishonor for challenging his bullying classmates with character instead of force.


Unlike the rest of the young adult Deep Space Nine series, this book is about Worf and his son Alexander. It's part of the Day of Honor crossover series described above.

Star Trek: Voyager


Day of Honor(Star Trek: Voyager) Day of Honor: The Television Episode
Michael Jan Friedman


B'Elanna Torres has no intention of celebrating the Day of Honor. A day of glory for others of Klingon heritage, the day for Torres has always been a dark one, for reasons that stretch back to childhood memories she has tried to forget.

This Day of Honor is no better. Trouble with the warp engines has crippled the U.S.S. Voyager just as it confronts a deadly threat. Torres and Tom Paris put their lives on the line to restore the engines. With time running out, Torres has one chance to accept the great loss she once suffered and reveal the true feelings she has buried for years.


This is part of the Day of Honor crossover series described above. Writers for the TV series heard about the concept for the book crossover and created an episode to tie in, which was then novelized.

Paperback novels

Her Klingon Soul(Star Trek: Voyager: Day of Honor 3) Her Klingon Soul
Michael Jan Friedman


Even light-years from the Klingon Empire, the Day of Honor remains an occasion of great importance. And sometimes honor is found in the most unexpected places....

B'Elanna Torres has never cared for the Day of Honor. Ashamed of her Klingon heritage, she regards the holiday as an unwanted reminder of all she has struggled to suppress. Besides, something awful always seems to happen to her then.

Her bad luck seems to be running true to form when she and Harry Kim are capturd by alien slavers. Imprisoned by the enigmatic Risatti, forced to mine for deadly radioactive ore, Torres will need all her strength and cunning to survive -- and her honor as well.


Part of the Day of Honor crossover series described above.

The Garden(Star Trek: Voyager 11) The Garden
Melissa Scott


Desperately in need of vital nutritional supplies, the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager must risk dealing with an enigmatic race known as the Kirse, legendary for the bountiful crops of their world -- and for their secretive ways. Despite Neelix's warnings, Captain Janeway leads an Away Team to the Kirse homeworld.

But when the hostile Andirrim attack the Kirse, Janeway finds herself caught in a deadly situation. Forced to fight alongside the Kirse, Janeway and her crew can only hope that their strange, new allies are not more dangerous than their common foe.


This is science fiction/fantasy novelist Scott's second Star Trek novel.

Chrysalis(Star Trek: Voyager 12) Chrysalis
David Niall Wilson


When the sensors of the U.S.S. Voyager detect abundant plant life on an unexplored planet, Captain Janeway leads an Away Team in search of fresh food supplies. They find lavish gardens inhabited by an enigmatic alien race that holds the gardens sacred. The fragrant blossoms are beautiful, enticing -- and far more dangerous than they appear. One by one, the Away Team begins to fall into deep comas from which they cannot be revived.

Unwilling to spread the affliction to Voyager, the Away Team is trapped on the planet until a cure can be found, but their investigation is perceived as desecration by the devout worshippers of the gardens. Pursued by a fanatical mob, slowly succumbing to the insidious effects of the blossoms, Janeway faces either a violent death -- or an endless sleep.


This is Wilson's first Star Trek novel.

The Black Shore(Star Trek: Voyager 13) The Black Shore
Greg Cox


After weeks of lonely journeys through a desolate region of the Delta Quadrant, the crew of Voyager is badly in need of shore leave, so the planet Ryolanov seems like just what the doctor ordered. Full of warm sunlight and gracious, hospitable people, Ryolanov is a veritable oasis amidst the endless reaches of uncharted space.

Alerted by his spirit guide, Chakotay is the first to suspect that there may be a serpent lurking in this paradise, but he is not alone. Driven by a psychic call she cannot ignore, Kes must conquer her own fears to discover the terrifying secret lurking beyond the black shore.


This is one of Cox's many Trek novels.

Marooned(Star Trek: Voyager 14) Marooned
Christie Golden


When an alien pirate abducts Kes, U.S.S. Voyager takes off in hot pursuit, but the first rescue mission fails disastrously; an ion storm forces the shuttle to crash on an unknown world. Now Captain Janeway and her Away Team must embark on a hazardous trek through a hostile environment in search of a way off the planet, while Voyager, commanded by Chakotay, confronts an enemy fleet in the depths of space.


This is one of several Trek novels by Golden.

Young adult books

Lifeline(Star Trek: Voyager: Starfleet Academy 1) Lifeline
Bobbi JG Weiss and David Cody Weiss


Cadet Kathryn Janeway, the ambitious daughter of Vice Admiral Edward Janeway, is determined to prove herself at Starfleet Academy. Her tough commander, Etienne Mallet, demands perfection, but Kathryn's ready for the challenge.

It isn't easy, especialy with two roommates: a pair of identical Diasoman twins named ThrumPol. Kathryn thinks she can face the pressure alone, but when she and Pol fail their second dorm drill and Mallet assigns them to a holodeck test, Kathryn panics. suddenly, she's out of control!

It's time to call on her secret weapon to help her through the crisis... until Mallet discovers her weakness and issues the ultimate challenge....


One of a few Starfleet Academy young adult novels by the Weisses, this book focuses on Janeway.

The Chance Factor(Star Trek: Voyager: Starfleet Academy 2) The Chance Factor
Diana G. Gallagher and Martin R. Burke


The survival game

It's Cadet Kathryn Janeway's last chance to prove her fitness as a future Starfleet officer: a field study on a wilderness planet involving alien animals and their handlers. Captain Holbrook's menagerie of snarling, exotic beasts doesn't bother her. Their unruly alien handlers do. With an arrogant Klingon, an aggressive Talarian and an insecure Betazoid on the team, the war has begun even before they're beamed down to Diehr IV. How can I prove myself when I'm saddled with this bunch? Kathryn wonders. It seems like an impossible mission as she desperately tries to get everyone to cooperate....

Time is running out as Kathryn leads her mission through treacherous territory to the exit point -- only to discover that they are marooned on the alien planet! Now they must pull together -- or perish!


One of several young adult Trek novels by Gallagher, and her only Trek collaboration with Burke, this is the second volume of the Janeway trilogy.

Quarantine(Star Trek: Voyager: Starfleet Academy 3) Quarantine
Patricia Barnes-Svarney


Cadet Kathryn Janeway is thrilled and nervous. She and four other cadets have just been assigned to the U.S.S. Tsiolkovsky. It's their first real mission: to bring medical supplies to the planet Chatoob and help save a people condemned by air that hasn't been fit to breathe for centuries. But when Kathryn analyzes the "poison" atmosphere, she finds no evidence of contamination. Is someone telling them lies? She's determined to discover the truth.

But when the curious cadets rush to help a sick old woman, they're trapped in a sealed room with people dying of the plague. Suddenly they're cut off from their mothership, locked in quarantine, scheduled to die -- unless Kathryn can lead them out of the dead zone in time....


The conclusion of the young adult Janeway trilogy, this is one of Barnes-Svarney's many young adult Star Trek books.

Star Trek: New Frontier

Paperback novels

House of Cards(Star Trek: New Frontier 1) House of Cards (audio)
Peter David


From the universe of Star Trek: The Next Generation

A new ship...
A new crew...
A new mission!

Sector 221-G: For the whole of Federation history, this large area of space has been controlled by the Thallonians, a cruel, militaristic race of which little is known except that they rule the other races in their sector with a vicious iron hand.

Now the Thallonian Empire has collapsed and the systems it once ruled are in chaos. Old hatreds are surfacing. Petty tyrants control deadly weapons. World after world is descending into disorder and self-destruction. The Federation must send a starship to help where it can and report what it finds.

That ship is the U.S.S. Excalibur, a newly refit Ambassador-class starship commanded by Captain Mackenzie Calhoun and manned by Starfleet's best and brightest, including some old friends from Star Trek: the Next Generation and some of the most dynamic new characters ever to crew a Federation starship.

Join Captain Calhoun and the crew of the U.S.S. Excalibur as they explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no one has gone before!

Series Comments

New Frontier was a publishing experiment by Pocket Books. Editor John Ordover and author Peter David created a new Star Trek ship, crew, and series, not seen on TV or in movies. The idea was to allow greater creative freedom, because other Trek series novels are restricted by the continuity of the TV series and movies. To gauge reader interest, the story began with a series of four short serial novels, following the lead of Stephen King's The Green Mile. Each volume was shorter and less expensive than an average Star Trek novel, allowing readers uncertain about the idea to try the first book without spending much. These first four books have since been republished in a single small hardcover edition.

Fan reaction was strongly positive, and New Frontier novels are published on an irregular basis, all written by Peter David. There has also been an anthology of New Frontier short stories by other writers. Pocket has followed New Frontier with several other books-only series, with varying degrees of success.

Pocket released an audiobook with an abridged version of the story told in the first four books in 1997.

Into the Void(Star Trek: New Frontier 2) Into the Void (audio)
Peter David


From the universe of Star Trek: The Next Generation

A new ship...
A new crew...
A new mission!

Roll Call: The Crew of the U.S.S. Excalibur:

Captain Mackenzie Calhoun: An unorthodox, decisive young captain who loves his crew and his ship, and loves testing their limits even more.

Commander Shelby: A woman of strong opinions and strong values, Shelby never hesitated to tell her captains when she thought they were wrong, and Mackenzie Calhoun won't be any exception.

Burgoyne 172: The chief engineer of the Excalibur, with the decisiveness of Calhoun, the strength of Shelby, and the gender of both. Burgoyne is a Hermat, and when s/he sets his/her sights on you, s/he isn't an easy... person... to refuse.

As the Thallonian Empire succumbs to violence and insurrection, the U.S.S. Excalibur prepares to launch on her humanitarian mission of mercy. But her departure is destined to be a memorable one, as Calhoun contends with an unexpected stowaway, a stormy relationship with his crew, and -- light-years away -- frightened refugees aboard a dying ship.

The Two-Front War(Star Trek: New Frontier 3) The Two-Front War (audio)
Peter David


From the universe of Star Trek: The Next Generation

A new ship...
A new crew...
A new mission!

Roll Call: The Crew of the U.S.S. Excalibur

Dr. Selar: The Excalibur's Vulcan doctor is all business. If you want to know what's wrong with you, she's the one to go to, but not if you're expecting someone to hold your hand. As calm and logical as the rest of her people, Dr. Selar has a secret as shocking to her as it will be to the rest of the crew.

Si Cwan: A prince exiled from the Thallonian empire, he is beloved by some and targeted for death by others. But Si Cwan has his own agenda: a search for the one woman who means the world to him.

Zak Kebron: The bronze-skinned Brikar is the security chief of the Excalibur. When he walks, the decks shake, and if he's coming your way, you'd better pray that you're on his good side.

Two mysteries vie for the attention of the crew of the Excalibur: Is the hospitality of the people of Nelkar too good to be true? And does a stranded spaceship truly hold the object of Si Cwan's quest... or is it instead an all-too-deadly trap?

End Game(Star Trek: New Frontier 4) End Game (audio)
Peter David


From the universe of Star Trek: The Next Generation

A new ship...
A new crew...
A new mission!

Roll Call: The Crew of the U.S.S. Excalibur

Captain Mackenzie Calhoun: Wearing a veneer of civilization as others would a cloak, Calhoun will now find himself facing a scheme for revenge that may unleash the savage warrior he keeps locked within himself.

Lieutenant Robin Lefler: An eternal optimist, Lefler occasionally asks the wrong question at the wrong time... and yet this time it may lead the Excalibur crew to unexpectedly shocking answers.

Commander Elizabeth Shelby: Walking the fine line between duty and conscience, Shelby may find that she must decide between the life she loves and the man she once loved.

As the Thallonian homeworld faces catastrophe, Captain Calhoun must confront his own bloody past in a life-or-death struggle for survival and honor. But when the planet's ultimate secret is revealed, only Captain Calhoun and the U.S.S. Excalibur can save the last remnants of the empire from total destruction!