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All I Really Need to Know...All I Really Need to Know I Learned From Watching Star Trek (audio)
Dave Marinaccio
Crown Publishers
128 pages


Years ago, Dave Marinaccio discovered that the solutions to all of life's problems could be found in the episodes of Star Trek, the galaxy's greatest compendium of wisdom and experience. All I Really Need to Know I Learned From Watching Star Trek proceeds from the great truth that every situation you will face in life has already been faced by Captain James Tiberius Kirk and the intrepid crew of the starship Enterprise.

All I Really Need to Know I Learned From Watching Star Trek is an inspiring collection of down-to-earth philosophy on subjects ranging from skydiving to decision making, from what to do about a beer belly to how to treat houseguests, from dealing with authority to making true friends, from acting dopey to using the corbomite maneuver to win at poker.

Now as we mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the final episode of Star Trek (June 3, 1994), Dave Marinaccio offers the key to leading a meaningful existence. Here are some of the life-enhancing lessons you will learn:

Everyone has a role in life. Sulu is the navigator. Uhura is the communications officer. Do your own job and the ship will function smoothly.

If you can keep your head in a crisis, you've got a fighting chance.

End every episode with a smile.

There is no better handbook available for confronting the strange life-forms and alien civilizations we encounter every day.


Several years ago, a book called All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, by Robert Fulghum, appeared, offering readers a collection of anecdotes, lectures, and the occasional bit of common sense (I assume; I haven't read it). Its success inspired a number of parodic knockoffs, including many posters, one of which started with the title of this book and offered such valuable hints as "keep your phaser on stun." It was probably inevitable that this book would eventually be written and published. It's generally inoffensive, occasionally amusing, and very short. In 1998, a sequel, drawing on The Next Generation, was published as part of Pocket's officially-licensed Star Trek books line. With luck, the series will end there.

Best of Star Trek: The Next GenerationThe Best of Star Trek: The Next Generation
Michael Jan Friedman, John De Lancie, Pablo Marcos, Gordon Purcell, Matt Haley, Peter Krause, and Carlos Garzon
DC Comics


The Stuff of Which Wonderful, Rousing Stories Are Told by Jeri Taylor
Serafin's Survivors
Shadows in the Garden
The Lesson
The Gift
Thin Ice


Since 1988, DC Comics has proudly published all-new adventures based on the smash hit television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now, for the first time, the very best of those stories are collected in this single volume.

Featuring some of the best art and stories found in comics today, this volume celbrates creator Gene Roddenberry's vision of a better tomorrow.


This book collects stories by Trek novelist Friedman (one co-written with John ("Q") de Lancie) in 1990 and 1991.

Best of Trek 17The Best of Trek [17]: From the Magazine for Star Trek Fans
Edited by Walter Irwin and G.B. Love
Roc Books
224 pages


The Star Trek Movies: A Literary Perspective by Rosa M. Mizerski
Penda? Uhura by Mark Golding
Spock: A New Light by Steve Waller
The Star Trek Novels: Are They Good Enough? by Deborah Bucci
Thoughts on Vulcans by Tom Lalli
Spock and Uhura by Ruth Barker
A Sampling of "Trek Roundtable" -- Letters from our readers
The Gates of Death by Katherine Wolterink
Vulcan -- Philosophies in Conflict by Patty Paludan
What Is An Alien? by Miriam Ruff
My Brother-in-law Was a Star Trek Alien by Stephen Barrington
Chart Trek: Star Trek's TV and Film Soundtracks by Mark Alfred
A World of Time by Kenneth Reeler
The Romulan Commander: The Great Reappearing Woman by Michelle Kusik
A Look at the Romulan Commander by Dan Day
Past, Present, and Future Tense: A Speculative Commentary on Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Dr. Beverly Crusher by E.A. Lowe
Desirable Unemotionals (or, "Could You Fall in Love With a Toaster?") by Dale Kesterson
Starship America: Politics and the Star Trek Films by Tom Lalli
A Positive Example of Violation of the Prime Directive: Earth's History of Revealed Religions by Pierre C. Dubreuil
The Long Trek by Karen Sullivan


The gates of death
My brother-in-law was a Star Trek alien
Chart Trek: Star Trek's TV and film soundtracks
The Romulan Commander: the great reappearing woman

It all began in the mid 1960s with a brand-new, low-budget science fiction series called Star Trek. No one, not even creator Gene Roddenberry, could have foreseen how a show that was canceled after a few seasons would win the hearts of millions of devoted fans around the world. And eventually, it would spawn numerous movies, novels, comics, games, and two new television series, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine -- as well as several upcoming projects still in the planning stages.

For more than a decade, Walter Irwin, G.B. Love, and their fellow explorers of the Star Trek universe have been seeking out new information and lore about this fascinating realm. From the inner workings of the world of Vulcan and its people to a closer look at the relationship between Spock and Uhura to the ongoing debate about the "old" Star Trek versus The Next Generation, here is a journey you won't want to miss, a first-class excursion stopping at many ports in the Star Trek universe.


See the entry for the first volume for my comments on this series. Note: although this is the 17th book in the series, the number does not appear on or in the book.

Beyond UhuraBeyond Uhura: Star Trek and Other Memories (audio)
Nichelle Nichols
320 pages, plus 24 pages of photos


[12 untitled chapters]


For nearly thirty years Nichelle Nichols has been part of the Star Trek mythos. As Lieutenant Uhura, communications officer of the Starship Enterprise, she was the first African-American woman to have a major continuing role on television. Her candid and insightful autobiography takes readers on her life's voyage of personal discovery and professional triumph -- beyond Uhura.

Granddaughter of the rebellious son of a slave owner, Nichelle Nichols grew up in a socially progressive family. By the age of sixteen the young singer-dancer had already been praised by Josephine Baker and had worked with Duke Ellington. With tenacity and talent, she established herself as a first-rate performer in nightclubs, onstage, and eventually in film.

From the beginning of her Hollywood career, some would say, she had two strikes against her: she was Black and she was a woman. In the face of racism, a brush with the mob, and an attempted rape, she fought courageously against the injustices that stood between her and her dreams.

Through an early job in television -- years before Star Trek -- Nichols met Gene Roddenberry. Describing her pivotal role in the Star Trek universe, she takes readers where no book has gone before: into the heart and mind of this man, the series' creator, and for a time her lover and afterward a friend. She also reveals the true story behind the scenes with the Star Trek family, and details the evolution of the Trekker phenomenon with humor, affection, and respect.

A symbol of hope and promise for millions of viewers, Nichols continues to work toward the same goals Lieutenant Uhura and, indeed, all of Star Trek embody. Whether spearheading a national recruitment drive to bring minorities and women into the NASA astronaut corps, or producing space-oriented educational films and programs for young people, Nichols remains devoted to inspiring a sense of wonder and promise for humankind's real-life future among the stars.

Her autobiography is a moving testament to the indomitability of the human spirit.


One of many autobiographies by cast members from the original series, this one has some uniquely memorable moments: her meeting with Martin Luther King, a run-in with the mob, her love affair with Gene Roddenberry, and her connection to the Challenger shuttle disaster (she knew some of the crew, and had been part of the minority recruitment drive that brought some of them to NASA). Otherwise, it's typical of its subgenre.

Deep Space Crew Book
James Van Hise


Not seen. Another Hal Schuster production. If similar crew books from Pioneer are anything to go on, this is probably a collection of biographies of the show's characters and the actors who play them.

Deep Space Nine: A CelebrationDeep Space Nine: A Celebration, a.k.a. The Deep Space Celebration, a.k.a. Deep Space: A Celebration, a.k.a. The Deep Space Nine Celebration
Edited by James Van Hise
190 pages


Introduction: At the Edge of the Final Frontier
The Women of Deep Space Nine
Families and Relationships in Trek
Deep Space Nine: The Comic Book
Conflict on Star Trek
Religion and Trek
Questions About Deep Space Nine
Deep Space Nine Glossary


On the heels of Deep Space Nine's first season, Pioneer books is proud to present The Deep Space Nine Celebration.

Chronicling everything from behind-the-scenes details to characters and storylines, The Deep Space Nine Celebration explores all the nooks and crannies of this third Star Trek series, including:

- The mysterious origins of Odo, the shape changer
- An extensive examination of the first episode, "Duet" as well as its inspiration, The Man in the Glass Booth
- Discussions of the religious and political structures surrounding Deep Space Nine

and much more.

Offering a unique combination of interviews, profiles and critical articles, James Van Hise and his collaborators have assembled a wealth of data and observations about the world's most popular science fiction television universe.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine attempted the impossible: catching lightning in a bottle a third time. It has succeeded, and The Deep Space Nine Celebration reveals why.


As far as I know, this is one of the last Trek books published by Hal Schuster's Pioneer Books. It features all the hallmarks of quality one would expect of a Schuster book, including misspelled words on the back cover ("cranies" and "unicerse") and different versions of the title everywhere you look: one on the front cover, a second one on the spine and title page, a third on the back cover, and a fourth on the verso of the title page in the CIP (cataloguing in publication) data. The interior relies on an unusually large typeface and a lot of blank white space in the form of wide margins to make this a 190 page book instead of, say, a 60 page book. The articles are generally amateurish; this could have been printed (in considerably fewer pages) as an issue of Van Hise's early 1980s Enterprise Incidents fanzine. On the plus side, at the time, this was one of remarkably few nonfiction books about Deep Space Nine.

Farewell to Star Trek: The Next GenerationFarewell to Star Trek: The Next Generation
Edited by Lee Anne Nicholson
Telemedia Communications
128 pages


Roddenberry's Vision: By Rick Berman
On Set: A Behind-the-Scenes Peek at the Next Generation Finale
Cast Profiles
Space Trekkers: Marc Garneau, Roberta Bondar, and Mae Jemison
Reader Tributes
Games: Klingon Word Search and STNG Trivia Quiz
Collector's Corner
Farewell Party: The Cast Party and Your Party
Sneak Previews: The Series Finale, the Next Series, the STNG Movie
Synopsis Guide
First Season
Second Season
Third Season
Fourth Season
Fifth Season
Sixth Season
Seventh Season
Fan Clubs
Game Solutions


Gene Roddenberry's Vision by Rick Berman

TV GUIDE goes on-set for the final episode with cast and crew

Personal profile of each regular cast member

Sneak preview of the final episode

A look at the Next Generation movie and the new series, Star Trek: Voyager

Complete year-by-year descriptions of every episode for all seven seasons

How to plan your own STNG farewell party

TV GUIDE reader tributes to Star Trek: The Next Generation

STNG trivia quiz and Klingon word search

Complete fan club information

Collector's corner


This is a special paperback publication from the Canadian version of TV Guide. In case you're wondering, Marc Garneau and Roberta Bondar are Canadians who've flown NASA shuttle missions, and Mae Jemison is another NASA shuttle vet who played a bit part in a Next Generation episode.

There's nothing really essential about this book. Many other publications include cast profiles and episode guides. For Canadian fans, though, it's occasionally entertaining and informative.

The Last ConversationGene Roddenberry: The Last Conversation
Yvonne Fern
University of California Press
228 pages


Foreword by Arthur C. Clarke
The Conversation
Appendix: About Star Trek


Gene Roddenberry created a mythology for the twentieth century: Star Trek. One of the most successful television shows and cultural icons of all time, Star Trek was from the beginning a forum where its creator and its viewers could explore the most fundamental questions of life: What is the difference between sexuality and love? What is the role of government? Where does duty end and morality begin? And most often: What does it mean to be human?

The Last Conversation is a poignant exploration of the inner world of Gene Roddenberry as he faced the end of his life. Insisting that no one could really know him or the sources of his creation without becoming part of his private world, he invited Yvonne Fern to live with him and his wife, Majel Barrett. "I want you to write me," he said, and later told her she had. The Last Conversation, however, is more than a portrait of a single life -- it is an intellectual embrace. Well-matched in the velocity of their imagination and the depth of their understanding, Gene and Yvonne shared a journey into the meaning and worth of human existence.

As Gene receded from life, Yvonne's increasingly solitary task was to convey the richness, the insight, the radiance they saw in each other and in humanity. This beautiful book, written as a philosophical dialogue, is a last confessional call upon centuries of earlier attempts to codify our understanding of human experience and what lies beyond.

Throughout their intense dialogue, Gene never once spoke of the future in the future tense. It was never "the future will be," but always "the future is." Echoing this immediacy, the book is written in the timeless present, allowing each of us to take part in The Last Conversation.

As we read and reread this stunning work, we are moved a little closer to the luminous future that Gene Roddenberry knew was already within us.


This was the third of the controversial books about Gene Roddenberry to appear in 1994, the others being the biographies by Engel and Alexander. Fern's book is for the believers: those fans who see Roddenberry as a great philosopher, and as the man who created everything in Star Trek. However, other people involved with the making of the series found some dubious claims on Roddenberry's part in this book, and the author's foreword in the later Pocket edition addresses that to some extent. Another charge, made by someone online who knew Roddenberry, said he was too ill at the time he was reportedly having this conversations to remain lucid for more than a few minutes, suggesting that Fern wrote some of the words attributed to Roddenberry. However, to the best of my knowledge, that charge was made once but never really substantiated, and I have heard nothing more about it. For what it's worth, Roddenberry's widow, Majel Barrett, is quite happy with Fern's book. A revised trade paperback version was published in 1996 by Pocket.

Gene RoddenberryGene Roddenberry: The Man and the Myth Behind Star Trek
Joel Engel
283 pages


Foreword by D.C Fontana
Author's Preface
Ad Hominem Memoriam
The Lieutenant
On the Outskirts of the Final Frontier
Lost in Space
Impractical Jokes
Who Is James T. Kirk?
A View to the Pantheon
The Nine
Soon to Be a Major Motion Picture
The Clothes Have No Emperor
Methodology and Sources


By creating Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry changed the face of entertainment in America. Gene Roddenberry: The Man and the Myth Behind Star Trek explores an uncharted region: the complex and contradictory man behind the Star Trek phenomenon. This eye-opening biography fully and frankly reveals Gene Roddenberry -- whose success enabled him to claim mythic status himself -- and provides the first substantiated, behind-the-scenes story of how Star Trek first got on the air, as well as why it went off. Included is a blow-by-blow description of the birth and development of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The world of Star Trek was envisioned as a future in which humanity rises above its weaknesses and interpersonal conflicts, in which racism and sexism do not exist, and decency and intelligence prevail. This vision touched a nerve in audiences around the world, and Roddenberry responded to their adoration. A man of arguably more ambition than talent, Roddenberry was adept at self-promotion. He worked to ensure that his name alone would become associated with Star Trek. In reality, the show was developed in collaboration with many talented people, and most of the series was written by others.

A man who dreamed up a utopian universe free of human frailties, Roddenberry himself was beset by many. Indeed, the story of his life can be viewed as the story of an Enterprise betrayed. In private, Roddenberry was a compulsive womanizer, a fickle friend, and a heavy drinker. But he was also the ultimate storyteller, reinventing both himself and his past in order to create the persona in which the Star Trek audience so delighted.

With a foreword by D.C. Fontana, and drawing from over 100 important sources, including Leonard Nimoy, Rick Berman, Harve Bennett, and Grant Tinker, Gene Roddenberry: The Man and the Myth Behind Star Trek is both authoritative and illuminating -- and defines Roddenberry's real relationship to Star Trek's enduring magnificence. In the process, it explains both the man and the myth.


Joel Engel, author of the well-received 1989 book Rod Serling: The Dreams and Nightmares of Life in the Twilight Zone, probably didn't expect the controversy his unauthorized biography of Gene Roddenberry would provoke. However, its negative assessment of Roddenberry and the almost simultaneous publication of the official, authorized biography by David Alexander assured controversy. Unlike the writers of some unauthorized Trek biographies (for example, The Finest Crew in the Fleet), this book wasn't simply based on existing work. Engel interviewed a number of people. Some of them had some well-known grudges against Roddenberry, which caused some readers to dismiss Engel's book. However, it's been praised by folks like D.C. Fontana, David Gerrold, and J. Michael Straczynski, so anyone who considers the opinions of these people important may want to read this book. Anyone who's seriously interested in Star Trek should read David Alexander's biography, then read this one. There are other books, like Yvonne Fern's The Last Conversation, but they aren't as important.

UK edition coverGreat Birds of the Galaxy: Gene Roddenberry & the Creators of Trek
Edward Gross and Mark A. Altman
143 pages


Gene Roddenberry
Gene L. Coon
Fred Freiberger
Harve Bennett
Nicholas Meyer
Leonard Nimoy
William Shatner
Rick Berman
Maurice Hurley
Michael Piller
Jeri Taylor


Go behind the scenes on the making of Trek -- from "The Cage" and the original series through seven feature films, The Next Generation, Deep Space and Voyager -- with the creators of the 20th century's most enduring television and film series.

The makers of the Trek magic candidly discuss -- in their own words -- 30 years of science fiction success. You'll visit with these bold pioneers of the final frontier:

Gene Roddenberry: The original "Great Bird of the Galaxy." Beyond Trek, he was the creative force behind Genesis II and The Questor Tapes, and this volume provides episode guides to the unfilmed scripts for both.

Gene L. Coon: The forgotten Gene who shaped the original series and is profiled in depth for the first time anywhere.

Fred Freiberger: On Trek's third and final season, as well as such science fiction efforts as The Six Million Dollar Man and The Adventures of Superboy.

Nicholas Meyer: The director who saved Trek, and is also the directorial force behind Time After Time and The Day After.

Leonard Nimoy: Three Men and a Vulcan Director. How he went from Trek star to feature director.

William Shatner: From Trek to Tek, the actor/director/writer on nearly 30 years of toiling in the future. Special bonus: an indepth look at the making of the TekWar TV movies.

Rick Berman: Successor to Roddenberry as The Great Bird of the Galaxy.

Maurice Hurley: As an early Next Generation executive producer, he kept Trek on track, and even wrote the first screenplay for the seventh film in the series that brought Captain Kirk and Picard together.

Jeri Taylor: Trekdom's first female Great Bird, she guided The Next Generation through its final seasons.

Michael Piller: After honing The Next Generation, together with Rick Berman he created Deep Space and Voyager.

For the first time under one cover, this collection of Great Birds chronicles the history of Trek, its impact on them and their influence on this 30-year phenomenon.


I haven't read this book yet, but the contents and blurb (taken from the Boxtree edition) give a clear enough picture of the book. Some of its material may be recycled from previous book or magazine publications, and may well have ended up in later Gross/Altman books, but at least some of the content appears to be unique to this volume.

Let's Trek: The Budget Traveller's Guide to Federation Worlds
James Van Hise
139 pages


Not seen. Another Hal Schuster production.

Let's Trek: The Budget Traveller's Guide to Klingon Worlds
James Van Hise and Hal Schuster
161 pages


Not seen. Another Hal Schuster production. Also known as Let's Trek: The Budget Guide to the Klingons. Other Let's Trek books were listed in some Pioneer books, but they were apparently never published.

A Look at the Stars
Malachy Duffy
Andrews McMeel/Ariel
79 pages


Not seen. According to descriptions on bookstore websites, this small hardcover is a collection of original series cast biographies.

The Making of Star Trek: Deep Space NineThe Making of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Judith Reeves-Stevens & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
319 pages


Introduction: How Dare We?
The Funniest Joke in the Universe
The Future's Past
The Mo$t Important Chapter in This Book
Setting the Stage
The Stagemakers
In the Beginning
The Original Presentation
The First Revisions
The Readers Write
"A Strange, Intriguing Object"
The Cardassian Way
Following in the Footsteps
The Most Closed Set on the Lot
Seeing Things That Aren't There
"The Machine"
Whither Deep Space Nine?
Roll Credits
First and Second Season Episodes
How to Write for Deep Space Nine
Further Information


More than twenty-five years after the first episode of Star Trek aired on television, history was made once again by the arrival of the third television series to carry the Star Trek name. Immediately climbing to the top of the syndicated television ratings, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine quickly took its place beside Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation as the next blockbuster chapter in the Star Trek saga -- an unparalleled television and feature film phenomenon. And now, readers can take an exclusive look at the incredible adventure that began long before the first scene was shot....

Filled with anecdotes and insights covering all aspects of what television viewers see each week, as well as little-known stories of Borg Tribbles, Cardassian Bowling Alleys, and the Funniest Joke in the Universe, this unprecedented behind-the-scenes chronicle is based on a year of research and exclusive observation of every stage of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's production.

From the earliest concepts for the show to the rigors of full-scale production, The Making of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine takes readers to the other side of the camera for a detailed look at every stage of television production -- from story breaking, to writing, casting, production design, to the show's magnificent model work and state-of-the-art computerized special effects, and final editing.

Richly illustrated with exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and never-before-seen pre-production artwork, this is a must-have book for all Star Trek fans and anyone interested in the fascinating world of television in the 1990s.


One of two essential nonfiction books for Deep Space Nine fans (the other being Terry Erdmann's Deep Space Nine Companion, published in 2000), this is also one of the best behind-the-scenes Star Trek books yet. The blurb says it all.

Next Generation Tribute Book TwoNext Generation Tribute Book Two
James Van Hise
171 pages


Good Morning Star Trek
Modern Star Trek Comic Book Artists
The Movie Influences of Star Trek
The Alternate Universes seen on "Parallels"
The Star Trek Commanders
Patrick Stewart on the Talk Show Circuit
The Prime Directive on TNG
The Science of The Next Generation
The Transporter of Star Trek
Marina Sirtis on QVC
The TNG Cast on The Joan Rivers Show
A Next Generation Trivia Contest
A Guide to the Appearances of Actors on The Next Generation
The Secret Life of the Enterprise


Star Trek: The Next Generation continues to go where no one has gone before, rolling back the limits of the imagination to take viewers to strange new worlds, new sights and new civilizations. Through interview, articles and profiles, The Next Generation Tribute Book Two will go behind the scenes to reveal:

The Next Generation Tribute Book Two offers the answers to these questions and many others through interviews and rare looks behind-the-scenes at one of the longest-running science fiction series in the history of television.


Another Hal Schuster production, this was a collection of fanzine-style articles by Van Hise and, one assumes, other writers. (Van Hise is credited as editor of the volume, but no other authors are named.) The titles on the contents page don't quite match the actual article titles, but they're close and more concise (the ones above are from the contents page). Fans of the Best of Trek series might enjoy this oversized and overproduced example of poor quality control.

Nitpicker's GuideThe Nitpicker's Guide for Classic Trekkers (audio)
Phil Farrand
393 pages


First Season
[episodes listed]
Captaincy Aptitude Test
Triathlon Trivia on Alien Races
Personal Favorites
Romance Tote Board
Is Starfleet Military?
Second Season
[episodes listed]
Kirk's Top Ten Reasons for Violating the Prime Directive
Triathlon Trivia on Insults
Boys in the Hall
Idiosyncrasies Tote Board
Third Season
[episodes listed]
Trek Silliness
Triathlon Trivia on Other Characters
The Unsyndicated
Damage Tote Board
The First Pilot
The Cage
The Movies
Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Major Themes in Star Trek
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Triathlon Trivia on Planets
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
The Intragalactic Trek Awards


Late twenty-third century. Starship Enterprise. Space -- the final frontier -- is fertile territory for nitpickers!

Which is the communications button on Captain Kirk's chair?
(The lowest, but sometimes he hits the yellow alert button... oops!)

When they're not talking light-years, does the crew use meters or miles?
(Both -- evidently the metric system never did catch on)

Okay, call us FANatics! We've seen all six movies, and we're counting down for number seven. We've viewed every show -- all three seasons, all seventy-nine episodes -- more than once. Many times more than once. The sets are a hoot. The uniforms off the rack. The special effects done in somebody's basement. But the stories, the concepts, the incredibly good actors, and the message of Gene Roddenberry's Classic Star Trek have never been equalled. Of course, neither have the screwups. And that's what makes being a nitpicker so much fun. So get out your videotapes. Check your local listings for reruns. And take this volume in hand to discover:

- Changed story premises - Plot oversights - Production problems - Equipment oddities - Scientific impossibilities - Favorite scenes, trivia, toteboards, fun facts... and more! - Covers every original uncut show for all three seasons, the six movies, and the rarely seen Star Trek pilot "The Cage"


The second of Farrand's nitpick books, this one adds a special category for TOS episodes: syndication cuts. Extremely anal, perhaps, but useful for anyone wondering what's been cut out of the choppy versions of classic episodes running in syndication, as opposed to the videocassette versions. But once again Farrand's religious beliefs affect his discussion of an episode. In his previous book, his Christianity led him to find a blooper where none existed; here, he glosses over one in an episode that supports his belief system. In this case, he doesn't address the ridiculous pun in the episode "Bread and Circuses." Remember Uhura's line, "Not the sun in the sky, but the son of God!" That only works in English, and a Roman Empire-dominated world would have a Latin-derived language, not English. For example, in French, a modern descendant of Latin, son is fils, and sun is soleil. Hard to pun on those words. But although Farrand admitted online that that pun was over the top, he didn't comment on it in the book.

Star Trek CreatorStar Trek Creator: The Authorized Biography of Gene Roddenberry
David Alexander
599 pages


Introduction by Majel Barrett Roddenberry
Foreword by Ray Bradbury
Author's Preface and Acknowledgments
Star Trek Creator: The Authorized Biography of Gene Roddenberry
Appendix I: A Gene Roddenberry Filmography
Appendix II: Terrance Sweeney's "God and Roddenberry"


"This is a fascinating and eye-opening book full of previously-unpublished details about Gene's life and Star Trek. It filled in a lot of blanks for me."
- Richard Arnold, Star Trek archivist

Star Trek's creator, Gene Roddenberry, remains one of our culture's most beloved icons. His imagination took millions where none had dared go before -- on voyages that roamed the farthest reaches of space, yet spoke to the inner depths of heart and mind.

Roddenberry lived a life filled with adventure and tragedy, joy and heartbreak, irony and contradiction. He was a child of the South who fought racial bias, a vigorous man who sought sexual equality, a war hero who envisioned a future free of armed conflict.

By design, Gene Roddenberry was two people, both an open, public figure and a private intellectual. For the first time, one book fully explores both sides of this complex man. With unprecedented access to his files, friends, associates, and Roddenberry himself, author David Alexander has written the definitive biography -- one that gives the reader the truest picture of the man, "warts and all."

Among the galaxy of fascinating revelations and anecdotes Star Trek Creator provides:

- The genesis of Mr. Spock, Star Trek's most popular character, and how two men Roddenberry knew in flight school contributed to Spock's looks and personality.

- Roddenberry's unknown appearance in an episode of the original Star Trek series.

- Exactly who was the "original" Klingon.

- A detailed account of his "unsurvivable" desert plane crash and its lasting effect.

- Exclusive stories from a former LAPD co-worker who went on to be a world-famour producer himself.

- The launch of his career: his first script sale and how it happened from an eyewitness.

- The real, untold influence Roddenberry had on the stories used in the extremely popular TV cop series Dragnet.

- The personality quirk that cost him millions.

- Women and the troubles they caused him.

- The inside story behind the breakup of his first marriage, and his affair and subsequent second (and life-long) marriage to actress Majel Barrett.

- Plus 16 pages of photographs, many never before seen.

Gene Roddenberry's influence is still felt worldwide and across generations -- not just because of his creation, but for the man he was. Now at last there is a book for his legions of admirers, a book to let one and all view the many-sided man and his multifaceted life.


This is, as the title indicates, the authorized biography, with all the good and bad that entails. Alexander knew Roddenberry well, and he had Majel Barrett Roddenberry's cooperation while working on the book. There's a great deal of information about Roddenberry's life that simply isn't available anywhere else. Unfortunately, Alexander isn't even vaguely objective about Roddenberry; the book is essentially a hagiography. Other books over the last several years have made it clear that Roddenberry was not the only creative force behind Star Trek. They've also indicated that Roddenberry was in some ways an unscrupulous man. You won't find many indications of that here. David Alexander's Roddenberry was a great and wise man, whose flaws can be overlooked.

Around the time that this book was published, Joel Engel's biography was also published. Compuserve, Usenet, and other online forums had some heated discussion of the books, in which Engel and Alexander participated (though not, to my knowledge, together). Based on the debates I read at the time, some of which included not only David Gerrold but also J. Michael Straczynski (of Babylon 5 fame) and others who know some of the principals involved, I'd have to recommend that readers of this book follow it with Engel's book and the Solow and Justman Inside Star Trek book.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Mike W. Barr


Stowaway part 2
Old Wounds


Not seen. This is a British trade paperback reprint of the first three issues of Malibu's Deep Space Nine comic. Information provided by Ian McLean and Mark Martinez.

Emancipation coverStar Trek: Deep Space Nine: Emancipation and Beyond
Mike W. Barr, John Vornholt, Colin Clayton, Chris Dows, Len Strazewski


Emancipation by Mike W. Barr
Emancipation part 2 by Mike W. Barr
Field Trip by Mike W. Barr
Pickpocket by John Vornholt
Program 359 by Colin Clayton and Chris Dows
Working Vacation by Len Strazewski


When Lieutenant Jadzia Dax stumbles upon a space freighter in desperate need of food and medical assistance, she has no alternative but to bring the ship back through the wormhole guarded by DS9. But then the injured crew turn out to be slaves seeking asylum and the freighter turns out to be a slaver taken over by its cargo. To make matters worse, a Chiaran slaveowner appears demanding the return of his property, which means Commander Benjamin Sisko has all the makings of a nasty interstellar incident on his hands.

And then there's Major Kira, so incensed that the hated Cardassians are trying to negotiate planetary mining rights that Commander Sisko has her sent on vacation. Unfortunately, the holiday resort is staffed by slaves and as a once enslaved worker herself, Major Kira knows exactly where her sympathies lie...


This is Boxtree's second trade paperback reprint of Malibu's Deep Space Nine comics, covering issues 4 through 7. Thanks to Ian McLean for information and to Mark Martinez for giving me a copy.

Star Trek EncyclopediaThe Star Trek Encyclopedia: A Reference Guide to the Future
Michael Okuda, Denise Okuda, and Debbie Mirek
396 pages


Appendix A: Historical Events on the Star Trek Universe
Appendix B: Timeline of Star Trek Production
Appendix C: Episode Lists and Writer Credits


Here it is! The definitive reference book for Star Trek fans. This massive encyclopedia is the first book ever to bring together all three incarnations of this incredible television and feature film phenomenon: the original Star Trek series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Since Star Trek's debut in 1966, hundreds of hours of Star Trek episodes and films have been produced, with the Star Trek universe growing in size and complexity every year. Now, Pocket Books is proud to present the one book that captures every fact, figure, and detail of the awesome Star Trek saga: The Star Trek Encyclopedia: A Reference Guide to the Future.

Exhaustively researched and cross-referenced, The Star Trek Encyclopedia features hundreds of photos and diagrams, and over 5,000 individual entries.

Information on:

... and more

Illustrations include:

... and more!


The first authorized Trek encyclopedia since Bjo Trimble's Star Trek Concordance in 1976 (which was a combined episode guide and encyclopedia), this is a major reference work. A few flaws carry over from the Star Trek Chronology by the Okudas (for example, the absence of almost anything related to the animated series), but in general this book (or, better yet, the most recent revision) is an essential reference for Star Trek fans.

Judgment Rites coverStar Trek: Judgment Rites: The Official Guide
Bernie Yee
Brady Games
232 pages


No Man's Land
Light and Darkness
Museum Piece
Though This Be Madness...
... Yet There Is Method in It
General Hints


The strategy guide to increase your Starfleet Rating!

Captain's log, Stardate 6238.4. Now it's your turn to be Captain Kirk, to explore strange new worlds, and to solve the mysteries of bizarre life forms on a seemingly dead planet. This is the official guide to the game... the inside collection of tips and tricks that brings you the highest Starfleet Rating.


Unlike the average game guide book, this one can be read as a work of Trek fiction, as most of the text is a retelling of the game's storylines as they should be played out. There are hints and game notes in sidebars to the text, however, which are more helpful to gamers than readers. The book is illustrated with appropriate screen shots from the game and with a random selection of photos from various episodes of the series.

Star Trek Movie MemoriesStar Trek Movie Memories (audio)
William Shatner with Chris Kreski
357 pages, plus 8 pages of color photos


Dog Days
Deja Vu All Over Again
Star Trek: The Emotional Picture
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Bennett... and Meyer, and Montalban, and Diller, and Eisner, and Katzenberg,
Star Trek III: The Perch for Spock
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Roams
Star Trek V: The Frantic Frontier
Star Trek VI: Discovered Country
Star Trek VII: Regenerations
Captain's Epilogue


Star Trek Memories, William Shatner's personal "Captain's Log," captivated legions of fans with its abundance of backstage lore from their favorite TV show. Now, in Star Trek Movie Memories, Shatner picks up where he left off and advances at warp speed from 1969 to the present, relating in equally explicit detail what went into the making of all six "classic" Star Trek movies, while including on-the-scene reporting from the set of the brand-new film, Star Trek: Generations.

Writing with the same informative and entertaining flair of the first book, Shatner here discloses all of the chaos, creative turmoil, backstage politics and production haps and mishaps that permeated every one of the movies. And with the same unflinching candor he reveals the accumulated grudges that haven't yet mellowed with the passage of time. Drawing on in-depth interviews as well as Shatner's private reminiscences, the book recounts stories about Paramount's subtle maneuverings to weaken Gene Roddenberry's creative control following Star Trek I; how Kirk's love interest in Star Trek IV began as a role for Eddie Murphy; the creative and production nightmares of Star Trek V; and more.

To top it all off, Star Trek Movie Memories offers up-to-the-minute coverage of the seventh film, in which the "classic" crew passes the torch to Patrick Stewart and the cast of The Next Generation -- and Shatner faces the biggest challenge of his acting life as Kirk.

Brimming with anecdotes, fascinating trivia and more than one hundred never-before-seen photos, Star Trek Movie Memories will provide Trekkers with enough titillating tidbits to chew on well into Stardate 2000.


Though told from the perspective of just one person, this is one of the more important nonfiction books, because few of them are about the movies. Pocket published official "Making Of" books for only three of them. Many of the other former cast members discuss the movies in their books, but rarely in as much detail as Shatner and Kreski do here. I'd like to see a book by Harve Bennett about the Trek movies he produced, but until that happens, this is one of the more important books as far as the movies are concerned.

Tests of CourageStar Trek: Tests of Courage
Howard Weinstein, Rod Whigham, Gordon Purcell, Arne Starr, and Carlos Garzon
DC Comics


My Cup Runneth Over: An Introduction by George Takei
Divide... and Conquer
Battle Stations!
Prisoners of War?
Collision Course
Afterword by Howard Weinstein
Cover Gallery


A new ship
A new captain
A new danger

Hikaru Sulu, newly installed as captain of the U.S.S. Excelsior, has his baptism of fire in this adventure. Joining him to solve the mystery of a vanished cache of dangerous weaponry are his old compatriots on the U.S.S. Enterprise.

"It's... a human drama of old friendships and the testing of new relationships, of the obsession with power and the search for the coexistence of infinite diversity in infinite combinations. And for me personally, it is an enormously satisfying tale of the emergence of the indomitable team of two starship captains working in dynamic concert with each other -- the grizzled war horse, James Tiberius Kirk, and a new leader stepping out on his own from Kirk's tutelage, Hikaru Sulu.

"Howie Weinstein is a storyteller of compelling power and delicate nuance. With Tests of Courage, he has written a rip-snorting blast of a space opera."

George Takei
From his introduction


First titled "The Tabukan Syndrome" when it ran in DC's Star Trek comic issues 35-40 in 1992, this is a prequel to Star Trek VI by Trek novelist Howard Weinstein.

Future's PastStar Trek: The Next Generation: "Future's Past"
Corey Sandler
Brady Games
98 pages


How to Play the Game
About the Crew
Warping and Beaming
Space Conflict
Away Team
Battle Stations
Away Team Missions: Transporting
Away Team Missions: Conducting a Mission
Seeking Advice
Repairing Your Ship
Inventory Items
Going to the Starbases
Game Over
Future's Past: The Game
The Story Begins: Dr. T'Lirus Sends a Distress Signal
Act I: The Beginning
Act II: What is the IFD?
Act III: The IFD Appears
Secrets of the Game: The Walkthroughs
Rescuing Dr. T'Lirus on Codis Mu VI
Clearing the Derelict Ship
The Mining Colony
Fizaal's Happy Haven
The Hijacked Ship
The Ice World
The 3-Moon World


Your official guide to the final challenge!

Secrets! Maps! Tips! Tricks!

The ammunition you need to meet your final challenge!


This is a typical Brady Games game guide, heavily illustrated (mainly in black and white), including maps, a decision tree, and index, and more.

Original series coverStar Trek: "Where No One Has Gone Before": A History in Pictures
J.M. Dillard
208 pages


Star Trek: The Original Series
Star Trek: The In-Between Years
Star Trek: The Films
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Star Trek: Voyager
and the Future


"Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Her five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where no man has gone before..."

These words, first spoken on television on September 8, 1966, gave the world its first glimpse of Gene Roddenberry's vision of the future. Since that day nearly thirty years ago, Star Trek has become the most incredible collaborative effort ever seen in motion pictures, television, and publishing -- a phenomenon that has inspired seven movies, four television series, and a line of bestselling books. Star Trek's popularity is astounding; nearly fifty percent of the American public proudly proclaim themselves to be Star Trek fans.

At last, to celebrate Star Trek's heroic vision for humanity, Pocket Books is thrilled to present Star Trek's definitive history: Star Trek: "Where No One Has Gone Before": A History in Pictures. A treasury of beautiful color photographs, this unique commemorative volume was inspired by the undying loyalty of Star Trek fans throughout the world. Their unprecedented loyalty can be attributed to a unique aspect of Star Trek's appeal -- the characters. Time and again, audiences return to thrill to the latest adventures of their favorite crew members -- whether it's Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock of The Original Series, or the inhabitants of space station Deep Space Nine -- these memorable on-screen personalities have kept the Star Trek magic alive, and keep the fans coming back for more.

This ultimate, deluxe collector's edition features personal accounts, anecdotes, and full-color photographs from the actors, fans, and back-stage professionals who helped make the show so incredibly popular.

The entertaining and informative text provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the world of Star Trek and includes essays by the master of science fiction and science fact, the late Dr. Isaac Asimov. The photo selection is the result of an exhaustive search for the best in Star Trek photography. Many of the images are from private collections and have never before been published -- anywhere.

Star Trek: "Where No One Has Gone Before" is a book for all Star Trek fans, from the most loyal enthusiast to the casual viewer -- anyone who has marveled at the unparalleled adventures that continue to transport us all to the final frontier.


This colorful hardcover is the first of Pocket's big, expensive coffee table books... but that honor was originally supposed to go to Gene Roddenberry and Susan Sackett's Star Trek: The First 25 Years, which was scheduled for publication in 1991 but never appeared. (See the Lost Books page for more information.) According to Sackett, a considerable amount of the work she did for that volume ended up in this one, and she is acknowledged on the title page as one of several contributors of additional material.

The original hardcover was available in two different dustwrappers, one with the Enterprise 1701-A of the movies, the other with the 1701-D of The Next Generation. An updated 1996 paperback edition combined the two cover images.

As a pleasant surprise, the animated series makes a brief appearance in the book, though one of the scenes is clearly not an actual cel but something colored in with markers (the strokes are clearly visible).

Star Wreck 7 coverStar Wreck 7: Space: The Fido Frontier
Leah Rewolinski, illustrations by Harry Trumbore
St. Martin's Paperbacks
134 pages


It's a doggy dog world

"Sic 'em!" Starfreak Command's order sends Capt. Jean-Lucy Ricardo sniffing the Gummi Quadrant after Laika, the first dog in space. But the wily dogstronaut won't give up without a bite. Then Capt. James T. Smirk joins the chase, creating another bone of contention.

Can Geek-Space-Niners Doda and Major Vera guide these ships to Laika, or are the captains barking up the wrong tree? As Smirk romances the hostile Vera, will she break his heart -- or bite his leg? And will the dogged pursuit of Counselor Dee Troit by Cmdr. Wilson Piker and Lt. Commander Dacron be the first love triangle to become a wrecktangle? You'll find the answers to these and other inane, canine questions in the ultimate shaggy dog story...


Last of seven Star Wreck parodies. The blurb should be enough for you to judge whether you'll find these amusing.

To the StarsTo the Stars: The Autobiography of George Takei, Star Trek's Mr. Sulu (audio)
George Takei
406 pages


Silver Anniversary
An American Beginning
Journey to Arkansas
Rohwer Remembrances
Chill Wind of Tule Lake
Home Again
Growing Up Different
Tacos and Mariachis
Mt. Vernon Days
To Be or Not to Be
Separate Dreams
To Be an Actor
Wild Luck
Burton and Guinness
Fly Blackbird!
Return to Hollywood
The Trek Begins
Meeting Mr. Rosenbury
Where I Had Never Gone Before
The Launching
Return to Tomorrow
Mission: Impossible
Life After Cancellation
Political Animal
the Campaign Run
Rapid Transit
Ventures and Enterprises
Star Trek Lives
The Motion Picture
Wrath of Khan and Other Demons
Don't Call Me Tiny
Trek Wars
River Kwai to Edinburgh
Trek Wars, the Sequel
Captain Sulu at Last!
Live Long and Prosper


Best known as Mr. Sulu, helmsman of the Starship Enterprise and Captain of the Starship Excelsior, George Takei is beloved by millions as part of the command team that has taken audiences to new vistas of adventure in Star Trek -- the unprecedented television and feature film phenomenon.

From the program's death at the hands of the network to its rebirth in the hearts and minds of loyal fans, the Star Trek story has blazed its own path into out recent cultural history, leading to a series of blockbuster feature films and three new versions of Star Trek for television.

While the public record of Star Trek is familiar to us all, much of the real story is not. Starting with Star Trek's inception and encompassing its breakneck production schedule, the show's cancellation and its renewed life in films, George Takei gives a unique firsthand account of the creative experiences, personalities, and egos behind the thirty-year Star Trek phenomenon.

The Star Trek story is one of boundless hope and crushing disappointment, wrenching rivalries and incredible achievements. It is also the story of how, after nearly thirty years, the cast of characters from a unique but poorly rated television show have come to be known to millions of Americans and people around the world as family.

For George Takei, the Star Trek adventure is intertwined with his personal odyssey through adversity -- a uniquely American story that began long before he became part of a television and film legend, and was recognized as a legitimate cultural icon.

In 1942, soon after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, President Franklin D. Roosevelt authorized the removal of over 110,000 Japanese-Americans to "relocation" camps. Among those forced into internment camps were the Takei family, which included four-year-old George.

But for George Takei it began as an adventure -- a strange and wonderful journey to an exotic, faraway land called Arkansas. The reality of living in the camps, however, was harrowing. Only incredible courage and sheer will on the part of George's parents brought his family through the experience with a strong sense of purpose, a determination to overcome bitterness, and a renewed dedication to remain involved in the American democratic process.

George and his family returned to Los Angeles at the end of World War II, where George's experiences and his parents' courageous example propelled him to become politically active. This interest led him to run for a Los Angeles City Council seat and eleven years on the board of directors of the Southern California Rapid Transit District, making him part of the team that initiated and planned the Los Angeles subway system.

In Hollywood, he pursued his ambition to succeed as an actor -- at a time when Asian faces were rarely seen on television and movie screens. then George Takei had his first fateful meeting with an idealistic young producer named Gene Roddenberry, who was working on a new television series: a "space thing" that dealt with life in the future.

Star Trek means much more to George Takei than an extraordinary career that has spanned thirty years. For an American whose ideals faced such a severe test, Star Trek represents a shining embodiment of the American Dream -- the promise of an optimistic future in which people from all over the world contribute to a common destiny.


One of many original series cast autobiographies, Takei's deals with more than Star Trek, as the blurb suggests. It's also one of only two autobiographies to be published by Pocket, along with James Doohan's. Unlike Doohan's, which appeared as a trade paperback in 1996, Takei's book was first published as a hardcover book. A trade paperback edition, revised for a young adult readership, appeared in 1995.

Trek Celebration Two
James Van Hise
166 pages


Not seen. Another Hal Schuster publication.

Trek Crew CompanionTrek Crew Companion
James Van Hise
377 pages


Intro: The Crews
Meet the Cast of DS9
The Classic Crew
Captain Kirk
William Shatner
Mr. Spock
Leonard Nimoy
Dr. McCoy
De Forest Kelley
Montgomery Scott
James Doohan
Mr. Sulu
George Takei
Nichelle Nichols
The Next Generation
Capt. Picard
Patrick Stewart
William T. Riker
Jonathan Frakes
Brent Spiner
Deanna Troi
Marina Sirtis
Geordi La Forge
LeVar Burton
Michael Dorn
Dr. Beverly Crusher
Gates McFadden
Whoopi Goldberg
The Deep Space Nine
Ben Sisko
Avery Brooks
Kira Nerys
Nana Visitor
Miles O'Brien
Colm Meaney
Keiko O'Brien
Rosalind Chao
Dr. Bashir
Siddig El Fadil
Jadzia Dax
Terry Farrell
Rene Auberjonois
Armin Shimerman


Completely revised and updated!

The Trek Crew Book, The Next Generation Crew Book and The Deep Space Nine Crew Book are three of the most popular books published about Star Trek. They offer complete biographies of each performer, exclusive interviews and detailed profiles of each fictional character. Now, for the first time, every major Trek player appears in one very thick volume. This is a special extravaganza that will bring happiness and joy to millions of Trek fans.


A typical Hal Schuster publication, this recycles the contents of previous books in a book made thick largely thanks to large type and plenty of white space. The front cover even claims that all four series are covered, though there's not a word inside on Voyager. However, some of the content (from The Trek Crew Book, at least) was extensively rewritten, so the claim to being revised is accurate. Everything else is questionable.

Trek in the 24th Century: The Next Generation and Deep Space
James Van Hise
164 pages


Not seen. Another Hal Schuster publication.

Trek: The EncyclopediaTrek: The Encyclopedia
Hal Schuster and Wendy Rathbone


Trek: The Encyclopedia
Appendix One: A List of All Series Episodes in Order of Appearance and Season
Appendix Two: A List of All Star Trek Novels in Order of Appearance


Every actor
Every planet
Every director
Every alien race
Every writer
Every ship
Every story
Every device

"This is the definitive reference work for every person interested in the Star Trek phenomenon." - Enterprise Incidents


Definitive? Hardly. The production values in this Hal Schuster product are typically poor. Apparently someone ran a sort on the entries on the book and didn't notice that entries starting with quotation marks appeared at the beginning of the book ("I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen" is the first entry). Unusually for Schuster, this is not a recycled version of John Peel's unauthorized Trek encyclopedia, which Schuster published in three versions; it's a new book, with Next Generation and Deep Space Nine material. HarperCollins inexplicably decided to reprint this material (with some editing and quality control) in mass market paperback as Trek: The Unauthorized A-Z in 1995.

Trek Universal IndexTrek Universal Index
Thomas Maxwell
120 pages


Artifacts, Plants, Plagues, Phrases, Procedures, Substances, Beliefs, Designations & Devices
Character Index
Planets & Places


In the course of its 30-year history, Trek has continued to expand and develop its unique universe, offering its fans a wide variety of alien creatures, bizarre worlds, and future technology as featured in the classic series, six feature films, The Next Generation and, now, Deep Space.

The Trek Universal Index, written by Thomas Maxwell, is the first-ever guide to the various alien races and the worlds which they inhabit, weaponry spanning one edge of the final frontier to the other, the numerous vessels which have filled the galaxy, from the Enterprise to the S.S. Botany Bay; space stations establishing the interstellar presence of the Federation; and the numerous characters who have brought Trek in all its incarnations to life.

This is the ultimate Trek reference book.


Despite the enthusiasm of the blurb writer, this is not the ultimate Trek reference book, nor is it the best Trek reference book of 1994; that would be the official Star Trek Encyclopedia. Maxwell's book is a short encyclopedia, with very short entries and no illustrations. Its selling point in 1994 was that it was considerably less expensive than Pocket's authorized book.

Quiz BookThe Ultimate Unauthorized Star Trek Quiz Book
Robert W. Bly
162 pages


In the Beginning
The Starships of Star Trek
Cast and Crew
Star Trek: The TV Series -- The First Season
Star Trek: The TV Series -- The Second Season
Star Trek: The TV Series -- The Third Season
Oh, Captain, My Captain: The Life and Times of William Shatner
Leonard Nimoy
DeForest Kelley
George Takei
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Star Trek at the Movies
The Great Creator: Gene Roddenberry
Star Trek Authors
Star Trek in Print
Star Trek: The Animated Series
Close Encounters of the Trek Kind: Alien Races on Star Trek
Gods and Semi-Gods
Exploration and Adventure: The Planets of Star Trek
High-Tech Trek: Amazing Technologies of Star Trek

Front Cover Blurb

Over 750 multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank and mix-and-match questions and answers covering the entire Star Trek phenomenon -- TV shows, books and movies -- from the original pilot to The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine


It's a trivia quiz book. What more is there to say? Hard to see what makes this the "ultimate" quiz book, though. It was followed by another trivia book by Bly, Why You Should Never Beam Down in a Red Shirt, in 1996.

Unauthorized Trek: Deep Space: The Voyage ContinuesThe Unauthorized Trek: Deep Space: The Voyage Continues
James Van Hise and Hal Schuster
Pioneer Books
198 pages


Season Two
The Books
The Larry King Show
The Aliens
The Dominion
The Maquis
Stories: Season Two
The Armageddon Game
Playing God
Profit and Loss
Blood Oath
The Maquis - Part I
The Maquis - Part II
The Wire
The Collaborator
The Jem'Hadar


Deep Space Nine has one of the largest ensemble casts of any show on television. How have these characters been developed since the series debut in January 1993 and what does the future hold for them?

Deep Space: The Voyage Continues answers these questions, exploring every fascinating facet of the series. Detailed reviews of every story, including cast and crew credits, will not merely rehash the plots but critically evaluate how well the creative personnel succeeded in achieving their goals.

Other topics explored include the religion of Bajor, the planet around which the space station orbits, and mysteries of the Gamma Quadrant and the worlds beyond the wormhole. Deep Space: The Voyage Continues reveals many behind-the-scenes secrets about the latest addition to the Star Trek universe.


A typically shoddy Hal Schuster production, as the error in the blurb suggests (the station was moved out of Bajor's orbit during the very first episode of the series). Very large print and lots of white space on the pages pad out what could be an uninspired collection of magazine articles into a book. The book covers only the last two thirds of the show's second season.

Pocket Star Trek Novels

Star Trek: The Original Series

Hardcovers and trade paperbacks

Sarek(Star Trek) Sarek (audio)
A.C. Crispin


The smash Star Trek hardcover series began with Spock's World, a huge New York Times bestseller that set the tone for a series of epic space adventures based on the enduring Star Trek mythos. Since Spock's World, all five Star Trek hardcovers, including the recent title Best Destiny, have also become national bestsellers. Following in the tradition begun by Spock's World, Pocket Books is now proud to present Sarek, the sweeping story of the life of Spock's full-Vulcan father.

Ambassador Sarek has fascinated and delighted Star Trek fans since he was introduced in 1967 in the Star Trek episode "Journey to Babel." Sarek later made appearances in various Star Trek films and became the first Original Series character to be the focus of a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode.

Since his introduction, the coolly logical Sarek has been the subject of endless speculation. Now, finally, comes a book that spans Sarek's life and illustrious career as one of the Federation's premier ambassadors as well as his unprecedented marriage to a human woman, and the conflict with his son, Spock, that led to an eighteen-year estrangement between the two men.

The novel begins after the events of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Spock's mother, Amanda Grayson, is dying, and Spock returns to the planet Vulcan, where he and Sarek enjoy a rare moment of rapprochement. But just as his wife's illness grows worse, duty calls Sarek away -- once again sowing the seeds of conflict between father and son. Yet soon Sarek and Spock must put aside their differences and work together to foil a far-reaching plot to destroy the Federation -- a plot that Sarek has seen in the making for nearly his entire career.

The epic story will take the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise to the heart of the Klingon Empire, where Captain Kirk's last surviving relative has become a pawn in the battle to divide the Federation... and conquer it. With Sarek's help, the crew of the Starship Enterprise learns that all is not as it seems. Before they can prevent the Federation's destruction, the crew must see the face of their hidden enemy -- an enemy more insidious and more dangerous than any they have faced before....


Crispin's first hardcover novel is about Spock's father. Though Sarek dies in The Next Generation's timeframe, the novel is set during the original series era.

Paperback novels

Firestorm(Star Trek 68) Firestorm
L.A. Graf


When a convert Elasian mining operation interferes with a Federation geological expedition, Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise are dispatched to the planet Rakatan to mediate between the rival parties. The Elasian Dohlman claims that the planet and its dilithium deposits are hers. But the geologists warn that if Rakatan Mons -- the galaxy's largest stratovolcano -- should erupt while the Elasians are mining its flanks, no amount of dilithium will save them.

While Lt. Commander Uhura and a landing party struggle to determine if the Dohlman's claim is true, Captain Kirk puts his ship on the line to keep the two sides from each other's throats. Soon, however, concerns over the planet's ownership are overshadowed by the arrival of a hostile Elasian armada and a cataclysmic volcanic explosion on the surface that threatens all parties with a deadly shower of destruction...


One of several novels by the pseudonymous writing team of Julia Ecklar and Karen Rose Cercone, this is a sequel to the episode "Elaan of Troyius."

Patrian Transgression(Star Trek 69) The Patrian Transgression
Simon Hawke


The U.S.S. Enterprise is sent to Patria I to discuss that world's application for Federation membership. But Captain Kirk and his landing party soon discover that the Patrians have a strict system of laws -- laws that are enforced by a telepathic police force.

In the midst of this startling revelation, the crew finds themselves in the middle of Patria's growing political unrest. Caught between the Patrian telepathic police force and a deadly group of terrorists, Kirk, Spock and the others must fight for their lives on a world where their thoughts make them criminals -- and all crimes are punishable by death.


This is one of a few Trek novels by Hawke.

Traitor Winds(Star Trek 70 (Lost Years 3)) Traitor Winds
L.A. Graf


It began with The Lost Years, the long-awaited story of what happened to Captain Kirk and the legendary crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise when their original five-year mission ended. Now, it is more than a year later, and Kirk and his crew have settled into their new, separate assignments.

But when Sulu and Chekov find themselves framed for murder and treason, the two officers are forced to go into hiding. As Admiral Kirk and Uhura frantically search for evidence to prove Sulu and Chekov innocent, they uncover a plot that threatens the very foundations of Starfleet.

The web of conspiracy is woven tighter as the real culprits and Federation agents close in on the fugitives. Unsure of whom to trust and with time running out, the former U.S.S. Enterprise shipmates must once again rely on each other to find the truth and prevent the Federation from facing utter destruction.


One of many Graf novels, this is the third of four books in the Lost Years series. Originally, the series was planned as a trilogy consisting of the novels The Lost Years by J.M. Dillard, A Flag Full of Stars by Brad Ferguson, and The War Virus by Irene Kress, but increasing editorial constraints from Paramount's Star Trek office changed the plans and delayed the completion of the series by a couple of years. Ferguson's book was substantially rewritten by Dillard to meet Paramount demands, and Kress's novel was never published. Instead, Traitor Winds and the fourth book, Recovery by J.M Dillard, eventually appeared.

Crossroad(Star Trek 71) Crossroad
Barbara Hambly


The crew of the Nautilus, a battered Starship of mysterious origin, is beamed aboard the Starship Enterprise. The group claims they are freedom fighters from the future working to save the Federation from the Consilium -- a group of corrupt power-seekers.

But when the Nautilus crew members suddenly seize control of the U.S.S. Enterprise, and a Starship from the future arrives to arrest the renegades, Kirk must separate his true allies from those who wish to destroy the Federation.


This is one of several Trek novels by Hambly, who has also written many popular horror and fantasy novels.

Better Man(Star Trek 72) The Better Man
Howard Weinstein


When the planet Empyrea, a colony of genetically perfected human beings, demands that the Federation remove a science station which has been in place for nearly twenty years, the Starship Enterprise is assigned to transport to the planet the Federation ambassador who negotiated with the Empyreans long ago -- an ambassador who was once Dr. McCoy's closest friend, but is now a bitter rival.

On Empyrea, McCoy discovers Anna, a daughter he never knew he had. McCoy soon realizes that the isolationist Empyreans must not learn her father is an off-worlder, and that her genes are less than "perfect." As relations with the Empyreans collapse around him, McCoy must find a way to save his newfound daughter from the harshest penalty her planet can impose!


As of early 2000, this is the last Trek novel by Weinstein, who wrote five previous Trek novels, an episode of the animated Star Trek ("The Pirates of Orion"), and several issues of DC's Star Trek comics.

Star Trek: The Next Generation


paperback reprint cover(Star Trek: The Next Generation) All Good Things... (audio)
Michael Jan Friedman


In the last seven years, Captain Picard and the crew of the Starship Enterprise have visited strange new worlds, encountered life in all its galactic diversity, and faced deadlier enemies than man has ever known. They have truly gone where no one has gone before, and in the process made Star Trek: The Next Generation into the most successful syndicated dramatic program of all time. Now, after seven years, their television journey is coming to a close. Pocket Books is proud to present the novelization of the classic final episode.

Seven years ago, Captain Jean-Luc Picard first faced the judgment of the Q Continuum -- a race of beings with godlike powers over time and space who presumed to gauge humanity's fitness to exist in the Galaxy. Seven years ago they suspended judgment, but now their decision has been reached: The human race will be eliminated, not only in the present, but throughout time. Humanity will never have existed at all.

The only chance to save mankind lies with Captain Picard. An old enemy has granted him the power to revisit his life as it was seven years before, and to experience his life twenty-five years in the future. With the help of friendships that span time and space, Picard struggles to defeat the plans of the Q Continuum. But even as he fights to save the human race from total extinction, he has been set up to be the unwitting agent of Mankind's destruction.

In his effort to save humanity, Picard must sacrifice himself and all those he loves... perhaps more than once. And if their sacrifice fails, all Mankind is doomed.


An adaptation of The Next Generation's two-hour finale, this was the first Star Trek adaptation to appear as a hardcover in its original release. (Some previous Trek movie adaptations may have had hardcover book club releases, and the Blish original series adaptations were reprinted in The Star Trek Reader series.)

Star Trek Generations(Star Trek: The Next Generation) Star Trek: Generations (audio)
J.M. Dillard


Star Trek: A voyage that began well over twenty-five years ago when Captain Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 set out on a journey that took television viewers to new frontiers of the imagination -- and then burst out onto the silver screen. The voyage that continued through a series of blockbuster feature films and two more top-rated television series now enters a new era -- the next generation of Star Trek motion pictures.

Following the incredible hardcover success of All Good Things..., the novelization of the final episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Pocket Books is poud to present -- in hardcover -- the novelization of Star Trek Generations.

The story begins with the launching of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-B and the mysterious disappearance of Captain James T. Kirk. Then, seventy-eight years later, Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D receives a distress call from a remote scientific observatory.

Picard learns that a newly developed superweapon has been stolen by a desperate scientist with an insane plot. Facing the most difficult task of his career, Captain Picard must seek out the one person with the power to help him, a person long thought dead: Captain James T. Kirk.

Together, the two captains will be tested as they've never been before. And both men will be forced to make the greatest sacrifices of their careers to save countless millions from a madman with a plan for mass destruction.


This is the adaptation of the movie. Following the lead of the All Good Things... adaptation, this was also a hardcover release. Unlike typical Pocket hardcovers, though, which usually appear in bookstores a year or less later with their text unchanged, Generations was significantly revised for its paperback reprinting in 1995. The ending of the film was reshot at the last minute, after the book had been finished, and the hardcover was printed with the movie's original ending. The paperback was revised to reflect the changed ending.

Star Trek: Generations(Star Trek: The Next Generation) Star Trek: Generations
John Vornholt
Pocket Minstrel


Best of both worlds

Captain James T. Kirk is on hand as an honorary observer for the maiden voyage of the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-B when it encounters an unknown temporal phenomenon ripping through the galaxy. Attempting to rescue survivors of a damaged ship within the danger zone, the legendary Captain Kirk mysteriously disappears.

Seventy-eight years later, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D, receive a distress call from a remote scientific observatory. Picard learns that a newly developed superweapon has been stolen by a desperate scientist with an insane plot.

While Commander Riker, Data, Worf and the rest of the crew battle deadly Klingon renegades, Captain Picard must seek out the one person with the power to help him: Captain James T. Kirk.

Together the two captains will make the greatest sacrifices of their careers to save millions of people from a madman bent on destroying the universe!


This is the novelization for younger readers, published in the same format as the Pocket Minstrel young adult novels.

Hardcovers and trade paperbacks

Q-Squared(Star Trek: The Next Generation) Q-Squared (audio)
Peter David


Continuing the bestselling tradition begun by Star Trek hardcovers like Spock's World, Imzadi, Best Destiny, and The Devil's Heart, Pocket Books is proud to present the newest epic adventure starring Captain Picard and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D.

In all of his travels, Captain Jean-Luc Picard has never faced an opponent more powerful than Q, a being from another continuum that Picard encountered on his very first mission as captain of the Starship Enterprise. In the years since, Q has returned again and again to harass Picard and his crew. Sometimes dangerous, sometimes merely obnoxious, Q has always been mysterious and seemingly all-powerful.

But this time, when Q appears, he comes to Picard for help. Apparently another member of the Q continuum has tapped into an awesome power source that makes this being more powerful than the combined might of the entire Q continuum. This renegade Q is named Trelane -- also known as the Squire of Gothos, who Captain Kirk and his crew first encountered over one hundred years ago. Q explains that, armed with this incredible power, Trelane has become unspeakably dangerous.

Now Picard must get involved in an awesome struggle between super beings. And this time the stakes are not just Picard's ship, or the galaxy, or even the universe -- this time the stakes are all of creation....


The second hardcover and second Q novel by the prolific Peter David is a sequel to the original series episode "The Squire of Gothos."

Paperback novels

Sins of Commission(Star Trek: The Next Generation 29) Sins of Commission
Susan Wright


While on a mission to save the planet Lessenar from environmental collapse, the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise becomes entangled in a web of treachery and murder.

When a member of a strange, emotion-casting race is killed on board the ship, all evidence points to Lieutenant Worf and one of his oldest friends. Soon the crew of the Starship Enterprise is crippled by an emotional onslaught as the surviving aliens respond in anger and pain to the death of their comrade.

Worf must overcome this alien influence and find the true killer with the destruction of the Starship Enterprise, the survival of Lessenar, and his Klingon honor hanging in the balance....


This is the first of Wright's many Trek novels.

Debtor's Planet(Star Trek: The Next Generation 30) Debtor's Planet
W.R. Thompson


When a Vulcan space probe reports that the Ferengi are advancing the people of the planet Megara from a primitive agricultural state to a sophisticated technological society, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the Starship Enterprise are ordered to transport an unlikely passenger to the system, a ruthless twentieth-century businessman who is now a Federation ambassador.

The Ferengi have been changing Megaran culture, turning a hard working and honorable people into vicious xenophobic killers. But the Ferengi are only hired hands. They have hidden masters, with plans to use the Megaran people as a powerful weapon against the Federation.

Now Picard must find a way to use the talents of this new ambassador to free the Megarans. But the ambassador is hiding a deadly secret of his own -- a secret that could unleash an unstoppable destructive force on the Federation.


The first of Thompson's two novels, this is a sequel to the Next Generation episode "Neutral Zone."

Foreign Foes(Star Trek: The Next Generation 31) Foreign Foes
Dave Galanter and Greg Brodeur


The Hidran race and the Klingon Empire have been at each other's throats for seventy years, and Captain Jean-Luc Picard has been asked to do the near-impossible: take the U.S.S. Enterprise to the planet Velex to mediate a treaty that will end the conflict between these two aggressive species. Things get off to a rocky start -- then turn deadly as the Hidran ambassador mysteriously dies, and kills a Klingon delegate in a last act of vengeance.

When Lt. Worf is charged with the ambassador's assassination, and Commander Riker and Counselor Troi are trapped far below the surface of the planet, Captain Picard must not only act to save the Hidrans and Klingons from each other, but to save his Klingon officer from a hideous death sentence...


Although Greg Brodeur is an uncredited collaborator on novels by his wife, Diane Carey, this is the first novel on which his name appears, and his first collaboration with Dave Galanter. The pair have written several more books together.

Requiem(Star Trek: The Next Generation 32) Requiem
Michael Jan Friedman and Kevin Ryan


Twenty-five years ago, Captain Jean-Luc Picard conducted breakthrough negotiations with an aggressive race called the Gorn. Now, on the anniversary of that achievement, Captain Picard and the U.S.S. Enterprise are headed for the Gorn Homeworld to continue that important work.

But when the ship stops to investigate a mysterious alien artifact, Captain Picard is suddenly hurled through time and space. Just as Commander Riker and the Starship Enterprise crew begin an impossible search for their captain, the Gorn summit goes terribly wrong.

As war looms over the galaxy and Picard is desperately needed on the Gorn Homeworld, the captain finds himself stranded in the past on a planet called Cestus III at a crucial turning point in Federation history. Now, caught in a deadly situation that challenges Picard's most cherished beliefs, he must weigh the fate of a world against the future of the entire Federation...


One of Friedman's many Trek novels, this is one of his few collaborations. Kevin Ryan was the editor of the Star Trek novels at Pocket for several years, and this is his first credit as a Trek novelist. His Star Trek trilogy Errand of Vengeance was published in 2002. 

Requiem is an indirect sequel to the original series episode "Arena."

Young adult books

Capture the Flag(Star Trek: The Next Generation Starfleet Academy 4) Capture the Flag
John Vornholt
Pocket Minstrel


Before he was an officer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise...

It's Geordi's first year at the Starfleet Academy, and it isn't going well. He's been all over the galaxy with his Starfleet officer parents, and his blindness has not been a handicap, thanks to his VISOR. But somehow he's always picked last for competitive teams, and deep down he wants to be just like all the other confident students.

When he defeats Cadet Jack Pettey's top-ranked team in an elimination game, Geordi wins the respect of his classmates... and the hatred of Pettey. The big, aggressive cadet promises revenge, and the scheduled training exercises on Saffair are just the place.

Saffair is an uninhabited planet with less gravity than Earth. The cadets are under a great deal of pressure to perform well in the important and challenging games. The team Geordi assembles includes an Andorian, a Tellarite, a Vulcan, and a Saurian. They are not an impressive bunch, but they're all determined to do their best.

Geordi and his team soon find themselves struggling against the ruthless Jack Pettey, who is determined to get revenge on Geordi... and will stop at nothing to win!


After three books about Worf's Academy days, the series turns to Geordi LaForge's time as a cadet.

Atlantis Station(Star Trek: The Next Generation Starfleet Academy 5) Atlantis Station
V.E. Mitchell
Pocket Minstrel



Geordi LaForge and his fellow cadets are headed to Atlantis Station, the underwater research base located near a volcano in the Atlantic Ocean. Up until now Geordi has spent most of his life in space with his Starfleet officer parents and he is more than ready to explore this strange, new world deep underwater.

The first stop for the cadets is the above-ground complex on Isla del Fuego, where the students barely escape a small volcanic eruption. They finally arrive at the underwater station shaken and fighting among themselves, but determined to carry out their assignments.

Then suddenly an earthquake rocks the station and the cadets are trapped in their lab with tempers running high. Now, as debris blocks their path back to the aquashuttle, Geordi and the others, together, must race against time and the dangers of the freezing seawater to escape the station before it disappears into an underwater abyss!


Mitchell's fourth (and thus far final) Trek novel is the second story of Geordi LaForge's Academy days.

(Star Trek: The Next Generation) Contamination
Joanne Suter and John Vornholt
Globe Fearon

(Star Trek: The Next Generation) Masks
Joanne Suter and John Vornholt
Globe Fearon

(Star Trek: The Next Generation) Q-in-Law
Joanne Suter and Peter David
Globe Fearon

(Star Trek: The Next Generation) Spartacus
Joanne Suter and T.L. Mancour
Globe Fearon

(Star Trek: The Next Generation) War Drums
Joanne Suter and John Vornholt
Globe Fearon

(Star Trek: The Next Generation) Teacher's Guide: War Drums, Contamination, Masks, Q-in-Law, Spartacus
Joanne Suter
Globe Fearon


Globe Fearon is an educational books company that was owned by Simon & Schuster, which still owns Pocket Books. These books, and a similar set of Deep Space Nine books published in 1996, were young adult novels rewritten from the original Trek novels by Joanne Suter. The Teacher's Guide, according to Corey Tacker, is a 30-page booklet. Thanks to Corey and Jim McCain for the information.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


Search(Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) The Search
Diane Carey


The Dominion: The mysterious rulers of the worlds on the other side of the wormhole. The Dominion: a ruthless planet-conquering race unknown even to those they rule. The Dominion: the most dangerous foe the Federation may ever face.

At the edge of the wormhole, the space station Deep Space Nine and the planet Bajor sit on what will be the front line in any Dominion attack. To try and prevent the conflict, Commander Benjamin Sisko and his crew take a never-tested Federation warship through the wormhole to track down and confront the Dominion. If Commander Sisko fails, not only the Federation, but the Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians and all the worlds of the Alpha Quadrant will face an interstellar war they cannot win.


This is a novelization of the two-part episode.

Paperback novels

Fallen Heroes(Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 5) Fallen Heroes (audio)
Dafydd ab Hugh


When a troop of alien warriors demands the return of an imprisoned comrade -- a prisoner no one on Deep Space Nine knows anything about -- Commander Benjamin Sisko has a deadly fight on his hands. Under sudden attack from the heavily armed warriors, Sisko and his crew struggle desperately to repel the invaders and save the lives of everyone on board.

Meanwhile, a strange device from the Gamma Quadrant has shifted Ferengi barkeeper Quark and Security Chief Odo three days into the future to a silent Deep Space Nine. To save the station they must discover what caused the invasion to take place -- and find a pathway back through time itself.


This is ab Hugh's first Trek novel. Dafydd ab Hugh is not a pen name for Peter David, though rumors to the effect have been circulating for years.

Betrayal(Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 6) Betrayal
Lois Tilton


Ambassadors from all over the Federation have assembled on Deep Space Nine for a conference that will determine the future of the planet Bajor. Keeping dozens of ambassadors happy is hard enough, but when hidden terrorists start blowing up the station, Commander Benjamin Sisko must track a hidden enemy who strikes at will. Then things get even worse: A new Cardassian commander arrives, demanding the return of Deep Space Nine to the Cardassian Empire. With Deep Space Nine now a dangerous minefield, Sisko must defuse a situation that threatens the very existence of the planet Bajor.


This is the only Trek novel by Tilton, who had previously written vampire novels. She also wrote Accusations, a Babylon 5 novel.

Warchild(Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 7) Warchild
Esther Friesner


A message left behind by the Kai Opaka gives Commander Benjamin Sisko a fateful mission: Find a young Bajoran girl destined to be a great healer who could bring together the warring factions of Bajor. While Lt. Dax tries to find the healer, Dr. Bashir goes planetside to treat a rare disease that is killing the children in Bajor's resettlement camps.

Surrounded by thousands of dying children, Bashir goes A.W.O.L. from Deep Space Nine, vowing not to return until the plague has been stopped. But by the time Dax finds the girl from the Kai's prophecy the child has fallen victim to the plague. Now, with the fate of the entire planet at stake, Commander Sisko must find Dr. Bashir in time to save the child who may be Bajor's last chance for peace....


This is Friesner's first Trek novel. She has written a number of fantasy novels, and edited several anthologies.

Antimatter(Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 8) Antimatter
John Vornholt


The Bajoran shipyard is assigned to build an engine for a new starship -- a project which could be instrumental in revitalizing the planet's war-ravished economy. As Commander Sisko awaits the arrival of a tanker containing the antimatter that will power the starship, a band of hijackers captures the extremely valuable cargo and escapes through the wormhole.

When the hijacking spurs a political debate, Major Kira struggles to mediate the dispute between the opposing factions. Meanwhile, Sisko makes a desperate move to retrieve the antimatter. With the stability of the Bajoran economy at stake, Sisko, Dax, and Odo infiltrate the hijackers -- a move that could have deadly consequences for them and the planet Bajor...


This is one of Vornholt's many Trek novels.

Young adult books

The Star Ghost(Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 1) The Star Ghost
Brad Strickland
Pocket Minstrel


Terrible danger!

While living on Deep Space Nine, Jake Sisko has seen a lot of strange things. After all, his father, Commander Benjamin Sisko, has opened the space station to every lifeform who passes through this sector of space. Ferengi, Bajorans, Cardassians, Andorians, and Vulcans all stop at the station before passing through the Bajoran Wormhole, a gateway to the distant reaches of the galaxy. But when Jake's Ferengi friend, Nog, says he's seen a ghost, Jake doesn't believe him.

Then a shimmering figure with glowing red eyes appears in Jake's quarters... and Jake is convinced.

Jake must now follow the mysterious figure on a dangerous mission to the depths of the station... where Jake himself must become a ghost in order to save Deep Space Nine!


Unlike the Star Trek: The Next Generation series of young adult novels which featured different characters from book to book, the Deep Space Nine young adult novels (with one exception) all featured the same characters, Jake Sisko and Nog, and were set in the same time and place as the TV series.

The one exception is a tie-in to the Day of Honor crossover series, in which Worf's son, Alexander, was the main character.

Stowaways(Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 2) Stowaways
Brad Strickland
Pocket Minstrel


The wasteland

Jake Sisko and his best friend, Nog, make plans to sneak aboard a shuttle Doctor Bashir is piloting down to Bajor. After all, it's been a while since Jake has been on a planet. And they'll be back before Commander Sisko returns to Deep Space Nine from his diplomatic mission in a nearby star system.

The boys expect to have a great time -- they will secretly follow the Doctor around and see the sights of Sakelo City. But what they see terrifies them as they watch the doctor being kidnapped!

Now with the help of a Bajoran girl, Sesana, Jake and Nog strike out on their own to find the doctor. First the three friends must make their way through the dangerous territory that surrounds the city. But finding the doctor in the Bajoran wastelands is only part of their problem. Then Jake and Nog have to rescue Doctor Bashir from an army of killers without getting captured themselves....

Prisoners of Peace(Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 3) Prisoners of Peace
John Peel
Pocket Minstrel


Freedom fighters

Life suddenly gets interesting on Deep Space Nine when a new student turns up in Jake and Nog's class -- Riv Jakar, a Bajoran boy whose parents were killed by Cardassians. Riv thinks school and hanging out on the Promenade are a waste of time. Instead he is determined to join the Bajoran freedom fighters in their battle against the Cardassians.

When Jake, Nog, and their friends Ashley and T'Ara are investigating some mysterious incidents on the station they discover a stowaway -- a Cardassian stowaway named Kam. She is the daughter of a high-placed Cardassian official... who has just shown up at DS9 with eight warships, demanding the return of his daughter.

But Riv has other plans for Kam, and it's up to Jake and Nog to save her before Riv starts a new war!

The Pet(Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 4) The Pet
Mel Gilden and Ted Pedersen
Pocket Minstrel


The missing prince

It's the anniversary of the discovery of the Wormhole, and ships from all over the galaxy are headed to Deep Space Nine to celebrate. When the freighter Ulysses docks at DS9, an animal escapes from one of the crewmembers and heads straight for Jake Sisko. It does not speak or eat, but loves to play ball! Since the furry little creature presents no threat to the station and the owner is under investigation by Security Chief Odo. Commander Sisko allows Jake and Nog to keep the pet until the situation can be straightened out.

Besides, the Commander has more important things to worry about. For starters, a huge new ship has come through the Wormhole and its captain is threatening to blow up the station unless his Crown Prince is returned -- unfortunately for Sisko, he's never seen the prince. Also, mysterious creatures have begun terrorizing the station. With time running out, Sisko and his crew search the station for clues, while Jake and Nog try to save their pet from an alien's evil plan!

Star Trek Crossovers and Miscellaneous

Hardcovers and trade paperbacks

Federation(Star Trek) Federation (audio)
Judith Reeves-Stevens and Garfield Reeves-Stevens


Star Trek: A voyage that began well over twenty-five years ago when Captain Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise set out on a journey that took television viewers to new frontiers of imagination. That voyage continued through a series of blockbuster feature films and a second television series to carry the Star Trek name, Star Trek: The Next Generation. Once again continuing the mission of exploration, Captain Picard and the crew of the new U.S.S. Enterprise took viewers to strange new worlds and went on to become the number-one hit of syndicated television.

The voyage continues still with the third Star Trek television series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine --also at the top of the ratings -- and the upcoming, absolutely unprecedented fourth television series, Star Trek: Voyager. And finally, the long-awaited Star Trek: The Next Generation major motion picture: Star Trek Generations.

Now, Pocket Books is proud to present another piece of Star Trek history...

Star Trek


At last! The long-awaited novel featuring both famous crews of the Starships Enterprise in an epic adventure that spans time and space. Captain Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 are faced with their most challenging mission yet -- rescuing renowned scientist Zefram Cochrane from captors who want to use his skills to conquer the galaxy. Meanwhile, ninety-nine years in the future on the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D, Picard must rescue an important and mysterious person whose safety is vital to the survival of the Federation.

As the two crews struggle to fulfill their missions, destiny draws them closer together until past and future merge -- and the fate of each of the two legendary starships rests in the hands of the other vessel...


The second hardcover novel by the Reeves-Stevenses, this is also an original series/Next Generation crossover novel and sequel to the original series episode "Metamorphosis." Though the events of this book have since been contradicted by the movie Star Trek: First Contact, it remains a fan favorite.

O.S.P. Screenplay Reprints

Star Trek IIStar Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Jack B. Sowards and Harve Bennett
O.S.P Publishing
111 pages


Introduction [to the Premiere Movie Script Library series]
Introduction to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan by John Clark
The Screenplay


This is one of several Star Trek screenplays published as part of a series created by the editors of Premiere: The Movie Magazine. O.S.P. published the screenplays of several Star Trek movies in trade paperback format. The red covers have a cut-out section in the middle to display the colour cover art on the first page inside. The screenplay section is a reproduction, in a Courier-style font with plenty of white space, looking like the real thing.

Star Trek III: The Search For Spock
Harve Bennett
O.S.P. Publishing
104 pages


Not seen. As above.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Harve Bennett, Peter Krikes, Steve Meerson, Nicholas Meyer, and Leonard Nimoy
O.S.P. Publishing
129 pages


Not seen. As above.

Star Trek VStar Trek V: The Final Frontier
David Loughery, William Shatner, Harve Bennett
O.S.P. Publishing
111 pages


Introduction [to the Premiere Movie Script Library series]
Introduction to Star Trek V: The Final Frontier by John Housley
The Screenplay


As above.

Star Trek VIStar Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
Leonard Nimoy, Lawrence Konner, Mark Rosenthal, Nicholas Meyer, and Denny Martin Flinn
O.S.P. Publishing


Introduction [to the Premiere Movie Script Library series]
Introduction to Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country by John Housley
The Screenplay


As above.

Simon & Schuster Star Trek Audio

TransformationsStar Trek: Transformations (audio)
Dave Stern
Simon and Schuster Audioworks


The first Star Trek adventure created solely for audio!

In the most spellbinding Star Trek audio program ever, experience the incredible sensation of ambisonic 3-D sound as it envelops your mind and transports you to the center of the action in Star Trek: Transformations, the first Captain Sulu audio adventure.

Star Date 11611.8: As Starfleet diplomat Captain Hikaru Sulu speeds alone across the galaxy in his state-of-the-art shuttlecraft, he is abducted by powerful, frightening dreams that return him to the once desolate, desert world of Sigma Cameron Four. It was here, as Commander of the U.S.S. Excelsior twenty years earlier, that he discovered traces of the ancient Shalakai -- a ruthless culture who, legend held, had once uncovered the secret to eternal life. Driven to find that secret, Sulu's brilliant science officer, Commander Flynn Konner, launched a fateful mission whose outcome would forever haunt the Excelsior crew.

Now, twenty years later, as the distinguished archeologist Dr. Constance Allenwood moves closer to uncovering the Shalakai's secrets on Sigma Cameron Four, Sulu must race to stop her before she unleashes a disastrous chain of events. With its dazzling audio effects and original score, Star Trek: Transformations is sure to leave you breathless.


Dave Stern, who has more recently written some Enterprise novels, contributed the first of the audio-only Captain Sulu series, a 70-minute story starring George Takei and guest-starring Dana Ivey and Daniel Gerroll. It was followed by two more.

CacophonyStar Trek: Cacophony (audio)
J.J. Molloy
Simon and Schuster Audioworks


Sulu must quiet a world on the brink of civil war

Cacophony, the second Star Trek adventure created solely for audio, takes off in an explosion of ambisonic 3-D sound for the most elaborate Star Trek audio program ever.

On the planet Stentor, silence is not only golden; it is the key to maintaining peace in a world devastated by a great war. But that calm is shattered when a group known as the Ghazi create a new technology that intercepts old Earth radio signals and rebroadcasts them across the planet -- each day the din growing ever more deafening. When Captain Sulu and the crew of the U.S.S. Excelsior are summoned to investigate sub-space interference emanating from Stentor, Sulu and his communications officer Terra Spiro discover that the Ghazi actually believe the signals are the voices of the Gods.

Now, Sulu must somehow convince the Ghazi -- without violating the prime directive -- that the transmissions are not a divine voice before violence erupts on Stentor once more.

Enhanced with sound effects and an original score, Cacophony is the ultimate Star Trek experience.


The otherwise unknown J.J. Molloy wrote the second Captain Sulu adventure, this one starring George Takei with Simon Jones, Maryann Plunkett, Lynne Thigpen, and Lee Wilkof. Like the first, it's a single tape/disc story with a running time of approximately 70 minutes. A number of sources (particularly bookselling websites like Amazon) list prolific Star Trek novelist and comic writer Peter David as the author; it's unclear whether he was replaced on the project or chose to use a pseudonym.