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Spock Must Die coverSpock Must Die!
James Blish
118 pages


Captain Kirk and the crew of the starship Enterprise find themselves in the middle of an undeclared war waged by the Klingon Empire...

The Organians should be consulted about the war but their entire planet has disappeared -- or been destroyed...

Mr. Spock entered the Transporter Chamber. His image would be flashed to Organia by the huge machine's faster-than-light tachyons. But the experiment failed. Suddenly there were two Mr. Spocks. One of them had to be destroyed... but which one?


The second original Star Trek novel, and the first one published as part of the main Trek publishing program of the time rather than as part of a series of TV-based books for younger readers, this was James Blish's only original Star Trek book. As the blurb suggests, it's a sequel to the episode "Errand of Mercy." Incidentally, as he wrote in one of his adaptations, Blish wasn't the one who changed McCoy's nickname from "Bones" to "Doc" in this book; it was an editor at Bantam who did that.

Star Trek AnnualStar Trek Annual
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When Planets Collide
The Ghost Planet Part I
Enterprise Examination
Venus, Planet of Mystery
The Ghost Planet Part II
The Peril of Planet Quick Change Part I
More Fact than Fiction
The Peril of Planet Quick Change Part II


"When Planets Collide," "The Ghost Planet," and "The Peril of Planet Quick Change" are reprints of the sixth, fifth, and fourth issues of the Gold Key Star Trek comic. Thanks to Randy Brower for the contents and cover scan.

See the first volume of Star Trek Annual, published in 1969, for comments on the series in general.