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Best of Trek 5The Best of Trek #5: From the Magazine for Star Trek Fans
Edited by Walter Irwin and G.B. Love
Signet Books
202 pages


The Music of Star Trek: A Very Special Effect by Eleanor LaBerge
A Reply to "Bridging the Gap" by Sherry Crowson
The Myth and the Journey of Dr. Leonard McCoy by Joyce Tullock
A Letter From Kathy Witherow
Of Spock, Genes, and DNA Recombination by Jennifer Weston
How and Why Vulcans Choose Their Mates by G.B. Love
The Doom 'N' Gloom Machine by Kiel Stuart
Son of More Star Trek Mysteries -- Solved! by Leslie Thompson and our readers
The Cinematography of Star Trek by Michael D. Klemm
Trek Roundtable -- Letters from our readers
Montgomery Scott: A Short Biography by Bill Krophauser
Star Trek: Concept Erosion (Or Reality vs. Fantasy) by Steven Satterfield
Approaching Evil by Joyce Tullock
Love in Star Trek by Walter Irwin
Shadows by Rowena Warner


How and why Vulcans choose their mates
The doom 'n' gloom machine
The cinematography of Star Trek
Son of more Star Trek mysteries solved!

From an in-depth exploration of what makes Dr. Leonard McCoy tick to the filming of special effects in Star Trek to speculation on the genetic makeup of Mr. Spock, here is another fascinating tour of the many worlds of Trek. You'll get some behind-the-scenes looks at what makes Star Trek work, learn more about the lives, loves, and careers of all your favorite characters, meet incredible aliens, and relive countless exciting moments as you zoom straight through this star-spanning collection of articles from Trek magazine.


See the entry for the first volume for my comments on this series.

Making of Star Trek IIThe Making of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Allan Asherman
223 pages


Early Speculations
The Death of Mr. Spock
Space Seed
The Earliest Drafts
The Plot Thickens
The Cuts
The Story
Harve Bennett
Robert S. Sallin
Nicholas Meyer
Special Effects
Leonard Nimoy
Ricardo Montalban
William Shatner
DeForest Kelley
The Enterprise Crew
The Music of Star Trek II
Cast and Credits: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan


Never in such dramatic detail has the story of the making of a great movie been told!

And faithful, longtime Trekker Allan Asherman, author of the famous Star Trek Compendium, interviewed dozens of the principals involved to capture the moment-by-moment excitement!

The early inspiration - the selection of the director - development of the script - the matter of Spock's death - the near disasters and the creation of the extraordinary special effects!


Unlike Sackett's book on the first movie, which took the form of a standard narrative, or Koenig's, which was a diary, this book is a mix of narrative chapters and interviews with key players. It covers all the aspects of making the second Trek movie, including writing, directing, music, special effects, and more. The book is well illustrated in black and white. Asherman also wrote The Star Trek Compendium and The Star Trek Interview Book, both of which are still in print.

Star Trek
Martin Pasko and Tom DeFalco
Marvel Comics
159 pages


"Eclipse of Reason" by Alan Brennert, Martin Pasko
"... Like a Woman Scorned!" by Martin Pasko
"Tomorrow Or Yesterday" by Tom DeFalco


Marvel Comics published a comic based on Star Trek in 1980 and 1981. Though it was not successful, artistically or commercially, and was cancelled after only 18 issues, Marvel reprinted three issues in mass market paperback in 1982 as part of its short-lived Marvel Illustrated Books line. (Marvel's adaptation of Star Trek: The Motion Picture was published in paperback form by Pocket Books.)

In 2008, the Marvel line and hundreds of other comics were released in a DVD-ROM collection of Star Trek comics. In 2009, IDW reprinted issues four through eighteen of the Marvel comic in their first Star Trek Omnibus collection.

Star Trek Annual 1983: The Wrath of Khan
Stafford Pemberton


See the first volume of Star Trek Annual, published in 1969, for comments. Although the title and cover suggest a tie-in with the movie, the contents are primarily reprints of old Gold Key comics.

Pocket Star Trek Novels


Wrath of KhanStar Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (Star Trek 7)
Vonda N. McIntyre


Prepare yourself for warp-10 excitement!

The Galaxy's ultimate future is in the hands of James Kirk, Mr. Spock and the indomitable crew of the Enterprise...

The Galaxy's ultimate weapon is in the hands of the evil Khan and his followers.

A battle that will shake the universe cannot be avoided... And the ultimate adventure is about to begin!


This is McIntyre's first novelization, and her second Trek novel, after The Entropy Effect. She has since written a few more Trek novels, but has focused more in recent years on her own fiction.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan: The Photostory
Richard J. Anobile


Witness the drama, feel the suspense, see the startling special effects -- as Kirk, Spock, Scotty and the crew of the Enterprise battle to save the universe!


Unlike the TMP photonovel, the TWOK book is in black and white and uses captions rather than comic-style word balloons. Production problems remain, as many of the photo reproductions are blurry. Evidently rising production costs made photonovels increasingly less feasible, as this was the last published by Pocket.

A note on the cover scan: as the maple leaf logo on the top left corner suggests, this is the cover of the Canadian edition. The original American edition would have been essentially identical except for the maple leaf.

Paperback novels

Prometheus Design(Star Trek 5) The Prometheus Design
Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath


Can the galaxy's growing violence be stopped?

Captain Kirk and his crew are on a mission to investigate the mysterious wave of violence that has overtaken the Helvans -- revolutions, mass riots, horrible tortures. But this chaos is all part of an experiment by an unimaginable power that soon grips even the crew of the Enterprise.

Captain Kirk is plagued by violent hallucinations and removed from command. Spock takes charge but his orders seem irrational -- even cruel.

Unless this terrible power can be stopped, not only the Enterprise, but an entire galaxy will be ensnared in the deadly grip of the...

Prometheus Design.

By the best selling authors of The Price of the Phoenix and The Fate of the Phoenix!


Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath were the only writers of Trek novels for Bantam who also wrote for Pocket's line of novels. They previously wrote The Price of the Phoenix and The Fate of the Phoenix, edited the Star Trek: The New Voyages anthologies, and collaborated with William Shatner on his official biography, Shatner: Where No Man.... Marshak also co-wrote Star Trek Lives!, with Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Joan Winston. Their only other Pocket book is the 1983 novel, Triangle.

Abode of Life(Star Trek 6) The Abode of Life
Lee Correy


On the planet Mercan there are no stars, no moon, no outer space...

The citizens of Mercan cannot conceive of worlds beyond their own. Their sun, Mercaniad, is prone to deadly, radioactive flare-ups, and the Mercans have organized their life around the need to survive The Ordeal -- until a strange visitor appears from out of nowhere...

The Enterprise, badly crippled and in desperate need of repairs, must seek help from a people who cannot believe in its existence. Mercaniad is about to blow, and James Kirk faces an impossible choice: to attack the sun itself and save his ship and crew -- or let a people live in peace, in the only world they know...

The Abode of Life


This novel is the only Trek book by science fiction writer Lee Correy. He wrote nonfiction under his real name, G. Harry Stine.

Young adult novels

Star Trek II Biographies
William Rotsler
Wanderer Books (Pocket)
159 pages


Chekov, Pavel Andreievich
Kirk, James Tiberius
McCoy, Leonard Edward
Scott, Montgomery
Sulu, Hikaru
Uhura, Nyota


Admiral Kirk, Mr. Spock, and the entire Enterprise crew have devoted all their lives to galactic exploration and fighting interstellar evil. And now here they are, as you've never been able to read about them before!

Though larger than life they are also human. Through official letters, records, space logs, diaries, and other declassified materials their remarkable stories and personalities will come alive.


Though published as a book for younger readers, the basic idea behind this book is a good one. Each chapter is an overview of a character's life, in the form of excerpts from various biographical sources: letters, logs, books, and so on. Much of the content is far from canonical, however. Still, perhaps someone will revisit this idea, and do it right.

Star Trek II: Distress Call (Plot-Your-Own Adventure Stories)
William Rotsler
Wanderer Books (Pocket)
126 pages


The U.S.S. Enterprise has just received a frantic call for help from the vicinity of the unknown planet of Varda III. An archeological team from Luna University has disappeared without a trace. Lost? Trapped? Hurt? Their fading call offers no clues.

Join Admiral Kirk and Mr. Spock, along with your other favorite Star Trek II characters, on a fantastic rescue mission to an alien planet. Plot your own journey through eerie passages, incredible dangers and bizarre happenings.

This is an adventure with as many twists and turns as your imagination allows. And it's up to you to determine how the story ends. YOU are in command!


Another book for young readers, this one takes the form of an interactive adventure. The first two pages set the scene, and then the reader chooses: "If you follow Chekov directly to the surface of Varda III, turn to page 3. If you first reconnoiter the planet, turn to page 4." There are several possible outcomes, none of which take long to reach.

Star Trek II Short StoriesStar Trek II Short Stories
William Rotsler
Wanderer Books (Pocket)
159 pages


The Blaze of Glory
Under Twin Moons
Wild Card
The Secret Empire
Intelligence Test
To Wherever


Travel with your favorite Star Trek II characters into six new and original short stories written especially for you!

Join James T. Kirk in "The Blaze of Glory" as he struggles to avoid galactic war with the Klingon Captain Kang. In "Under Twin Moons" Lieutenant Uhura finds an unusual way to relax from starship duty. In "Wild Card" an unknown enemy threatens the very existence of the Enterprise and its crew. In "The Secret Empire" incredible creatures struggle for their freedom over slavery; while in "Intelligence Test" Chekov fights for his life. And join the entire crew in "To Wherever" -- a place from which they may never return.

A treasure trove of adventure for all Star Trek fans!


Another book for young readers, this is a collection of short stories set between the time of the first two movies. Collectors of the Trek novels may want to track this down. Though published as a young readers' book, this is neither the worst nor most juvenile material Pocket has published.