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This page is a detailed examination of the Star Trek books published in a given year.
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Star Trek 3 coverStar Trek 3
James Blish
118 pages


The Trouble With Tribbles
The Last Gunfight (a.k.a. Spectre of the Gun)
The Doomsday Machine
Assignment: Earth
Mirror, Mirror
Friday's Child
Amok Time


An extraordinary journey into the supernatural!

Seven chilling stories into the bizarre and unexpected with the crew of the starship Enterprise. Travel to the unknown regions of outer space, to worlds where unearthly powers can control human beings and where unspeakable horror becomes normal. Unimaginable new galaxies of strange beings, bizarre customs, unknown dangers and awesome excitement. A world threatened by tribbles, small and furry with no eyes or faces -- only a mouth. A killer planet where time and place change by telepathy. A monster robot that smashes planets and digests them. An alien being who comes to Earth to start World War III. A galactic ticket to infinite adventure.


See Star Trek 1, published in 1967, for comments.

Bonus excessively trivial factoid: this is the first Star Trek book I ever bought. I already had Mission to Horatius, but that was a birthday or Christmas present. I bought this one, used, at Allison the Bookman in North Bay, Ontario, in late 1973 or early 1974, and was hooked. 

Star Trek AnnualStar Trek Annual
World Distributors


Invasion of the City Builders
A Space Nightmare
Shooting Stars
Voyage Of Discovery
Who Was First?
The Planet Of No Return
Star Facts
Space Race
The Most Famous Comet Of All
Suitability Probe
The Devil's Isle of Space


This is the first of a series of hardcover books published in the UK. A typical volume in this series would reprint two of the American Gold Key Star Trek comics and add a few pages aimed at young readers, including short science articles, puzzles, and so on. In at least one volume, three comics were reprinted, but one was shortened by several pages. The books were published annually until 1980; two more volumes appeared, in 1983 and 1986. According to copyright information, it appears that most volumes with years in the title (e.g., Star Trek Annual 1976) were actually published the previous year, so those volumes appear on this site according to their year of publication, not the year in the title.

"Invasion of the City Builders," "The Planet of No Return," and "The Devil's Isle of Space" were the third, first, and second issues of the Gold Key comic. Thanks to Randy Brower for the contents and cover scan.