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9/11 in Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek: Enterprise9/11 in Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek: Enterprise: How 9/11 Influenced These Sci-Fi Shows
Reinhard Kück
140 pages


The Shows
The Political System
Star Trek: Enterprise
Battlestar Galactica

The Cylons
Ethics and Terrorism
Terror and Democracy
Religion and Terrorism


Both shows actually deal with reality as it faced the USA after 9/11, the most horrible and reckless attack on national soil. A nation trembled in the aftermath of these shattering events. The tremor is still felt throughout these shows, Both try to come to terms with it, and their commercial intent. This is the source for a rather ambiguous morality applied in both shows when it comes to tolerance and human rights. The message seems to be: it is a dirty war and someone has to fight it, be it at the cost of once cherished rights and values. The author compares most episodes of Battlestar Galactica with the third season of Enterprise. He analyzes the political system as described, the judiciary, ethics and religion is given in these shows.


Published May 2011. This is one of two Star Trek-related books Kück produced in 2011 through Createspace, Amazon's self-publishing company. The subject matter is interesting but, based on limited sampling of the text in Amazon, the analysis is limited and the author's familiarity with English is lacking. Like many self-published books, this one appears to be in serious need of editing and proofreading.

Obsessed With Star TrekObsessed With Star Trek: Test Your Knowledge of the Star Trek Universe
Chip Carter
Chronicle Books
320 pages


How to Use the Module
Star Trek: The Original Series --The Five-Year Mission
Star Trek: The Next Generation -- The Continuing Mission
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine -- The Lone Outpost
Star Trek: Voyager -- A Long Way From Home
Star Trek: Enterprise -- The Beginning
The Films -- Crossing Generations
Characters, Cast & Crew -- Starfleet Personnel Files
Alien Races, Cultures & Planets -- New Life & Civilizations
Ships & Technology -- Ships of the Line
Cosmic Phenomenon -- The Final Frontier
About the Author


Think you've explored the final frontier?

Get ready to go to warp speed in this action-packed Star Trek trivia challenge! With 2,500 questions covering all the original TV shows and movies, this interactive game includes an electronic scoring module that allows you to quiz yourself or compete against a friend to test who really knows the difference between Spock and Mirror Spock. Featuring stills from favorite episodes, behind-the-scenes scoop on the development of the series, and every character from Scotty to Q, Obsessed With Star Trek is a must-have for every Trekker.

What was James T. Kirk's rank at the beginning of the first Star Trek film?

How many years was the Enterprise NX-01 in service?

Who was Quark's most frequent bar patron?


Published September 2011.

Chronicle Books joins several new publishers of licenced, authorized Star Trek nonfiction. According to the Chronicle Books website, author Chip Carter has a number of past connections with the Star Trek universe, including editing comics, writing magazine articles, and selling a story idea to Voyager.

This book's unique element is the small electronic module visible in the bottom right of the cover shot. There are multiple game modes, single-player vs two-player, random vs question select. The answers are not printed in the book itself. Chronicle has published several similar books on other subjects.

The Other in Star TrekThe Other in Star Trek: A Comparison of The Original Series and The Next Generation
Laura Nadine Coussement
VDM Verlag Dr. Müller
76 pages

Contents (from the original thesis)

Units of analyses
The social issues
The comparative method
The structure of the paper
Chapter 1: Science fiction as a genre
Definitions of science fiction
The development of science fiction
Science fiction and the American frontier
Science fiction on television
Chapter 2: Star Trek
The television show
The Star Trek universe
Visions of the future
a. History
b. Technology
c. Ethics
d. Politics
Chapter 3: Gender
The suggestion of an equal society
The original series: Turnabout Intruder
The original series: The Enemy Within
The next generation: Angel One
The next generation: All Good Things...
The real female struggle
Chapter 4: Race
Infinite diversity in infinite combinations
Gods and monsters
The original series: Spock
The original series: Let that be your last battlefield
The next generation: Worf
The next generation: Data
The next generation: Journey's End
The racial issue in the United States
Chapter 5: Aliens
The original series: Cold war enemies
The original series: Elaan of Troyius
The next generation: From outerspace to innerspace
The next generation: The Borg; a post-colonial mirror
Both series: A Private Little War and Too Short a Season
Foreign countries and peoples

Blurb (from Amazon)

Science fiction takes up a special place in art and media. It has the ability to critizise society but it also shows the ideas of the culture it was created in. This book takes the iconic series of Star Trek The Original Series and The Next Generation and puts it in a historical perspective. In particular it looks at how they deal with race, gender and aliens in perspective of their own time and culture of the 1960s and the 1980s. This book therefore looks at both science fiction and Star Trek in particular, but also at American culture of the 1960s and the 1980s. It uses the comparative method to reach a conclusion about the series within their time frame. With a fresh look at the series the book is both interesting for fans and lovers of Star Trek as it is for people with an interest in media culture and American culture of the 1960s and the 1980s.


Published March 2011. VDM Verlag publishes print-on-demand books, specializing in expensive reprints of academic theses and dissertations. (Under other names they publish books with material taken, unedited, from wikipedia.) This book reprints Coussement's Master's thesis (dated July 2007).

The full text of the original thesis is available online through the Universiteit Utrecht library catalogue.

Prime DirectivePrime Directive
Brian D.Dietrick
Needfire Poetry
146 pages


Introduction by Rich Ristow: Alluding to a Contemporary Myth
Publisher's Note by Jodi Lee: Where No Man Has Gone Before
Prime Directive
Afterword by Brian D. Dietrick: Star Trek as Myth
About the Poet


Bryan D. Dietrich's new book is about Star Trek. It's about ten-year-olds and Talos IV, Kirk and Klingons, captains and colonels. It's about a suddenly single Air Force father who introduces his son to a TV show, one that brings them both together, offers them both new life if not new civilization, preparing them both to go where neither has gone before. Prime Directive is a book about a man with Alzheimer's who doesn't have long before beaming out of this world, but it's also about his son, father himself now, learning how to take the helm once his captain, his Colonel, is gone.

What they're saying about Prime Directive :

“Bryan Dietrich is utterly in charge of the technical means of poetry, and wields them with enormous originality, brio, and fearlessness -- if a form is ancient and extremely difficult, like the renga, so much the better. Dietrich actually possesses the knowledge-as well as the understanding and insight to make sense of it-that underpins our culture, our civilization, and our language.”
- Frederick Turner, author of Genesis

“A poem this long has to be broad and deep, and Prime Directive is both, examining fatherhood and son-hood and their avatars-creation and destruction -- in many ways, but most powerfully through the astigmatic and revelatory American lens of Star Trek . It's also a page-turner, a rare virtue in poetry.”
- Joe Haldeman, author of The Forever War


Published April 2011. Dietrich is a professor of English, a pop culture writer interested in superheroes, horror, and science fiction, and a poet published in a variety of venues, both literary and science fiction-oriented. This book is an extended poem, and evidently more serious and literary than the 2000 poetry collection Star Trek: The Poems.

Book of OppositesStar Trek Book of Opposites
David Borgenicht
Quirk Books


Explore strange new words!

With the help of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and two dozen colorful pictures from across the galaxy, teach your children the meaning of big and little, hot and cold, apart and together, and much more!


Published November 2011.

Borgenicht's first Star Trek book is an illustrated children's book. This is the first authorized Star Trek book from Quirk Books, publishers of Encyclopedia Shatnerica and the novel Night of the Living Trekkies. The book is printed with thick cardboard pages for very young children. Facing pages have one image each and one word at the bottom of the page. For example, "Appear" shows McCoy, Kirk, and Spock standing on an alien planet; "Disappear" is the same scene slightly later or earlier, with the transporter effect visible.

Movie OmnibusStar Trek: Movie Omnibus
Marv Wolfman, Mike W. Barr, and Andy Schmidt
380 pages


Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Blurb (from

Star Trek's many movie adaptations are collected together for the first time in this Star Trek Movie Omnibus from IDW. Included are the three-part Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the one-shots Star Trek: The Search for Spock, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Star Trek: The Final Frontier, Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country, and finally the newly created, three-part Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan from IDW.


Published June 2011, originally announced for November 2009. This collects comics from three publishers: Marvel (the first movie), IDW (the second, never before adapted because it was released while no one had the Star Trek comics licence), and DC. IDW also reprinted The Wrath of Khan, The Search for Spock, and The Voyage Home in its 2010 collection, Star Trek Motion Picture Trilogy.

Star Trek: PoliticsStar Trek: Politics: The Political Culture of a Sci-Fi Series
Reinhard Kück
196 pages


A Brief Description of the Method Applied
What Really is Science Fiction?
Politics in Space: The System
The Federation of United Planets
The Federation Council
Alliances and Political Co-operation
Colonies and How to Deal With Them
Secret Services
Capitalism: Future Man's Harassment
The Ferengis Rules of Acquisition
The Individual
Science and Technology
Man and Machine
Education, Liberty and Freedom
War, Peace and 9/11
Freedom Fighters
Cold War and Vietnam War
Drugs and Duty
Drugs and False Paradises
Habeas Corpus and the Prime Directive
Sex: From the Swinging Sixties to the Dull Present
Women With Guts
Rape and False Memory Syndrome
Homosexuality and AIDS
Knowledge, Profession and Intelligence
Religion and Science
Aliens and Racism
The Predominant Values of the Series
Genetic Engineering
Aliens and Monsters
Nazis Are Here to Stay
Episodes and Movies


Read about the politics in one of the most famous sci-fi series on TV and the big screen! Read all about women, sex, racism, Nazis etc. With hundreds of examples. The author, a political scientist, watched all 704 episodes, as no one has done before in science. Read what he found out.

Since the days I watched Star Trek (The Original Series=TOS) for the first time, forty years have passed by; and all together seven hundred-and-four episodes of the franchise have been shot, in various spin-offs, additionally, a number of feature films were produced. As of today, the Trek universe encompasses more than four hundred species or peoples (according to Fans all over the world meet regularly at conventions around the globe. Naturally, lots of books are out by American authors; many of those take a look from a sociological angle, some are feminist or philosophical; but none take an all over look at the political themes of the franchise.

I saw all 704 episodes of the franchise, except the animated series. From the whole bulk I have chosen about two hundred in order to quote them as examples. Many episodes are re-runs of plots which are used repeatedly throughout all spin-offs.

Before we start, I would like to introduce the method used in this book; and discuss the term science-fiction. After this, I will take a first look at the political system of Star Trek.


Published March 2011. This is one of two Star Trek-related books Kück produced in 2011 through Createspace, Amazon's self-publishing company. Like his 9/11 book above, this sounds like a potentially useful work of analysis and criticism, but as a self-published book by a writer for whom English is apparently a second language, it is in serious need of editing and proofreading. The tone seems to be meant to be academic but, judging by samples on Amazon, it often appears more rambling and fannish.

The Star Trek Top Ten BookThe Star Trek Top Ten Book
Brian C. Baker
272 pages


Top ten reasons to buy this book

10. It gives Tom Paris his just desserts.

9. Chicks dig a Star Trek geek who can recite this book from memory.

8. It's required reading at the [Starfleet] Academy.

7. What it lacks in Star Wars and South Park references, it makes up for in references to Jeopardy and Jerry Springer.

6. Like a collector's plate, this book s bound to go up in value for unknown reasons.

5. Buying this book would be better than buying it as a book on CD read by Ben Stein.

4. Four out of five Vulcans agree "it's the logical thing to do."

3. Just to validate what the critics say about us. That we have way too much time on our hands.

2. Wouldn't this copy look finer when autographed by Jeri Ryan?

1. There may not be another one of these written.


Published February 2011. This is a vanity press collection of top ten lists, inspired by the lists on David Letterman's shows, available in hardcover, paperback, or as an ebook. The table of contents is ten pages long, listing each top ten list (one per page), so I haven't included it here. The hardcover has a separate listing from the other editions, which include the Amazon-appended subtitle With Borg Math Made Easy, but apparently that material is included in the hardcover as well.

Star Trek VaultStar Trek Vault: 40 Years From the Archives
Scott Tipton
127 pages


Star Trek: The Original Series 1966-1969
Star Trek: The Animated Series 1973-1974
Star Trek: The Original Series Films 1979-1991
Star Trek: The Next Generation 1987-1994
Star Trek: The Next Generation Films 1994-2002
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 1993-1999
Star Trek: Voyager 1995-2001
Star Trek: Enterprise 2001-2005
About the Author
Image Credits


When Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek went off the air in 1969 after only three seasons, few could have predicted that Kirk and Spock would ever be heard from again. Now, more than forty years later, the world of Star Trek includes six television series, eleven feature films, and countless novels, video games, and comic books.

Star Trek Vault charts this remarkable history, covering the franchise's first forty years. Fully illustrated with more than three hundred images, the book also includes more than fourteen reproductions of the most fascinating memorabilia from the official archives: on-set signage, blueprints for Picard's captain's chair, rare trading cards, and more. Star Trek Vault offers a broad perspective on the voyage of Captains Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, and Archer -- and the ultimate treasure trove of Star Trek imagery and memorabilia.


Published October 2011.

Abrams, publisher of 2010's Star Trek 365, publishes another big and authorized Star Trek nonfiction book. Part of the Vault series, this is a lavishly illustrated coffee table hardcover book with reproductions of several items (cards, blueprints, posters, and more) inserted in pockets through the book.

Scott Tipton, the author, has co-written several of IDW's Star Trek comics.

Star Wars vs Star TrekStar Wars vs Star Trek: Could the Empire Kick the Federation's Ass? And Other Galaxy-Shaking Enigmas
Matt Forbeck
Adams Media
256 pages


Foreword by Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett)
Foreword by Tim Russ (Tuvok)
Part I: People
Men - Masters of the Universe
Women - More Than Just Pretty Faces
Aliens - No Need to Phone Home
Minions - Someone's Got to Do the Dirty Work
Villains - You Can't Have a Saga Without Them
Powers - What Makes the Galaxy Go Round
Monsters - They Live in the Shadows
Losers - Because Not Everyone Can Be a Winner
Part II: Gadgets
Technology - Futuristic Gadgets From Our Past
Weapons - Keeping the Galaxy Honest
Starships - The Best Way to See the Universe
Part III: Time and Space
Planets - There's Always Just One More to Explore
Space Stations - Home Away From Home
Time and Space - They Wait for No One
Part IV: Society and Culture
Government - The Man's Always With Us
Religion - A Higher Power
Culture - It Makes Life Worth Living
Part V: Prepare for Impact
Fortune and Glory - What All Adventurers Seek
Who Won?
The War on Trek


Who rules? Captain Kirk or Han Solo?

Could a Jedi knight use his light saber to deflect a beam from a phaser?

Could a Cardassian beat a Chazrach in a fair fight?

Would a Federation ship making the Kessel Run crack the Millennium Falcon's record of less than twelve parsecs?

And most important... in a fight between the Empire and the Federation, who would win?

Ever since the first Trekkie walked out of Star Wars in 1977 and said, "Meh!", fans of the two series have gone head to head over these questions. Now you can line up -- side by side -- aliens, technology, story points, weaponry, and heroes from the two great SF sagas of all time.

Whether you can pronounce "Heglu'meH qaq jajvam!" (that's "Today is a good day to die!" in Klingon) or can recite all the names of the members of the Imperial Senate (which meets on Coruscant), you'll want the detailed information Matt Forbeck has compiled about both universes, as well as trivia, quizzes, quotes, and information drawn from these two iconic settings. So phasers on stun and light sabers at the ready! It's on.


Published May 2011. The book pairs examples from each universe, presents a scenario (for example, Anakin Skywalker versus Benjamin Sisko), and determines who or which would win.

Pocket Star Trek Novels

Star Trek: The Original Series

Paperback novels

Cast No Shadow(Star Trek) Cast No Shadow
James Swallow


Seven years have passed since a catastrophic explosion on the Klingon moon Praxis touched off a chain of events that would result in the assassination of the reformist High Chancellor Gorkon, and the eventual creation of the historic Khitomer Accords. Now, as part of the ongoing efforts to undo the disastrous fallout from the destruction of Praxis and with the help of aid supplies from the United Federation of Planets, reconstruction is in progress, and after years of slow going hindered by political pressures and old prejudices, headway is at last being made. But the peace process begun by the Khitomer Accords is still fragile just as the deadly plans of what is believed to be a hard-line Klingon isolationist group violently come to fruition.

Yet the group thought responsible for the deadly attack has been dormant for decades, and its known modus operandi doesn't match up to the manner of the strike. And further investigation leads to an unexpected revelation connected to the Gorkon conspiracy of 2293, and in particular one disgraced and very familiar Starfleet lieutenant...


Published July 2011. Swallow, author of several Star Trek, Doctor Who, and other books, contributes a sequel to Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, focusing on Valeris. One of the main viewpoint characters is a young Elias Vaughn, who plays a key role in some 24th century Star Trek fiction.

A Choice of Catastrophes(Star Trek) A Choice of Catastrophes
Steve Mollmann and Michael Schuster


The U.S.S. Enterprise, under the command of Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu, is returning from a mission to deliver medical supplies to Deep Space Station C-15, one of Starfleet's most distant installations. All is routine until the Enterprise comes within a light-year of the planet Mu Arigulon, when the ship is suddenly thrown from warp and suffers a momentary power cut, having run aground on a spatial distortion not revealed in previous scans of the system. When the pride of Starfleet hits another, much worse distortion, Dr. Leonard McCoy has his hands full caring for officers who have suddenly fallen into comas for no apparent reason. The Enterprise medical team soon discovers that the dying officers are espers -- humans with a rare and abnormal level of telepathic and psychic ability. With no choice but to link to the officers' minds in order to come to their aid, McCoy is plunged into a nightmarish dream-world... with the end result being nothing short of the possible destruction of the Enterprise and all aboard her....


Published August 2011. This is the first full length novel from the transatlantic writing team, after shorter works in anthologies and the S.C.E. series.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Paperback novels

Indistinguishable from Magic(Star Trek: The Next Generation) Indistinguishable From Magic
David A. McIntee


The most talented Starfleet engineers of two generations unite to solve a two-hundred-year-old technological mystery that turns out to be only the beginning of a wider quest.

With the support of Guinan and Nog, as well as the crew of the U.S.S. Challenger, Geordi La Forge and Montgomery Scott soon find themselves drawn into a larger, deadlier, and far more personal adventure. Helped by old friends and hindered by old enemies, their investigation will come to threaten everything they hold dear. Seeking out the new, and going where no one has gonebefore, Geordi, Scotty, and Guinan find that their pasts are very much of the present, and must determine whether any sufficiently advanced technology is really indistinguishable from magic.


McIntee's first full-length Star Trek novel, following shorter fiction, an unauthorized Voyager guide, several Doctor Who novels, and other books, is a largely standalone novel featuring Geordi La Forge working aboard the starship Challenger with a number of familiar faces, including Montgomery Scott. (This Challenger is no relation to the original series era starship created in the New Earth series.) Originally planned as two separate novels, this instead is one very long one.

Star Trek: Voyager

Paperback novels

Children of the Storm(Star Trek: Voyager) Children of the Storm
Kirsten Beyer



Little is known about the Children of the Storm -- one of the most unique and potentially dangerous species the Federation has ever encountered. Non-corporeal and traveling through space in vessels apparently propelled by thought alone, the Children of the Storm at one time managed to destroy thousands of Borg ships without firing a single conventional weapon.

Now in its current mission to the Delta Quadrant, Captain Chakotay and Fleet Commander Afsarah Eden must unravel why three Federation starships -- the U.S.S. Quirinal, Planck, and Demeter -- have suddenly been targeted without provocation and with extreme prejudice by the powerful Children of the Storm... with thousands of Starfleet lives at stake from an enemy that the Federation can only begin to comprehend....


Published May 2011. This is the third of Beyer's post-finale novels, and the seventh overall in the postfinale series begun by Christie Golden and rebooted with Beyer's Full Circle. Captain Chakotay and Voyager continue their Delta Quadrant exploration as part of the Voyager fleet under the command of Afsara Eden, this time meeting a species first (and only briefly) encountered by Starfleet in the Destiny trilogy.

Star Trek: Enterprise

Paperback novels

To Brave the Storm(Star Trek: Enterprise) The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm
Michael A. Martin


Earth stands alone

The Coalition of Planets has shattered, with Vulcan, Andor, and Tellar abrogating the treaty. Their pledge to come to the mutual defense of any power that is attacked has been shunted aside. Horrified by how easily the Romulans can seize control of their advanced starships, turning them into weapons, Andor and Tellar have joined Vulcan on the sidelines. Humanity is now the only thing that stands between the Romulan Star Empire and total domination of the galaxy.

To drive humans from the stars, the Romulans employ ruthless and murderous tactics... and even dare to strike on the Vulcan homeworld with the hopes of demoralizing their Vulcan brethren. Heartened by their victories, the Romulans carry their all-out war assault closer to the heart of humanity -- Earth.

But the tattered remains of Starfleet stand unwavering, with the resolution that never again would any enemy strike ever reach Earth. On the front lines of the Earth-Romulan War is the United Earth flagship, the Starship Enterprise. Her captain, Jonathan Archer, has seen his vessel of exploration become a battleship. Once hailed for his work bringing the Coalition of Planets into existence, Archer is now a pariah. Undaunted, the captain keeps fighting, searching for allies and determined to do his duty: to save Earth and forge a new federation of planets.


Published October 2011. Though The Romulan War was at one point expected to be a trilogy, the second book finishes the story. The unanswered question, as of its publication, is what will come next. Where the first book in the war miniseries was a trade paperback, the second was a mass market paperback, suggesting that sales may have been less than expected. A closing section of the book, set several years later, could serve as a conclusion for the post-finale series as a whole.

Star Trek: New Frontier

Hardcovers and trade paperbacks

Blind Man's Bluff(Star Trek: New Frontier) Blind Man's Bluff
Peter David


Captain MacKenzie Calhoun has faced incredible odds before, but nothing he has ever experienced could prepare him for the simultaneous threats from two of the most destructive forces he's ever encountered. The first is the D'myurj -- a mysterious and powerful alien race bent on either the complete domination of humanity or its destruction... a potentially massive risk to the very foundations of Starfleet, one that goes so deep it's impossible to determine whom to trust. The second is even more alarming: Morgan Primus, once a living creature with a soul and a conscience, now an incredibly sophisticated computer simulation taking up residence within the very core of the U.S.S. Excalibur... and quickly becoming a growing menace for the Federation. MacKenzie Calhoun is playing a dangerous game as he attempts to outwit and outmaneuver these new enemies, with the fate of the Excalibur crew members and potentially the lives of billions at stake....


Published April 2011. Though not written as the final novel in the New Frontier series, according to David, it may be. As of mid-2011 he had no contract for future books in the series.

Star Trek: Vanguard

Paperback novels

Declassified(Star Trek: Vanguard) Declassified
Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore, Marco Palmieri, and David Mack


Almost Tomorrow by Dayton Ward
Hard News by Kevin Dilmore
The Ruins of Noble Men by Marco Palmieri
The Stars Look Down by David Mack


The Taurus Reach: the source of a secret that has driven the great powers of the 23rd century to risk everything in the race to control it. Now four new adventures -- previously untold tales of the past and present, with hints of what is yet to come -- begin the next great phase in the Vanguard saga.

Witness the dawn of Starbase 47, as Ambassador Jetanien faces choices that will shape the future of Operation Vanguard.... follow journalist Tim Pennington as he reaches a crossroads in his search for the truth... see how the crises on two colonies transform the lives of Diego Reyes and Rana Desai... and travel with Cervantes Quinn to a deadly confrontation that will change everything -- all in one unforgettable Star Trek collection.


Published June 2011. Declassified is a collection of novellas by regular Vanguard novelists Ward, Dilmore, and Mack and former Vanguard editor and co-creator Marco Palmieri, set at various points in the series timeline, both filling in gaps and advancing the storyline.

What Judgments Come(Star Trek: Vanguard) What Judgments Come
Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore


Operation Vanguard has risked countless lives and sacrificed entire worlds to unlock the secrets of the Shedai, an extinct alien civilization whose technology can shape the future of the galaxy. Now, Starfleet’s efforts have roused the vengeful Shedai from their aeons of slumber. As the Taurus Reach erupts with violence, hundreds of light-years away, on "The Planet of Galactic Peace," Ambassador Jetanien and his counterparts from the Klingon and Romulan empires struggle to avert war by any means necessary. But Jetanien discovers their mission may have been designed to fail all along ... Meanwhile, living in exile on an Orion ship is the one man who can help Starfleet find an ancient weapon that can stop the Shedai: Vanguard’s former commanding officer, Diego Reyes.

The end of the epic saga begins


Published September 2011. Regular collaborators Ward and Dilmore contribute the penultimate book in the Vanguard series.

Star Trek: Mirror Universe

Paperback novels

Rise Like Lions(Star Trek: Mirror Universe) Rise Like Lions
David Mack


In the Mirror Universe...

Miles "Smiley" O’Brien struggles to hold together his weary band of freedom fighters in their war against the overwhelming might of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. Each day pushes the rebels on Terok Nor one step closer to defeat, but with nowhere left to run, the time has come to make their last stand.

Light-years away, Mac Calhoun and his Romulan allies harass Klingon forces with devious hit-and-run attacks. But Calhoun has a grander ambition: he intends to merge his fleet with the Terran Rebellion and lead it to victory -- or die trying.

Meanwhile, a bitter feud threatens to shatter the Alliance from within. The old rivalry between the Klingons and the Cardassians erupts into open warfare as each vies for the upper hand in their partnership.

Manipulating events from its hidden redoubts, Memory Omega -- the secret operation initiated by Spock a century earlier -- sees its plans come to fruition sooner than expected. But striking early means risking everything -- and if the revolution fails, Spock's vision for the future will be lost forever.


Published November 2011. David Mack, author of the previous Mirror Universe novel The Sorrows of Empire among many others, finishes the Memory Omega storyline in a novel featuring the Mirror Universe equivalents of characters from several series, including New Frontier.

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy

Hardcovers and trade paperbacks

The Gemini Agent(Star Trek: Starfleet Academy) The Gemini Agent
Rick Barba
Simon Spotlight


Somebody wants James T. Kirk out of Starfleet Academy.

As first-year final exams week kicks off, several incident reports with serious allegations against James T. Kirk end up on the Commandant of Midshipmen's desk. None of the allegations are true, of course... or are they?

Kirk has been plagued by mysterious blackout periods, so he finds the reports difficult to refute. During these blackout periods, he has no real recollection of what he did, save for some very disturbing and disjointed memories. Kirk has to wonder if the memories are real. If they are, what do they mean? And what's more disturbing for Kirk to consider is what if the memories aren't real? Can memories be planted?

Together with his friends Bones and Uhura, the young cadet Pavel Chekov, and a beautiful Vulcan cadet, Kirk gathers the pieces of a very mysterious puzzle in an attempt to prove his innocence before it's too late.


Published June 2011, this is the third of the Starfleet Academy novels tying into the new movie continuity and the second by Barba, whose one previous Star Trek book was the strategy guide for the computer game Star Trek: Elite Force II.

Star Trek Crossovers and Miscellaneous

Paperback novels

Paths of Disharmony(Star Trek: Typhon Pact 4) Paths of Disharmony
Dayton Ward


On a diplomatic mission to the planet Andor, Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-E bear witness to the rank devastation resulting from the Borg invasion. With the reproductive issues that have long plagued the Andorian people reaching crisis level, avenues of research that at first held great promise have proven largely unhelpful, and may well indeed be worsening the problem.

Despite the Federation's seeming inability to provide assistance and growing doubt over its commitment to a staunch, longtime ally, Andorian scientists now offer renewed hope for a solution. However, many segments of Andorian society are protesting this controversial new approach, and more radical sects are beginning to make their displeasure known by any means available. In response, President Nanietta Bacco has sent the Enterprise crew and a team of diplomats and scientists to Andor to convene a summit, in the hope of demonstrating that the Federation's pledge to helping Andor is sincere.

But the Typhon Pact is watching, and their interests may very well lead the Andorian people down an even more treacherous path....


Published January 2011. The fourth book in the Typhon Pact miniseries features Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the U.S.S. Enterprise, as well as the Deep Space Nine relaunch character Shar and story elements from the DS9 relaunch.

Watching the Clock(Star Trek: Department of Temporal Investigations) Watching the Clock
Christopher L. Bennett


There's likely no more of a thankless job in the Federation than temporal investigation. While starship explorers get to live the human adventure of traveling to other times and realities, it's up to the dedicated agents of the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations to deal with the consequences to the timestream that the rest of the Galaxy has to live with day by day. But when history as we know it could be wiped out at any moment by time warriors from the future, misused relics of ancient races, or accident-prone starships, only the most disciplined, obsessive, and unimaginative government employees have what it takes to face the existential uncertainty of it all on a daily basis... and still stay sane enough to complete their assignments.

That's where Agents Lucsly and Dulmur come in -- stalwart and unflappable, these men are the Federation's unsung anchors in a chaotic universe. Together with their colleagues in the DTI -- and with the help and sometimes hindrance of Starfleet's finest -- they do what they can to keep the timestream, or at least the paperwork, as neat and orderly as they are. But when a series of escalating temporal incursions threatens to open a new front of the history-spanning Temporal Cold War in the twenty-fourth century, Agents Lucsly and Dulmur will need all their investigative skill and unbending determination to stop those who wish to rewrite the past for their own advantage, and to keep the present and the future from devolving into the kind of chaos they really, really hate.


Published April 2011, this is a novel about the Department of Temporal Investigation, as seen onscreen in the Deep Space Nine episode "Trials and Tribble-ations" and involving events from other series. Though not necessarily the first in a series, it is currently planned to be followed by a prequel novel.

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The Struggle Within(Star Trek: Typhon Pact) The Struggle Within
Christopher L. Bennett


An original e-novella in the acclaimed Typhon Pact series! The Enterprise-E is on a diplomatic mission to the Talarian Republic, the last holdout in the Federation's efforts to expand the Khitomer Accords in response to the emergence of the Typhon Pact. In the wake of Andor's recent secession, the Federation is more concerned than ever with strengthening its alliances. The Talarians have been a tenuous potential partner at best, given the history of conflict and mistrust between them and the Federation. But the negotiations between Picard and the Talarians are disrupted by a growing public protest of those who are demanding greater rights -- and before long, it becomes clear that the dissidents are not limiting themselves to nonviolent means...


Published October 2011. The Struggle Within is an ebook-only novella involving the Typhon Pact, and the first ebook original in the Star Trek line since 2009's Next Generation miniseries Slings and Arrows.