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Best of Enterprise IncidentsBest of Enterprise Incidents: The Magazine for Star Trek Fans
James Van Hise, editor
99 pages


The Endurance of Star Trek by James Van Hise
Star Trek's First Captain: Jeffrey Hunter by James Van Hise
"The Menagerie" by James Van Hise
"Mirror, Mirror" by James Van Hise
The Star Trek Directors by Dennis Fischer
Angelique Pettyjohn by James Van Hise
What They're Saying About Star Trek by Al Christensen
Part of the Magic by Dennis Fischer
Spock's Death: Was It Worth the Uproar? by James Van Hise
Shatner Interview by James Van Hise
Gene Roddenberry on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
The Universal Experience by James Van Hise
Leonard Nimoy and the Star Trek Adventure by James Van Hise
Star Trek: The Next Generation's Music Composer by Frank Garcia
Greg Stone by C.J. Rivera
Star Trek Fandom by Scott Nance
Comparison: Movies and Novels by Scott Nance
Two Generations of Trek by Scott Nance
Looking Back: The Wrath of Khan by Al Christensen


The best interviews, reviews and analysis from ten years of the worlds' leading magazine for Star Trek fans


Enterprise Incidents was a Trek fanzine in the early '80s that eventually evolved into a semiprofessional media SF magazine. Van Hise, the editor, also wrote a number of books for various Hal Schuster companies. This was either his second collection of Enterprise Incidents material or a revised version of Enterprise Incidents: The Second Star Trek Tribute Book, published by Pioneer's predecessor, Schuster & Schuster, in 1988. There's nothing in the book to suggest that this is a reprint of an earlier book.

As for the contents of the book... it's a grab bag of articles on diverse Trek-related subjects. Oddly, the table of contents lists neither the titles nor authors of the articles. Instead, there are one- or two-line descriptions of the articles. Readers of the Best of Trek books may find this worthwhile, though this book offers much less content for a higher price.

Best of the Best of TrekThe Best of the Best of Trek
Edited by Walter Irwin and G.B. Love
Roc Books
369 pages


Star Trek and Me by Fern Lynch and Isobel Real
Star Trek Mysteries -- Solved! by Leslie Thompson
The Psychology of Mr. Spock's Popularity by Gloria-Ann Rovelstad
Women in the Federation by Pamela Rose
A Brief Look at Kirk's Career by Leslie Thompson
"Just" a Simple Country Doctor? by Joyce Tullock
Characterization Rape by Kendra Hunter
Command Decision Crisis: A Star Trek Fan Fiction Parody by Walter Irwin
A Trek Into Genealogy by Linda Frankel
Alternate Universes in Star Trek Fan Fiction by Rebecca Hoffman
Immortality by Mark Andrew Golding
She Walks in Beauty... by G.B. Love
Requiem for a Hack by Kiel Stuart
The Music of Star Trek: A Very Special Effect by Eleanor LaBerge
Love in Star Trek by Walter Irwin
New Life, New Creation: Star Trek as Modern Myth by Barbara Devereaux
The Wrath of Khan -- Review and Commentary by Walter Irwin
Spock Resurrectus -- Or, Now That They've Killed Him, How Do We Get Him Back? by Pat Mooney
Answer Your Beeper, You Dreamer! by Jacqueline Gilkey
Love in Star Trek -- Part II by Walter Irwin
Indiana Skywalker Meets the Son of Star Trek by Kyle Holland
The Trek "Fan on the Street" Poll by G.B. Love
Beneath the Surface: The Surrealistic Star Trek by James H. Devon
Kirk and Duty by William Trigg and Dawson "Hank" Hawes
In Search of Spock: A Psychoanalytic Inquiry by Harvey R. Greenberg
Brother, My Soul: Spock, McCoy, and the Man in the Mirror by Joyce Tullock
Star Trek in the Classroom by Jeffrey H. Mills
Speculation: On Power, Politics, and Social Integrity by Sharron Crowson
The Three-Foot Pit and Other Stories by Ingrid Cross
Vulcan as a Meritocracy by Carmen Carter
The Star Trek Films: Variations and Vexations by Mark Alfred


From The Best of Trek #1 through #10, the top-rated articles and investigations that have become Trek classics

Here, brought together to create this big, history-making volume, are the most intriguing, informative, and revealing contributions of the first ten The Best of Trek collections. Selected by editors Walter Irwin and G.B. Love, these not-to-be-missed writings are by fans and experts alike -- speculations, histories, analyses, opinions, and ongoing Trek experiences that expand our understanding of why Star Trek has captured the imagination and hearts of millions. They also reveal why Star Trek characters, episodes, and most especially Star Trek ideas have grown from cherished science fiction into a force powerful enough to shape our tomorrows, both at home and on the frontiers of space. For Star Trek principles of love, equality, courage, and honor can only enhance and enrich man's future.


See the entry for the first volume for my comments on this series. This trade paperback collection was reprinted in mass market paperback in two volumes in 1996 and 1997.

Best of Trek 15The Best of Trek #15
Edited by Walter Irwin and G.B. Love
Roc Books
207 pages


The Star Trek Novels -- General Overview and Rating by Kari Skouson
Time in Star Trek by Kenneth Reeler
Same Sexism, Different Generation by Tom Lalli
To Seek Out New Life and New Civilizations... by Karen A. Sullivan
You Have the Conn: The Star Trek Video and Computer Games by Dan Skelton
Trek Roundtable -- Letters from Our Readers
Shakespeare, Soliloquies, and Star Trek by Jean Mortensen
Star Trek IV: The Good, the Bad and the Unquenched Thirst by Jeffrey H. Mills
The Q of Gothos by Roy Kachur
The Man at the Helm: Captain Kirk and Hornblower by Mark Alfred
The Final Frontier? by Joyce Tullock
Twelve Like It in the Fleet by David Winfrey
Beyond the Twenty-third Century: What the Future Holds for the Next Generation of Trekkers by Timothy Alan Povhe
Confessions of a Trekaholic by Kiril Kundurazeiff
Star Trek in My Life by Patti Stone
Debunking the Myth: An Alternate Viewpoint by Wayne A. Dick
A Few Comments from Sandy Dollarhide
Unidentified Flying Objects... Identified! by Mark MacGregor
An Open Letter to Gene Roddenberry by Suzanne E. George


Time in Star Trek
To seek out new life and new civilizations
The Star Trek video and computer games
The Q of Gothos

For more than two decades, Star Trek has worked its special magic on ever-growing legions of fans the world around, from youngsters just beginning to discover this wondrous creation to those who have been loyal viewers from the very first episode. And this latest collection of both speculative and fact-filled articles offers new insights into the TV series -- both old and new -- all five movies, the novels, comics, games, and the individual characters, revealing and resolving seeming inconsistencies, expanding our knowledge of the entire Trek universe, and reaching out to forecast the new directions Star Trek may take in the years ahead.


See the entry for the first volume for my comments on this series.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Starship Enterprise Make a Model
David Woodroffe, Jon Sutherland, Nigel Gross
Chatham River


Not seen. Listed in the House of Collectibles Price Guide to Star Trek Collectibles, published in 1996.

The Generation GapStar Wreck: The Generation Gap
Leah Rewolinski, illustrations by Harry Trumbore
St. Martin's Paperbacks
117 pages


Captain James T. Smirk

He's Starfreak Command's elder statesman, back in action after an eighty-year retirement with his old crew, "the galaxy's original well-balanced, multi-ethnic, equal opportunity team." How do they stay alive? It's all thanks to Mr. Smock's discovery of that life-giving substance -- yogurt!

Captain Jean-Lucy Ricardo

He and his "next generation" crew have enough trouble trying to defeat the menace of the Cellulites -- the galaxy's biggest, baddest, most obese aliens -- without having to put up with a bunch of over-the-hill space geezers. Can their combined forces survive the awesome Cellulite encounter? Will romance blossom between Captain Smirk and Counselor Dee Troit -- when all he wants out of life is a cute yeoman with a beehive hairdo? And can little Westerley Flusher, child prodigy and cosmic Twinkie addict, save the day -- as usual?

When captains collide, it's a

Star Wreck


According to the copyright page, this is a reprint of a 1989 publication from Excellent Words Editorial Services. The illustrations are new to this edition.

This is essentially a Mad magazine parody of Star Trek in prose form, with two key differences. First, Mad parodies are much shorter. Second, Mad parodies are much funnier. The Star Wreck series must have been reasonably popular, though, because it lasted until 1994, with a total of seven books in the series.

Cover art for the Star Wreck books was by Bob Larkin, who also did covers for some of Bantam's Star Trek books in the late 1970s.

TNG-3: A Concordance and Episode Guide
Larry Nemecek
Mystar Press


Not seen. This is Nemecek's third of four unofficial episode guides and encyclopedias. Each book covered a single season of The Next Generation. He later wrote an authorized episode guide, The Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, for Pocket Books.

Trek Fan's HandbookTrek Fan's Handbook
James Van Hise


Brief History of Star Trek Fandom
The Star Trek Welcommittee
Guide to Star Trek Fan Clubs
Books about Star Trek
Star Trek Fan Fiction
Guide to Star Trek Fan Publications
Star Trek Conventions
A Guide to Star Trek Merchandise


All the fantastic merchandise!

The fan clubs and organizations!

A complete guide to fanzines!

And much, much more!

The Trek Fan's Handbook, written by the author of The Trek Crew Book, offers a complete guide for people who want to know more about Star Trek fandom. The text details the many products, fanclubs, fan publications and much more. Complete information on club activities and publication contents, plus addresses, membership information and other details. A special chapter prepared by the Star Trek Welcommittee is included.

The Trek Fan's Handbook allows the reader to become involved in the largest fan movement in the history of television.


This was a revised version of the 1988 Schuster & Schuster book, the Star Trek Fan's Handbook, incorporating some of that book's companion volume, The Trek Universe, with a few signs of updating.

Pocket Star Trek Novels

Star Trek: The Original Series

Hardcovers and trade paperbacks

Prime Directive(Star Trek) Prime Directive (audio)
Judith Reeves-Stevens and Garfield Reeves-Stevens


Starfleet's highest law has been broken. Its most honored captain is in disgrace, its most celebrated starship in pieces, and the crew of that ship scattered among the thousand worlds of the Federation...

Thus begins Prime Directive, an epic tale of the Star Trek universe. Following in the tradition of Spock's World and The Lost Years, both major New York Times hardcover bestsellers, Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens have crafted a thrilling tale of mystery and wonder, a novel that takes the Star Trek characters from the depths of despair into an electrifying new adventure that spans the galaxy.

Journey with Spock, McCoy, and the rest of the former crew of the Starship Enterprise to Talin -- the planet where their careers ended. A world once teeming with life that now lies ruined, its cities turned to ashes, its surface devastated by a radioactive firestorm -- because of their actions. There, they must find out how -- and why -- this tragedy occurred... and discover what has become of their captain.

"You have broken our most sacred commandment, James T. Kirk -- and in doing so, destroyed a world...

"As of this day, you are relieved of your command, stripped of your rank and all accompanying privileges, and discharged from Starfleet...

"May whatever gods there are have mercy on your soul...."


This is one of many Trek novels by the Reeves-Stevenses, and their first hardcover.

Paperback novels

Rules of Engagement(Star Trek 48) Rules of Engagement
Peter Morwood


A sudden revolution on the planet Dekkanar brings Captain Kirk and the Enterprise running to evacuate Federation personnel trapped there. But their orders from Starfleet are quite clear: the Enterprise is to assist in the evacuation, no more. No weapons are to be displayed, no shields raised, no shots fired.

Meanwhile, halfway across the galaxy, an experimental Klingon warship sets forth on a mission of its own, a warship with hidden -- and heretofore undreamed of -- capabilities, commanded by a warrior who will stop at nothing to bring glory to his Empire -- and restore his own lost honor.

The Klingon ship's destination? The planet Dekkanar...


Diane Duane's husband, Morwood previously co-wrote The Romulan Way with her. He has also written a number of fantasy novels.

The Pandora Principle(Star Trek 49) The Pandora Principle
Carolyn Clowes


A Romulan Bird of Prey mysteriously drifts over the neutral zone and into Federation territory. Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise investigate, only to find the ship dead in space. When Starfleet orders the derelict ship brought to Earth for examination, the Enterprise returns home with perhaps her greatest prize.

But the Bird of Prey carries a dangerous cargo, a deadly force that is soon unleashed in the heart of the Federation. Suddenly, the only hope for the Federation's survival lies buried in the tortured memory of Commander Spock's protégé, a cadet named Saavik. Together, Spock and Saavik must return to the nightmare world of Saavik's birth -- a planet called Hellguard, to discover the secret behind the Romulans' most deadly threat of all...


Clowes's only Trek novel, this is one of relatively few novels in which Saavik has a major role.

Doctor's Orders(Star Trek 50) Doctor's Orders
Diane Duane


When Dr. McCoy grumbles once too often about the way the Enterprise ought to be run, Captain Kirk decides to leave the doctor in command while he oversees a routine diplomatic mission. Kirk beams down to a strange planet nicknamed "Flyspeck" to negotiate its admission into the Federation, leaving Dr. McCoy to enjoy his new authority.

However, the doctor soon learns that command is a double-edged sword when Kirk disappears without a trace. Desperately trying to locate his captain, McCoy comes under pressure from Starfleet to resolve the situation immediately. Matters go from bad to worse when the Klingons arrive and stake their own claim on Flyspeck

Then another, more deadly power threatens them all, and suddenly Dr. McCoy and the Enterprise find themselves pitted against an alien fleet in a battle they have no hope of winning.


This is one of Duane's many Trek novels.

Enemy Unseen(Star Trek 51) Enemy Unseen
V.E. Mitchell


Transporting a diplomatic party is nothing new for Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise -- but this particular mission promises trouble from the start.

For one thing, the wife of the Federation ambassador on this trip is an old flame of Kirk's -- and she's determined to see that they resume their romance where they left off. Of course, when another ambassador presents Kirk with three of his wives, finding time for the first romance, let alone any of his other duties, is going to prove nearly impossible.

When a diplomatic attaché is murdered, and the prime suspect is one of his crewmembers, Kirk begins to wish that Starfleet Command would consider using some other Starship to ferry diplomatic personnel....


This is the first of four Trek novels (one a young adult book) by Mitchell.

Home is the Hunter(Star Trek 52) Home is the Hunter
Dana Kramer-Rolls


A dispute over a planet and its primitive people leads Captain Kirk and a Klingon Commander to pit their ships against each other in battle. But the fight is stopped by a mysterious and powerful alien being named Weyland, who decides to punish three Enterprise crewmembers with their own history. He places Sulu in feudal Japan during the period's most important and bloody power struggle, Scotty in 18th century Scotland on the eve of revolt, and Chekov in WWII Russia.

Now, the three time travellers must face overwhelming dangers as they are pulled by conflicting forces: their allegiance to their homelands, their duty to the Federation they serve, and the demands of history.


This is the only Trek novel by Kramer-Rolls.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Paperback novels

Metamorphosis(Star Trek: The Next Generation) Metamorphosis
Jean Lorrah


It's an all-new crew -- an all-new starship -- but the same Star Trek magic that has thrilled audiences for almost twenty-five years! Now join Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the men and women of the starship Enterprise for their most challenging, exciting mission yet...


In the bestselling tradition of Spock's World and Enterprise: The First Adventure, comes another epic Star Trek adventure -- a sweeping saga of transformation and tragedy.

Unexplained gravitational disturbances summon the Enterprise to the planet Elysia, and the android Lieutenant Commander Data to a date with destiny. For on this alien world, he will be drawn into an impossible quest, leading him to consequences both heartwarming and disastrous, as he finally dares to pursue his fondest desire: to become human.


Though the original series "giant" novels had been replaced by hardcovers, the idea was brought back for Metamorphosis, the first of two Next Generation giant novels. This was also Lorrah's last Trek novel. Metamorphosis was published in March, between A Rock and a Hard Place and Gulliver's Fugitives (or, to be precise, between the original series novels Rules of Engagement and The Pandora Principle; at this time, Pocket released original series and Next Generation novels in alternating months).

Rock and a Hard Place(Star Trek: The Next Generation 10) A Rock and a Hard Place
Peter David


Under the best circumstances, terraforming is a tough, dangerous task that pits the hardiest of pioneers against an unforgiving environment. When the terraformers on the planet Paradise fall behind schedule, Commander Riker is given temporary leave from the Enterprise and sent to assist.

Riker's replacement on the Enterprise is a volatile officer named Stone whose behavior soon raises questions about his ability and his judgment. Meanwhile, Commander Riker has become enmeshed in a life and death struggle with Paradise's brutal landscape. However, he soon learns that not all of the planet's dangers are natural in origin -- as he comes face to face with Paradise's greatest danger and most hideous secret.


This is one of David's many Trek novels.

Gulliver's Fugitives(Star Trek: The Next Generation 11) Gulliver's Fugitives (audio)
Keith Sharee


While searching for the USS Huxley, a starship missing for over ten years, the Enterprise stumbles across a forgotten colony of humans on a planet called Rampart -- a world where fiction, speculation, and works of the imagination are considered the ultimate crime.

A survey team beams on board the Enterprise to search for "contraband" materials -- and suddenly the crew find themselves plunged into the middle of a murderous civil war between a determined band of rebels and the planet's ruthless mind police. A civil war whose outcome will determine not only the future of the planet Rampart, but the life of Captain Jean-Luc Picard as well.


This is Sharee's only Trek novel.

Doomsday World(Star Trek: The Next Generation 12) Doomsday World
Carmen Carter, Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, and Robert Greenberger


The planet Kirlos -- an artificial world built by a mysterious long-dead race called the Ariantu. Kirlos is now home to many races from both the Federation and the K'vin Hegemony, who have enjoyed years of peaceful co-existence and profitable trade. The planet also hold a wealth of undiscovered archaeological treasures, which the Enterprise and its crew are dispatched to help uncover.

Sent to the surface to assist an archaeological team, Geordi, Data, and Worf soon find themselves cut off from the Enterprise -- and the prime suspects in a series of terrorist attacks. The three Enterprise crewmen are imprisoned, relations between the K'vin and the Federation begin to crumble, and Kirlos' ancient underground machinery awakens from a centuries long dormancy, primed to release the most powerful destructive force ever known.

This is a very special Star Trek: The Next Generation story -- the product of a first-ever collaboration between four of Star Trek's most popular and respected writers.


This is the first of a few Trek novels written by a group of writers. David, Friedman, and Greenberger wrote two more novels together without Carter (the original series novel The Disinherited and the Deep Space Nine novel Wrath of the Prophets).

Eyes of the Beholders(Star Trek: The Next Generation 13) The Eyes of the Beholders
A.C. Crispin


After several Federation and Klingon ships disappear while traveling a newly opened trade route, the Enterprise is sent to investigate. Their quest leads Captain Picard and his crew to an eerie space graveyard full of ships of every size and description -- all of them, dead in space.

At the center of the graveyard lies a huge, incredibly powerful Artifact, constructed by an ancient alien race. And as the crew struggles to solve the mystery of the Artifact, they unwittingly trigger its awesome power, a power that threatens insanity and death to all aboard the Starship Enterprise!


This is one of Crispin's many Trek novels.

Exiles(Star Trek: The Next Generation 14) Exiles
Howard Weinstein


For three centuries the people of Alaj and the people of Etolos have been bitter enemies. However, when crippling disasters strike both worlds, each planet becomes the other's only hope for survival.

With time running out, Captain Picard and his crew are called to negotiate a peaceful settlement and begin rescue efforts. But some factions would rather see both planets perish and will stop at nothing to prevent peace.

Soon the Enterprise crew is caught up in a web of intrigue and terrorism that culminates with an act of ultimate revenge against both peoples -- revenge that will mean the destruction of two worlds and the Enterprise!


This is one of Weinstein's many Trek novels.