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This page is a detailed examination of the Star Trek books published in a given year.
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Star Trek 4Star Trek 4 cover
James Blish
134 pages


All Our Yesterdays
The Devil in the Dark
Journey to Babel
The Menagerie
The Enterprise Incident
A Piece of the Action


Six assignments in space and time

In the name of the Federation Council and the Starfleet Command, Spock and the Enterprise crew grapple with:


See Star Trek 1, published in 1967, for comments.

(If the cover of this book looks a little familiar, it may be because the art has been used on several other book covers, including Dutton's omnibus book, The Star Trek Reader.)

Star Trek AnnualStar Trek Annual 1972
World Distributors


The Voodoo Planet
The Youth Trap
The Legacy of Lazarus


The stories in this volume are reprints of the seventh, eighth, and ninth issues of the Gold Key Star Trek comic series. Unusually for this series, there were no other articles in the book. Thanks to Randy Brower for the contents and cover scan.

See the first volume of Star Trek Annual, published in 1969, for comments on the series in general.

Star Trek Television Picture Story BookStar Trek Television Picture Story Book
PBS Limited


Sceptre of the Sun
A Space Nightmare
Star Facts
Space Race
The Most Famous Comet Of All
Suitability Probe
The Planet of No Return


"Sceptre of the Sun" and "The Planet of No Return" are reprinted from the tenth and first issues of the Gold Key comic. The other features are reprinted from the first Star Trek Annual, published in 1969. Thanks to Randy Brower for the contents and cover scan.