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Best of Trek 12The Best of Trek #12: From the Magazine for Star Trek Fans
Edited by Walter Irwin and G.B. Love
Signet Books
206 pages


The Star Trek Twentieth Anniversary Convention: A Short Review by Jay Jengo
My Life in the Twenty-Third Century by Madeliene Merritt
A Reply to Mark Golding by Tom Lalli
Star Trek Lives in My Life by Jacqueline A. LongM
The Vulcan Heart, the Vulcan Soul by Nancy Hardenberg
Tomorrow Man by Joyce Tullock
Keeping the Faith, or How to Live Through a Star Trek Convention by Ingrid Cross
You Could Go Home Again: Star Trek Sequels by John Wicklund with Walter Irwin
After Kyle: The Forgotten Heroes of the Enterprise by Greg Gildersleeve
Ishmael in Space: Literary Allusions in The Wrath of Khan by Marc Swanson
Walking on Water and Other Things James Kirk Can't Do by James H. Devon
Trek Roundtable: Letters from our readers
The Neglected Whole, Part III: The Engineer and the Doctor by Elizabeth Rigel
Cheaters and Katras: A Short Discussion of Death by Douglas Blake
The Star Trek Book List by Nicky Jill with Stan Campbell and Sue Keenan
Star Trip III: In Search of Taxi -- A Star Trek Parody by Kiel Stuart


The Star Trek twentieth-anniversary convention
The Vulcan heart, the Vulcan soul
The forgotten heroes of the Enterprise
Walking on water and other things Jim Kirk can't do

From a firsthand account of that most unique and memorable of Star Trek conventions, to a close-up look at the lives of Scotty and McCoy, to excerpts from the nation's only Star Trek radio show, here is an all-new collection about the characters, the TV series and movies, the books, the fans, and the past, present, and future trends of the whole fascinating universe of Star Trek.


See the entry for the first volume for my comments on this series.

Mr. Scott's Guide to the EnterpriseMr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise
Shane Johnson
128 pages


History of Refit
General Information
Ship's Layout
A Deck (Level 1)
B-C Decks (Levels 2-3)
D-E Decks (Levels 4-5)
F Deck (Level 6)
G Deck (Level 7)
H-I Decks (Levels 8-9)
J-K Decks (Levels 10-11)
L-M Decks (Levels 12-13)
N-O Decks (Levels 14-15)
P-Q Decks (Levels 16-17)
R Deck (Level 18)
S Deck (Level 18)
T-U Decks (Levels 20-21)
Enterprise NCC-1701-A
Ship's Directory


Aided by the logbooks of Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott and recently declassified Starfleet material, Shane Johnson has written the most accurate, in-depth look at the U.S.S. Enterprise available.

For the first time anywhere, deck-by-deck in full, fascinating detail, you will tour the inside of the U.S.S. Enterprise, the United Federation of Planets' most recognized intragalactic ambassador. Using dozens of blueprints, sketches, and photographs, you'll visit the on-ship sites of Captain Kirk, Mister Spock and Commander Scott's most famous adventures -- and take a never-before-revealed peek at the inner workings of a starship.

From the engineering room to the captain's quarters, from sickbay to auxiliary control, here is your complete guide to the most famous starship of all -- the U.S.S. Enterprise!


This is a tech manual for the movie Enterprise that owes a little to the old Franz Joseph Star Fleet Technical Manual but adds considerably more of its own. Line drawings, schematics, and photographs depict the interior of the ship in detail. There's also a fair amount of accompanying text.

Official Price GuideThe Official Price Guide to Star Trek and Star Wars Collectibles, Second Edition
Sue Cornwell and Mike Kott
House of Collectibles
415 pages


Market Review
Star Trek: From the Beginning
The Star Trek Movies
The Creation of Star Wars
Revenge (Return) of the Jedi
Building a Collection
Condition and Care
Dealer Directory
About the Prices in This Book
How to Use This Book
Star Trek
Action Figures
Bumper Stickers
Cels and Storyboards
Certificates and Diplomas
Clothing and Accessories
Comic Books
Convention Program Books
Costumes and Uniforms
Decals and Stickers
Fan Clubs
Games and Accessories
Greeting Cards
Household Wares
Model Kits
Poster Books
Promotional Items
Records and Tapes
School and Office Supplies
Sheet Music
Stills, Slides and Photographs
Trading Cards
Video Cassettes
Star Wars
Action Figures and Accessories
Badges, Buttons and Bumper Stickers
Clothing and Accessories
Collector Plates
Comic Books
Fan Clubs
Films and Video Cassettes
Greeting Cards
Household Wares
Party Goods
Promotional Items, Studio
Puzzles, Jigsaw
Records and Tapes
Sheet Music
Stationery and Office Supplies
Toys, Action-Figure Related
Video Games


An intergalactic celebration of the hit movie Voyage Home plus an expanded and updated price guide that is out of this world! The most complete guide to Star Trek and Star Wars collectibles ever published!

Over 10,000 current prices for Books - Badges - Comic Books - Puzzles - Housewares - Records and Tapes - Video Cassettes - Sheet Music - Postcards - Storyboards - Toys - Scripts - Stills and Slides - Clothing - Calendars - Decals - Games - and much more!

Star Trek 20th-anniversary guide. All-new material for Voyage Home and specialty items expressly designed for the 20th-year celebration - plus a detailed history of the TV show and behind-the-scenes facts on all four movies!

Star Wars gala. Ten years of celebration with inside information on all three films in the trilogy plus fascinating facts on their special effects!

All-new section on collectible ceramics. Find detailed descriptions and prices for collector plates, mugs, and steins.

An up-to-the-minute market review featuring important information for determining authenticity plus updated material on dealers, clubs, and fanzines.

"Opening this book is like discovering a gold mine!" Filmfax


The title, contents, and blurb tell you what you need to know about this book. It has been superseded by more recent editions, and some competitors have tried to get their own piece of the action. This edition is now of historical interest only.

Line Officer Requirements coverStarfleet Academy Training Command Line Officer Requirements
David John Schmidt
Starfleet Academy Training Command Press


Ship's Services


This fan-produced trade paperback book is also known as Line Officer Requirements and Starfleet Officer Requirements. In 1991, a substantially revised edition, produced using desktop computer technology, was published under the new title Starfleet Dynamics.

Starship EnterpriseThe Starship Enterprise
Hal Schuster, editor
Pop Cult
89 pages


Introduction: The Enterprise
Roddenberry's Vision of the Enterprise
Screens and Shields: Taking a Defensive Posture by David Winfrey
Planets Visited by the Enterprise
The Great Space Battles of the Starship Enterprise
Technology Update of Starfleet, Including Excelsior Class Design by Scott Nance
The Star Trek That Almost Was -- An Interim View of the Enterprise


The complete story of the Starship Enterprise! The history! The planets visited! The missions and battles! Plus complete technical details!


The table of contents that appears in the book doesn't quite match the actual contents, and neither does the blurb. This is by no means an exhaustive reference guide to the original Enterprise. Instead, it's another quickie publication from Hal Schuster, one of the early books morphing from the old Files Magazine format to the later Pioneer-style publications. In other words, bad layout, lots of black and white illustrations (some repeated), and a cover price that was excessive for its time regardless of the contents. Speaking of the contents... much of what's in here is quoted from other sources. The first chapter is Gene Roddenberry's notes on the Enterprise from the old Star Trek Guide (for writers and directors) from the 1960s, with a paragraph or two of commentary. Similarly, the last chapter quotes briefly from the similar document for the unmade Star Trek II series from the late 1970s. Aside from hardcore completists, the only readers who might find this book interesting would be equally hardcore tech fans who might enjoy Winfrey's article on shields.

The Movies coverStar Trek: The Movies
Edward Gross
113 pages


The First Feature
Genesis of a Movie
In Thy Image: Version One
In Thy Image: Version Two
The Motion Picture
Feature -- The New Characters
The Return of Khan
TV Origins: Space Seed
The Making of Star Trek II
The Wrath of Khan
Feature -- The Antagonists
In Search of Spock
The Making of Star Trek III
The Search for Spock
Feature -- Interview With Nimoy
Returning Home
Talk With the Screenwriters
The Voyage Home
Feature -- Hicks Interview


Star Trek has become an international phenomenon. Although the television series did not score strong ratings when it first appeared, years after its cancellation it remains one of the most popular shows of all time. The central characters, particularly Kirk and Spock, have passed into myth and become a part of our universal language. The movie series, the central focus of this book, has become one of the most popular continuing film serials of all time, with almost a guaranteed profit for the producers.

This book packs everything that makes the Star Trek Universe work into one big volume. Combined herein you will not only find the storylines of each fabulous film but interviews with such diverse players as Leonard Nimoy, the director and foremost Vulcan, the screenwriters and Catherine Hicks, the first person from our century to join the 23rd Century! And there's loads more fun inside as well! Just take a look and you'll be hooked, whether you're a Trekker or not!


I'm not sure, but I think this is at least partly a collection of material originally printed in Files Magazine format. Hal Schuster spent a few years recycling a small amount of information in a number of formats, changing book titles and publisher names. So why did I buy it? For the main reason I bought most of the Hal Schuster books in my collection: it offered in book form information not available in other Star Trek books. In this case, that's behind-the-scenes information on the making of The Search for Spock and The Voyage Home. Perhaps because of changes in staff over the years, Pocket has never had a consistent policy on books about the Trek movies. Of the first ten Trek movies, only four have had official Pocket books about the making of the movie.

Still, this is a typically ugly production job from Hal Schuster, and isn't really worth tracking down unless you're an avid completist. Official movie tie-in magazines, like the ones published for most of the movies by Starlog, would probably be a better buy for those interested in the movies.

Star Trek Year One
John Peel
Schuster & Schuster
157 pages

Star Trek Year Two
John Peel
Schuster & Schuster
139 pages

Star Trek Year Three
John Peel
Schuster & Schuster


Not seen. The titles may be wrong; at least one is listed online at a bookstore website as Star Trek Files: The First Year. However, it's not unusual for Hal Schuster books to have variant titles.

Starting in 1985, under the publishing names Psi Fi and Pop-Cult, Schuster published a number of thin, magazine-sized paperbacks called Star Trek Files Magazine. By 1987, he was publishing longer books and operating under the name Schuster & Schuster, though his books were often collections of material from the Files Magazines. These three books are almost certainly collections of the first fourteen Files. That material was also reprinted in one hardcover volume, The Ultimate Trek.

Pocket Star Trek Novels

Star Trek: The Original Series

Paperback novels

Strangers From the Sky(Star Trek) Strangers From the Sky (audio)
Margaret Wander Bonanno


It began with Enterprise -- the nationwide bestseller that told of the legendary Star Trek crew's first adventure together. Now here is the second giant Star Trek novel:

Strangers From the Sky

In the twenty-first century: United at last after countless years of warfare, humanity turns toward the stars. But when an alien spacecraft crashlands in the South Pacific bearing visitors from another world -- the Vulcans -- Earth must decide whether to extend the hand of friendship, or the fist of war...

While in the distant future, horrible dreams torment Admiral James T. Kirk, dreams prompted by his reading of Strangers From the Sky, a book about that historic first contact. Dreams of an alternate reality where he somehow changed the course of history -- and destroyed the Federation before it began!


This is Bonanno's second novel and the second "giant" Star Trek novel. It was published in July, between Dreams of the Raven and The Romulan Way.

Chain of Attack(Star Trek 32) Chain of Attack
Gene DeWeese


While mapping a series of gravitational anomalies, the Enterprise is suddenly hurled millions of light-years through space, into a distant galaxy of scorched and lifeless worlds... into the middle of an endless interstellar war.

With no way back home, the crippled starship finds itself under relentless and suicidal attack by both warring fleets! And Captain Kirk must gamble the lives of his crew on his ability to stop a war that has raged for centuries -- and ravaged a galaxy...


DeWeese's first Star Trek novel, this was followed by the original series novels The Final Nexus and Renegade, and the Next Generation novels The Peacekeepers and Into the Nebula.

Deep Domain(Star Trek 33) Deep Domain
Howard Weinstein


A routine diplomatic visit to the water-world of Akkalla becomes a nightmarish search for a missing Spock and Chekov, a search that plunges Admiral Kirk headlong into a corrupt government's desperate struggle to retain power.

For both a Federation Science outpost and Akkalla's valiant freedom fighters have begun uncovering the ancient secrets hidden beneath her tranquil oceans. Secrets whose exposure may even mean civil war for the people of Akkalla -- and death for the crew of the starship Enterprise.


Deep Domain is Weinstein's second of six Star Trek novels.

Dreams of the Raven(Star Trek 34) Dreams of the Raven
Carmen Carter


A merchant ship's frantic S.O.S sends the Enterprise speeding to the rescue! But the starship's mission of mercy soon becomes a desperate struggle for survival against a nightmarish enemy Captain Kirk can neither identify nor understand, an enemy he must defeat without the aid of one of his most trusted officers.

For the Leonard McCoy Kirk knew is gone. In his place stands a stranger -- a man with no memory of his Starfleet career, his family, his friends... or the one thing James T. Kirk needs most of all.

His dreams.


This is Carter's first Star Trek novel and her only original series novel. She also wrote the Next Generation novels The Children of Hamlin and The Devil's Heart, and co-wrote Doomsday World with Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, and Robert Greenberger.

The Romulan Way(Star Trek 35) The Romulan Way
Diane Duane and Peter Morwood


They are a race of warriors, a noble people to whom honor is all. They are cousin to the Vulcan, ally to the Klingon, and Starfleet's most feared and cunning adversary. They are the Romulans -- and for eight years, Federation Agent Terise LoBrutto has hidden in their midst.

Now the presence of a captured Starfleet officer forces her to make a fateful choice -- between exposure and escape. Between maintaining her cover -- and saving the life of Dr. Leonard McCoy.

Here, in a startlingly different adventure, is the truth behind one of the most fascinating alien races ever created in Star Trek -- the Romulans.


The second of Diane Duane's Rihannsu novels, this book combines a history of the Romulans with an espionage story featuring McCoy.

In 2000, Pocket reprinted My Enemy, My Ally and The Romulan Way as Rihannsu Book 1: My Enemy, My Ally and Rihannsu Book 2: The Romulan Way, prior to the publication of two new Rihannsu books, Rihannsu Book 3: Swordhunt and Rihannsu Book 4: Honor Blade. At least one more book is expected to follow.

How Much for Just the Planet?(Star Trek 36) How Much for Just the Planet?
John M. Ford


Dilithium. In crystalline form, the most valuable mineral in the galaxy. It powers the Federation's starships...and the Klingon Empire's battlecruisers. Now on a small, out-of-the-way planet named Direidi, the greatest fortune in dilithium crystals ever seen has been found.

Under the terms of the Organian Peace Treaty, the planet will go to the side best able to develop the planet and its resources. Each side will contest the prize with the prime of its fleet. For the Federation -- Captain James T. Kirk and the starship Enterprise. For the Klingons -- Captain Kaden vestai-Oparai and the Fire Blossom.

Only the Direidians are writing their own script for this contest -- a script that propels the crew of the Enterprise into their strangest adventure yet!


Ford's second and last Star Trek novel is the equivalent of a musical comedy in novel form.

In 1999, Pocket reprinted Ford's Trek novels as Worlds Apart Book 1: The Final Reflection and Worlds Apart Book 2: How Much For Just the Planet? The two are not connected, but Pocket has found that standalone novels don't sell as well as multipart books.

Bloodthirst(Star Trek 37) Bloodthirst
J.M. Dillard


A class one medical emergency summons the Enterprise to the Federation outpost Tanis. There, a grisly surprise awaits them. Two of the lab's three researchers are dead, their bodies almost entirely drained of blood. There are no clues. No records of their research. No remnants of their work. There is only the outpost's sole survivor, Dr. Jeffrey Adams. A man with a secret that will rock the very foundations of Star Fleet... and a terrible, all-consuming hunger that will bring death to the crew of the Starship Enterprise.


This is Dillard's third original Star Trek novel.

Star Trek: The Next Generation


Encounter at Farpoint covers(Star Trek: The Next Generation) Encounter at Farpoint
David Gerrold


Space... the final frontier. These are the all-new voyages of the U.S.S. Enterprise!

Gene Roddenberry, the man who created the original Star Trek television series, now brings the magic of Star Trek to a brand-new, even more exciting future -- a future with a dazzling new starship and a whole new cast of Star Trek characters!

Encounter at Farpoint

Captain's log, stardate 41254.7: The U.S.S. Enterprise is en route to Cygnus IV -- the edge of the known galaxy. There, we will rendezvous with the ship's new first officer and the other command personnel, and proceed with our mission: discover the truth about Farpoint Station, a starbase facility built by the inhabitants of Cygnus IV, a starbase of unparalleled size and complexity... and infinite mystery.

And the success or failure of this, our first mission together, may well determine the course of human exploration across the galaxy for centuries to come...


David Gerrold's last Star Trek book, following his nonfiction books The World of Star Trek and "The Trouble With Tribbles" and his novel The Galactic Whirlpool, is a novelization of The Next Generation's two-hour premiere. Though Gerrold did not write the episode, he was heavily involved with the creation of the series.