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Captain's LogCaptain's Log: William Shatner's Personal Account of the Making of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
Lisabeth Shatner
224 pages


William Shatner's Journey
Creating the Story
It's Location, Not Vacation
Back to Paramount


In 1965, a young Canadian actor was cast as the lead character in one of the most unusual television series ever: Star Trek. His dynamic portrayal of Captain James T. Kirk helped make the series into one of Hollywood's most amazing success stories... and made William Shatner part of an entertainment legend.

Over twenty years later, Star Trek is still going strong, as a series of smash motion pictures. And for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, William Shatner took on an entirely new challenge -- to not only star, but serve as director and co-writer of a multi-million dollar Hollywood epic. Captain's Log: The Making of Star Trek V is the story of how Shatner faced that challenge, including...


16 pages of fabulous, behind-the-scenes photos and interviews with the original and new cast members! Told by his daughter, Lisabeth, who witnessed each exciting development as it unfolded, you can follow each entry into the Captain's Log. It's all here in William Shatner's inside story of the making of Star Trek V -- the most spectacular Star Trek movie yet!


This is an inside perspective on the making of one of the more troubled Star Trek movies, told with a fair amount of candor. The development of the story, the first-time director's problems, and the special effects crises are all explored.

The Doctor and the EnterpriseThe Doctor and the Enterprise
Jean Airey
129 pages


Three universes in imaginative collision -- with delightfully funny results. An underground classic, this tongue-in-cheek parody is an affectionate tribute by a fan of both Star Trek and Doctor Who who is also a professional writer. This cult favorite has already won thousands of fans in small editions. It is newly illustrated for the current edition.

Take a Moebius trip into adventure as The Doctor and the crew of the Enterprise encounter the Wicked Witches and the Tin Woodmen in search of the Ruby Slippers with which to power their starship. 

Chuckle as the Doctor and the Wizard of Oz join minds with those unforgettable words, "Hello, anybody home...."


Though Pioneer Books usually published poorly-produced, quickly churned-out unauthorized nonfiction books about Star Trek, in 1989 they published a trade paperback edition of Jean Airey's famous fan fiction novel. As the title suggests, it's a crossover in which the original series crew meets the Doctor. Airey has made the full text available for free on the web at In her introduction, she refers to two book versions, one an overpriced edition made without her permission, the other a "complete travesty." The Pioneer edition is one of the two, evidently, but she doesn't specify which. It's worth noting that the book is different from Airey's approved version, as every Trek character's name has been removed and replaced by his or her rank or title. Kirk is called Kirk in Airey's original, but is always called The Captain in this edition. Airey also says that "The story was not intended to be a satire, it was intended to be an honest representation of what might happen if these two particular universes met." Pioneer's edition is positioned as a parody, through the use of that word in the blurb, the ugly caricature on the cover, and the MAD Magazine-style illustrations throughout the book. Given that unauthorized Star Trek fiction cannot be legally published, but parody is legally protected, it appears that Pioneer did everything they could to make sure this book was seen as parody. 

Making of TNG coverThe Making of The Next Generation
Edward Gross
124 pages


(untitled "prologues" and chapters)
Appendix: The Lost Episodes


What did each cast member think of their character?

How did Gene Roddenberry capture lightning in a bottle a second time?

Which episodes did the cast and crew like and which did they hate?

Why did several writers refuse to ever work for the series again?

Now, for the first time, learn the complete behind-the-screens story of the making of the next generation of Star Trek adventures. Revealing interviews combine with an analysis of scripts to uncover the creation process.

Plus the lost episodes of the next generation -- a rare opportunity to experience the adventures that never made it to the screen.


This is a typical Pioneer Press book, with its badly designed cover and amateurish desktop publishing layout. There's not much reason to buy something like this now, but in 1989 Pocket had yet to publish any nonfiction books about The Next Generation. Pioneer seized the opportunity to churn out a number of cheaply produced, overpriced quickies.

The book begins with some Next Generation basics (a little history, brief cast profiles) and moves on to an episode-by-episode overview of the first season, occasionally including comments from the episodes' writers or guest stars. The appendix includes summaries of unused scripts, including comments from David Gerrold on his great lost episode, "Blood and Fire." There's more on that episode in 1992's Lost Voyages of Trek and The Next Generation, by "Bill Planer" (Ed Gross and Mark Altman).

The Next Generation Background Briefing
John Peel


Not seen. Information based on ebay listing and cover scan. Though it's not clear which company name was used, this was published by Hal Schuster

The Next Generation File
John Peel


Not seen. Information based on ebay listing and cover scan. Though it's not clear which company name was used, this was published by Hal Schuster

Star Trek Compendium The Star Trek Compendium
Allan Asherman
182 pages


The Beginnings
The Father of Star Trek
"The Cage"
Second Chance
The Series Takes Shape
The Episodes
First Season
Second Season
Third Season
The Long Road Back
The Second Television Series
Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

The Voyages of the U.S.S. Enterprise
Index of Principals


"Space... the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations -- to boldly go where no man has gone before..."

On September 8, 1966, those now-familiar words first introduced an entire generation of television viewers to Star Trek. Over the course of its three-year network run, the show developed a fan following unprecedented in entertainment history -- a following that is still growing with the release of each new Star Trek motion picture.

Much of the show's appeal came from its blueprint for the future -- a future where man had put aside his differences to reach the stars. Star Trek gave us a Russian and an American working side-by-side, television's first interracial kiss, the name for America's first space shuttle -- Enterprise -- and a host of unforgettable characters: the unflappable Captain Kirk, his half-human science officer Spock, the irascible Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy, and ever-resourceful engineer Montgomery Scott, to name but a few.

The Star Trek Compendium is your official guidebook to the Star Trek universe. Relive the voyages of the starship Enterprise with a complete show-by-show guide to the series (as well as the Emmy Award-winning animated shows and the Star Trek movies), including plot summaries, fascinating behind-the-scenes production information, and credits for each. Follow the creation of Gene Roddenberry's series step-by-step -- and Star Trek's road to the big screen. Illustrated with over 125 specially selected photographs -- including at least one from each episode -- and fully indexed, this is the indispensable reference work to one of the most memorable television shows of all time -- Star Trek.


Though the 1986 edition was extensively revised from the 1981 edition, this volume is changed very little from its predecessor. A few pages on the two most recent movies are added, the color of the cover is changed from red to black, and there's a small notice on the front cover saying "Revised and updated. Now includes material from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier." 

This is the third of four editions.

TNG-1TNG-1: A Concordance and Episode Guide Revised Second Edition
Larry Nemecek
Mystar Press


Notes on the Revised Edition
Episode Listings
By Aired Order
By Production Order
By Stardate
By Abbreviation Code
The Credits
The Regular Cast
The Top-Level Shuffle: Tracking Producers and Editors
Directors, Film Editors and Composers
The Rest of the Fleet
The Episodes
Synopses, Guests Lists, Major Credits and Concordance References, by Order of Airing
The Concordance
Over 600 Alphabetized References and Definitions Coded to Their Episode or Other Work of Origin
Corrections and Additions


This is, obviously, a revision of the 1988 book. The revisions appear at the end of the book, instead of being incorporated into the text.

TNG-2: A Concordance and Episode Guide
Larry Nemecek
Mystar Press


Not seen. This is Nemecek's second of four unofficial episode guides and encyclopedias. Each book covered a single season of The Next Generation. He later wrote an authorized episode guide, The Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, for Pocket Books.

Trek Crew BookThe Trek Crew Book
James Van Hise
96 pages


The Captain
The Science Officer
The Doctor
The Communications Officer
The Engineer
The Helmsman
The Navigator
The Nurse


A complete guide to both the crew of the starship Enterprise and the actors and actresses who brought them to life. A profile of each crew member is coupled with an in-depth biography of their real life alter-ego. Illustrating each character profile is an artist's rendition, caricaturing the most distinctive features of the character's personality, plus many rare off-set photos. Completing the book are the many interviews with the cast, including William Shatner (Captain James T. Kirk), Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock) and Deforest Kelley (Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy.)


By 1989 Pioneer, the latest name for Hal Schuster's publishing company, had improved its distribution. Inside, however, the unprofessional layout and poor content remained. The brief actor biographies in this book were probably quickly put together from a few magazine articles, and the biographies of the characters were not canonical, adding details made up by the authors. (Though only James Van Hise is credited on the cover and title page, a number of sections within the book are credited to other writers.)

Trek: The Lost Years
Edward Gross
121 pages


The End of the First Series
The Future Arrives: Syndication, Conventions and Animation
Roddenberry's Role: The Decision is Made -- Let's Do a Movie
The Movie Falters: God Isn't Big Enough
The Space Shuttle Enterprise, Star Trek Fandom, It's Television
A TV Series is Born, the Team is Assembled, a Bible is Handed Down
The Original Cast is Rehired -- With One Exception
New Characters Are Added to the Brew
Upgrading the Enterprise, First Writers Progress Report
Spock's Replacement: David Gautreaux is Xon
A New Writer's Status Report, the Two Hour Pilot
The Earliest Story Treatments
Rumblings of Discontent, Rewrites
More Scripts Come In, Vejur's Progress
End of a Dream
It's a Film: Everything Changes
Appendix: The Scripts


Star Trek has the largest fan following of any television show ever created. There are dozens of books covering every aspect of the history of the television series and the movies. Except for one time period -- the lost years between the time the television series left the air and the day the first movie arrived in the theaters.

No book has ever detailed the incredible story of the second coming of Star Trek, the major attempt to revive the television series in the late '70s. Although new characters were created, an entire cast was signed, a creative crew was hired and scripts were written, not one episode was ever filmed. Just before shooting commenced, the decision was made to go with a feature film instead.

The story of this Star Trek that never was is one of creativity and backstabbing, heroism and tragedy... careful planning and last minute changes. The behind the scenes story was as exciting as any adventure ever filmed.

Author Edward Gross talked to all of the key players; from the story editor to the man that would have replaced Spock; he sorted through piles of production notes to learn the whole story. He presents the exciting events in very readable fashion and includes an analysis of the scripts and outlines that would have sent the Starship Enterprise and her crew on a whole new five year mission.

These are the adventures that could have happened if the feature films hadn't appeared instead. This is the lost chapter of Star Trek history, the complete tale of the lost years.


Although, like all Hal Schuster productions, this book is a bit of a mess (James Van Hise is named as author on the title page, Edward Gross everywhere else), it's one of the few useful books from this bunch. Although the lost years and the unmade '70s Trek series have since been well covered by Pocket's Phase II book, at the time this book was published there were few books to turn to for information on this part of Trek history. The Making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture offered some information on the years leading up to the first movie, but with considerably less detail than later books.

The appendix includes summaries of "In Thy Image," "Star Trek II," "The Child" (later used as the basis of a Next Generation episode), "The Savage Syndrome," "Practice in Waking," "To Attain the All," "The Prisoner," "Tomorrow and the Stars," "Devil's Due" (another story later adapted for Next Generation), "Deadlock," "The Darker Side," "Lords of Limbo," "Skal," "Only a Mother," "Small War," "Marla," "Pandora's Planet," "Lord Bobby's Obsession," "Are Unheard Melodies Sweet?," and "Kitumba."

Untold Tales of The Next Generation
Edward Gross
Schuster & Schuster
93 pages


Not seen. Information based on ebay listing and cover scan and an abebooks listing. This is another Hal Schuster production. 

Worlds of the FederationThe Worlds of the Federation
Shane Johnson
157 pages


UFP: An Historical Overview
Planetary Classification System
Page Key and Symbols
Member Worlds
Neutral and/or Independent Worlds
Hostile Worlds
Featured Planets and Their Primaries
Planetary Ambassadors


Shane Johnson, bestselling author of Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise, takes the reader on an imaginative, fictional journey into the Star Trek universe. Based on the Star Trek adventures (including Star Trek: The Next Generation), this book uses hundreds of star charts and line drawings as well as a rich text to outline the history of the worlds visited by the starship Enterprise.

The Worlds of the Federation also investigates the unaligned and hostile alien races of Star Trek, from the fierce warriors of the Klingon Empire to the enigmatic, all-powerful Organians. And as a special bonus, we've included a spectacular, full-color insert of Star Trek's most exotic alien lifeforms featuring paintings by noted science fiction illustrator Don Ivan Punchatz.


Though the cover uses the Next Generation typeface for the words Star Trek, the book's layout is modeled on the Enterprise-D's computer displays, and the 1701-D appears in the cover art (along with a mix of original series, animated series, and Next Generation aliens), this book was produced too early in The Next Generation's run to include much Next Generation information. It does, however, include a number of alien races from the animated series, making it one of relatively few Pocket reference books to treat the animated Star Trek as part of the show's history.

Most of the book's entries take up two pages each. The left-hand page has information on an alien planet: a few paragraphs of text, a chart of the planet's position in its solar system, and a map of the planet's continents. On the right-hand page is an illustration of the indigenous lifeform seen in an episode of Star Trek. The book is frequently speculative and is by now far removed from canon. It probably wouldn't be published today, but it's reasonably entertaining.

Pocket Star Trek Novels

Star Trek: The Original Series


Star Trek VStar Trek V: The Final Frontier (audio)
J.M. Dillard


The Enterprise embarks on her most fantastic adventure of all!

The planet Nimbus III. A desolate, forbidding world, situated in the heart of the Neutral Zone. Unremarkable, except for one thing: Nimbus III is the site of an unprecedented attempt at cooperation among the galaxy's three major powers. Here, to this "Planet of Galactic Peace", the Klingons, Romulans, and the Federation have all sent ambassadors, who are working together to develop the planet -- an experiment that, if it succeeds, could transform the galactic balance-of-power.

But now terrorists have seized control of Nimbus III. And when Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise attempt a dramatic rescue, they discover a threat unlike any other they have ever faced. A threat that will force them to confront the inner demons of their own, secret pasts -- and the forbidden secrets that lie at the center of the galaxy itself...


This is Dillard's first of many movie novelizations. She has also written several original Trek novels.

Hardcovers and trade paperbacks

(Star Trek) The Lost Years (audio)
J.M. Dillard


What exactly happened to the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise after the end of their five-year mission? How did that mission end? What did they do before they were reunited for the Star Trek films? Even the casual Star Trek fan finds him/herself asking these questions from time to time...

Here at last, is the book that provides the answers to those questions -- a book as anticipated, in its own way, as Spock's World was and one that promises to equal its New York Times bestseller success.

The Lost Years tells the story of Captain Kirk's final hours in command of the U.S.S. Enterprise, and how he, Mr. Spock, and Dr. McCoy struggle to establish new lives apart from each other and the starship. We see newly-promoted Admiral Kirk, in charge of a specially-created Starfleet division, as he attempts to defuse a critical hostage situation; Mr. Spock, who in the midst of a teaching assignment on Vulcan, finds the one thing he least expected; and Dr. McCoy, whose unerring instinct for trouble lands him smack in the middle of an incident that could trigger an interstellar bloodbath...

In The Lost Years, J.M. Dillard, author of the Star Trek V: The Final Frontier novelization, has written her best book to date -- and has bridged a gap in Star Trek history in a manner sure to excite and delight Star Trek fans everywhere.


The second hardcover novel, this was meant to be the first in a trilogy of books exploring the events between the end of the original series and the beginning of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. However, due to increasing constraints from the Star Trek office at Paramount, the second book, Brad Ferguson's A Flag Full of Stars, was delayed, rewritten by another author, and published as a mass market paperback, and the originally planned third novel, Irene Kress's The War Virus, was never published. Instead, two more novels (Traitor Winds and Recovery) by other authors were published some years later.

Paperback novels

Vulcan's Glory(Star Trek 44) Vulcan's Glory
D.C. Fontana


Here is a very special Star Trek novel -- from the woman consistently voted by the fans as their favorite writer from the original Star Trek television series!

D.C. Fontana, writer of such classic Star Trek episodes as "Journey to Babel" and "This Side of Paradise," here brings us the never-before-told story of a very young Mr. Spock, on his first mission aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. You'll also meet Captain Christopher Pike and his enigmatic first officer "Number One" (previously seen only in the original Star Trek pilot "The Cage"), as well as the ship's brand new engineering officer, Montgomery Scott.

Vulcan's Glory is the tale of Spock's struggle to reconcile his many obligations -- those forced on him by his Vulcan heritage, and those chosen by him upon his enlistment in Starfleet -- to balance the wishes of others against the desires of his own heart.


This is the only Trek novel by D.C Fontana, who wrote a number of classic original series episodes and also worked on The Next Generation in its early days. She also wrote the novelization of The Questor Tapes and has written for many other TV series, including Babylon 5.

Double, Double(Star Trek 45) Double, Double
Michael Jan Friedman


On a routine exploratory mission, the Starship U.S.S. Hood picks up a distress signal from a research expedition thought lost long ago -- the expedition of Dr. Roger Korby, one of the centuries' greatest scientific minds. Korby himself is dead, it seems, but his colleagues have made a most incredible discovery -- a discovery they insist the Hood's captain see for himself. Reluctantly, the captain agrees to beam down...

Meanwhile, the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise begins long-overdue shore leave on Tranquility Seven. James T. Kirk is looking forward to a few days of rest and relaxation... until what seems like a bizarre case of mistaken identity plunges Kirk into a whirlpool of mayhem and murder.

And puts an inhuman stranger with his memories and abilities in command of the Enterprise.


A sequel to the original series episode "What Are Little Girls Made Of?," this is the first of many Trek novels by Friedman.

Cry of the Onlies(Star Trek 46) The Cry of the Onlies
Judy Klass


Boaco Six -- a once-tranquil Federation colony, now caught up in the throes of revolution. The Enterprise's mission: re-establish contact with the planet, and determine whether or not formal ties between the Federation and Boaco Six Should be strengthened.

Negotiations between Captain Kirk and the planet's ruling Council of Youngers are proceeding smoothly, until the atmosphere of goodwill is shattered by the sudden destruction of a Boacan ship -- at the hands of an experimental Starfleet vessel!

Now, in order to prevent full-scale war from breaking out, the Enterprise must recapture the stolen Starfleet vessel and its abductors. A mission that will require the aid of the galaxy's most reclusive genius -- and bring Captain Kirk face-to-face with the long-buried secrets of his past...


Klass's only Trek novel is a sequel to the original series episodes "Miri" and "Requiem for Methuselah."

Kobayashi Maru(Star Trek 47) The Kobayashi Maru (audio)
Julia Ecklar


A freak shuttlecraft accident -- and suddenly Captain Kirk and most of his senior officers find themselves adrift in space, with no hope of rescue, no hope of repairing their craft, or restoring communications -- with nothing, in short, but time on their hands.

Time enough for each to tell the story of the Kobayashi Maru -- the Starfleet Academy test given to command cadets. Nominally a tactical exercise, the Kobayashi Maru is in fact a test of character revealed in the choices each man makes -- and does not make.

Discover now how Starfleet Cadets Kirk, Chekov, Scotty, and Sulu each faced the Kobayashi Maru... and became in turn Starfleet officers.


This is Ecklar's first Trek novel. Her more recent books have been written as part of the pseudonymous writing team L.A. Graf.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Paperback novels

Survivors(Star Trek: The Next Generation 4) Survivors
Jean Lorrah


Treva -- a human colony on the fringes of known space. Isolated from the rest of the galaxy, at last report they were on the verge of becoming a true interstellar community -- a full fledged member of the Federation. But now the Enterprise has received a distress signal. Treva is in the throes of a violent revolution, a revolution led by a merciless warlord who has committed countless atrocities in the name of freedom.

Data and Lt. Tasha Yar are dispatched to investigate. But once they reach Treva, they discover the truth -- and any possible solution -- may be far more complex than a simple rebellion. For Treva's president wants more then Starfleet's good words in her fight against the rebels.

She wants their weapons. And before the battle is over, she means to get them. Over Data's and Yar's dead bodies, if necessary.


This is the first of Lorrah's two Next Generation novels. The second, Metamorphosis, includes some of Lorrah's characters from this novel.

Strike Zone(Star Trek: The Next Generation 5) Strike Zone
Peter David


Deep in the uncharted regions of our galaxy, a primitive, warlike race -- the Kreel -- have stumbled upon weapons powerful beyond their wildest imaginings. The Kreel have used those weapons to attack their most bitter enemies -- the Klingons.

Now Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise have been called in to mediate the dispute. The Enterprise will ferry diplomatic teams from the two warring races to the source of their conflict -- the mysterious planet where the weapons were discovered -- in an attempt to find a peaceful solution to the conflict, and discover the origins of the super-powerful weapons.

Before the entire galaxy erupts into full-scale war...


This is the first of Peter David's many Star Trek novels. At the time, he was best known to Trek fans as the writer of DC's Star Trek comic.

Power Hungry(Star Trek: The Next Generation 6) Power Hungry
Howard Weinstein


Sent to deliver emergency famine relief to the planet Thiopa -- the Federation's only allies in a critically important sector of space -- the crew finds a brutal dictatorship -- one more concerned with preserving its own powers than protecting its citizens, or the world they all share. Captain Picard is hesitant about turning over the supplies to the corrupt government: he fears they may never reach their intended destination. But can he convince the ruling council to change their ways, before it is too late -- for the government, and Thiopa itself?


This is one of several Trek novels by Weinstein.

UK edition cover(Star Trek: The Next Generation 7) Masks
John Vornholt


The Enterprise journeys to Lorca, a beautiful world with a feudal culture where the inhabitants wear masks to show their rank and station. There, Captain Picard and an away team don masks of their own to begin a quest for the planet's ruler and the great Wisdom Mask that the leader traditionally wears. Their mission: establish diplomatic relations.

But shortly after transporting, Picard and his party lose contact with the ship, and Commander Riker leads a search party down to the planet to find them.

Both men, however, are unaware that their searches -- indeed, the ship's entire mission -- are part of a madman's plan. A madman who is setting the stage for a trap that will ensnare both Enterprise landing parties, and leave him poised to seize control of the awesome Wisdom Mask...

And the planet Lorca itself.


This is the first of Vornholt's many Trek novels.

Captains' Honor(Star Trek: The Next Generation 8) The Captains' Honor
David Dvorkin and Daniel Dvorkin


A series of vicious attacks by the enigmatic M'Dok Empire has devastated the planet Tenara -- bringing the Enterprise and another Federation starship, the Centurion, to the planet's aid. The Centurion's captain is Lucius Sejanus -- a powerful, magnetic man who favors taking a far stronger stance against the M'Dok than Captain Picard. And as the conflict escalates, Sejanus's instincts seem to be correct... for it appears only extreme measures can stop the murderous raids on Tenara.

Now the people of Tenara must decide which path they will follow -- the way of peace, or the road to war. But unknown to any, one of the Centurion's officers has made that decision for them -- and plans to provoke a full-scale war between the Federation and the M'Dok Empire!


This is one of David Dvorkin's Trek novels, and the only one co-written by his son Daniel.

A Call to Darkness(Star Trek: The Next Generation 9) A Call to Darkness
Michael Jan Friedman


The Enterprise discovers a lifeless Federation research vessel, orbiting a planet hidden behind a mysterious energy shield. Over the strong objections of his senior officers, Captain Picard and an away team beam over in search of the missing crew --

And vanish.

But soon his captain's disappearance is not the only problem facing Commander Riker. For a mysterious disease has begun ravaging the Enterprise crew. Now Riker must unravel the secrets of the planet below in order to rescue Picard -- and prevent the starship's destruction....


This is one of Friedman's many Trek novels.