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Best of Trek 3The Best of Trek #3: From the Magazine for Star Trek Fans
Edited by Walter Irwin and G.B. Love
Signet Books
196 pages, plus 8 pages of illustrations


More Star Trek Mysteries Solved by Leslie Thompson and our readers
Command Decision Crisis: A Star Trek Fan Fiction Parody by Walter Irwin
The Star Trek Movie Novel and Comics Adaptations by Van James
The Klingons(?) in Star Trek: The Motion Picture by Leslie Thompson
Walter Koenig: An Interview
Parallels in Star Trek: The Motion Picture vs. the Series by Lynn Adams
A Sampling of Trek Roundtable
A Letter From Judith Wolper
Bridging the Gap: The Promethean Star Trek by Joyce Tullock
Sulu's Profile by Colleen Arima
A Brief Look at Spock's Career by Leslie Thompson
Star Trek: The Motion Picture -- A Review by Walter Irwin
The Psychology of Captain Kirk's Popularity by Gloria-Ann Rovelstad
Changes in Star Trek: The Motion Picture by G.B. Love
The Other Federation Forces by Walter Irwin
Vulcan as a Patriarchy by Rebecca Hoffman
A Trek Into Genealogy by Linda Frankel
Alternate Universes in Star Trek by Mark Andrew Golding


Sulu's profile
Vulcan as a patriarchy
A trek into genealogy
Alternate universes in Star Trek

From a history of Spock's career to an in-depth look at the Star Trek movie, you'll find a star-studded universe of information about all your favorite characters aboard the Enterprise. You'll delight in remembering well-known adventures and discovering new knowledge about alien races and places. And you'll experience it all in this latest time- and space-spanning collection of articles from Trek magazine.


See the entry for the first volume for my comments on this series.

Best of Trek 4The Best of Trek #4: From the Magazine for Star Trek Fans
Edited by Walter Irwin and G.B. Love
Signet Books
215 pages, plus 8 pages of photos


Immortality by Mark Andrew Golding
Friendship -- In the Balance by Joyce Tullock
A Woman Looks at "Jim's Little Black Book" by Beth Carlson
The Beginning of a New Human Adventure by Eleanor LaBerge
A Sampling of Trek Roundtable
The Preservers by Steven Satterfield
Fear, Fun, and the Masque of Death by Joyce Tullock
Star Trek: The Motion Picture -- A Year Later by Deanna Rafferty
The Crew in Star Trek: The Motion Picture by Walter Irwin
Alternate Universes in Star Trek by Rebecca Hoffman
She Walks in Beauty... by G.B. Love
Short Treks
The Villains of Star Trek by Leslie Thompson
Empires, Gods, and Other Interested Parties by Walter Irwin
Requiem for a Hack by Kiel Stuart


The Crew in Star Trek: The Motion Picture
The Preservers
Empires, gods, and other interested parties
Short treks

From a close-up look at the life, loves, and career of Uhura to the most recent discoveries about the mysterious Preservers to a thought-provoking examination of V'Ger and intriguing new views of the Kirk, Spock, McCoy relationship, here is another delightful excursion into the universe of Trek. You'll travel through time and space, meet amazing aliens, and greet all your favorite characters as you wing your way through the latest collection of fascinating, fun-filled articles from Trek magazine.


See the entry for the first volume for my comments on this series.

Death's AngelDeath's Angel
Kathleen Sky
213 pages


Death stalks the corridors of the Enterprise

When Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock barely survived the mission to Delta Gamma Four, the deadly planet whose beautiful blue flowers destroy the mind and ravage the soul, Chief Medical Officer McCoy felt something was dangerously wrong -- just how wrong, he didn't realize. For when the Enterprise takes on the alien members of a sensitive Federation diplomatic mission, the ambassadors are murdered one by one. The angel of death is visiting the Ambassadors.

A "must" book for all Star Trek fans.


Sky's second and last Star Trek novel, this is also the last Trek book published by Bantam.

Star Trek CompendiumThe Star Trek Compendium
Allan Asherman
Pocket Wallaby


A Capsule History of Star Trek
The Beginnings
The Series Takes Shape
First Season Production Credits
First Season Episodes
Second Season Production Credits
Second Season Episodes
Third Season Production Credits
Third Season Episodes
Star Trek - The Motion Picture


Here at last in one place -- everything you ever wanted to know about Star Trek! The Star Trek Compendium is an inexhaustible gold mine of information about the celebrated television series and motion picture. Never before has there been a book which so thoroughly explores every aspect of the episodes of Star Trek.

The Star Trek Compendium is the ultimate reference work. It's filled with hard-to-find information about the most famous television series ever -- Star Trek!

Includes such topics as:


By 1981, Ballantine's Star Trek Concordance was probably out of print, and Pocket now had the license to produce licensed Star Trek books. This was their first attempt at an episode guide. The book was later revised considerably for its second edition. Unlike the Concordance, this did not have an encyclopedia section, or any information on the animated series; in its favour, though, unlike the Concordance, this had some information about what happened behind the scenes, and included the first movie. 

Pocket Star Trek Novels

Paperback novels

Entropy Effect(Star Trek 2) The Entropy Effect (audio)
Vonda N. McIntyre


The universe has less than a century left... unless Spock can change history!

The Enterprise is summoned to transport a dangerous criminal from Starbase prison to a rehabilitation center: brilliant physicist, Dr. Georges Mordreaux, accused of promising to send people back in time -- then killing them instead.

But when Mordreaux escapes, bursts onto the bridge and kills Captain Kirk, Spock must journey back in time to avert disaster -- before it occurs!

Now there's more at stake than just Kirk's life. Mordreaux's experiments have thrown the entire universe into a deadly time warp. Spock is fighting time... and the universe is closing in on itself with the relentless squeeze of...

The Entropy Effect


This was Pocket's first original Star Trek novel. Though McIntyre has since written several more Trek books, she was best known at the time as the award-winning writer of Dreamsnake, a science fiction novel. Her later Trek novels include the adaptations of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, and the original novel Enterprise: The First Adventure.

The earliest Pocket Star Trek novels were published under the Timescape imprint, and earlier printings feature the Timescape logo on the cover. Timescape was a science fiction novel by Gregory Benford published by Pocket. During the early 1980s, the Pocket science fiction books line, headed by editor David G. Hartwell, used Timescape as its imprint name. A few years later, Pocket dropped the line and the Timescape name. The company now publishes very little science fiction outside of the Star Trek books.

Klingon Gambit(Star Trek 3) The Klingon Gambit
Robert E. Vardeman


The Klingons are hungry for war... their target: the Enterprise!

When Captain Kirk and his crew are ordered to Alnath II to challenge the deadliest Klingon starship Terror, they're ready for anything -- or so they think. But the defenseless Vulcan crew of a Federation science ship has been wiped out. The remaining members of the Alnath II mission have discovered a fabulous ancient city -- but their report doesn't make sense. The Klingon battle cruiser has the Enterprise in its sights, and is ready to destroy it.

But Captain Kirk can't seem to make decisions. Spock has started to throw temper tantrums. And Chekov has disobeyed vital orders.

The crew of the Enterprise are losing their by one...all victims of...

The Klingon Gambit


Pocket's second original Trek novel, this was the first of two by Vardeman, the other being 1983's Mutiny on the Enterprise.

Covenant of the Crown(Star Trek 4) The Covenant of the Crown
Howard Weinstein


The Shaddan crown is the key to power -- and the Klingons have the advantage!

An Enterprise shuttle is forced to crash-land in a violent storm on the barren planet Sigma 1212. Spock, McCoy and Kailyn, the beautiful heir to the Shaddan throne, survive in the near disaster.

Now, pursued by primitive hunters and a band of Klingon scouts, they must reach the mountain where the fabulous dynastic crown is hidden. With the help of Spock and McCoy, and her own fantastic mental powers, Kailyn must prove that she alone is the true heir to the throne.

If they fail, they will open the door for Klingon takeover of the whole quadrant -- and the galaxy's hope to live long and prosper will fall in the shadow of a cruel tyranny!


Pocket's third original Trek novel was the first of many by Howard Weinstein, who had written the animated episode "The Pirates of Orion" a few years earlier. Weinstein has also written for Star Trek comics. His later original series novels are Deep Domain and The Better Man; his Next Generation novels are Power Hungry, Exiles, and Perchance to Dream.