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Star Trek: The FASA Role Playing Game Books

Updated September 2009

In the early 1980s, the game company FASA was granted a license to develop the first role-playing game based on Star Trek. At the time there wasn't much in the way of new Trek; there was a new movie every two or three years, a few novels a year, and not much more. Though FASA's publications were intended as part of a gaming system, many of their publications made for interesting reading, even for people not interested in role-playing. Their reference manual on the Klingons included material based on the popular novel The Final Reflection, by John M. Ford. Their adventure scenarios were sometimes sequels to original series episodes. They also widened the range of possible Trek stories by creating adventures and reference supplements for characters who weren't the usual, routine Starfleet officer: gamers could play civilian merchants, Orion pirates, Starfleet Intelligence operatives, Klingon soldiers, or Romulan starship officers. When Star Trek: The Next Generation began, some of the material FASA had created was contradicted by new Trek continuity, and before the end of the decade FASA had ceased publishing the game. But the universe FASA created, far from canon though it may now be, is worth remembering as an intriguing extension of the Star Trek universe at a time when we needed one.

The following is a list of FASA's game modules and books, in order of catalogue number. Blurbs are taken from the covers of the books when available, or from a 1988 FASA catalogue. Some items had two editions with some changes; blurbs are based on the copies I had at hand. The material below is listed by the game catalogue number rather than chronologically or otherwise.

Game Modules

box2001 Star Trek Role Playing Game Deluxe

This is the game that started the Star Trek gaming line, and contains all you need to play in the Star Trek universe. For role-playing planetside adventures, there is the Basic game set which includes: The Cadet's Orientation Sourcebook, the Game Operations Manual, and Star Fleet Officer's Manual. For starship combat, ranging from ship-to-ship encounters to fleet actions, there is the complete Starship Combat Role Playing Game, including the 64-page rulebook, 78 full-color counters, 22" x 33" starfield map, record keeping sheets and counters, and the appropriate dice. So if you're ready to jump into the future at warp speed, the Deluxe Set is for you.


This was released in two editions. The cover scan and information are from the one I have, which is the second edition.

The Klingons2002 The Klingons: Star Fleet Intelligence Manual
2002A The Klingons: Game Operation Manual

"And though I had slain a thousand foes less one,
The thousandth knife found my liver;
The thousandth enemy said to me,
'Now you shall die,
Now none shall know.'
And the fool, looking down, believed this,
Not seeing, above his shoulders, the naked stars,
Each one remembering."

It is an ancient Klingon belief -- the naked stars remember acts of courage performed under them. Find out why in The Klingons.

A must for players and gamemasters alike, this updated second edition contains two books. The Game Operations Manual presents the truth about the Klingon Empire for the gamemaster and Klingon player characters. Included are character generation rules, equipment guidelines, the Empire's political and economic structure, Klingon philosophy, and much, much more.

The second book, the Star Fleet Intelligence Manual, includes all the information that Star Fleet knows about the Klingon Empire. Compiled from intelligence agents' reports, interrogation, and analysis of captured Klingon equipment, this manual is Star Fleet Intelligence Command's latest briefing on the Federation's most dangerous foe.


There were two editions of this item, and the information and scans are from the second edition. FASA's game supplements often took the form of two books or booklets packaged together, sometimes one item for players and the other for the person running the game; in other cases, one booklet was the adventure and the other was some form of background material.

Novelist John M. Ford, author of The Final Reflection, contributed some of the background material from his novel to the game.

Rulebook2003 Star Trek Starship Combat Simulator
2003A Starship Combat Rulebook

To boldly go ...

Step into the command seat of a starship for the Federation, the Klingon Empire, Romulan Star Empire, Gorn Alliance, or an Orion Pirate raider with the new Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator.

Using an all new and revised system, the Starship Tactical Combat Simulator provides improved rules for:

  • Movement 
  • Deflector Shields 
  • Detailed Starship Damage 
  • Damage Control 
  • Crew Casualties
  • New Weapons

The Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator gives you a fast-paced and detailed game of space combat. The rules are presented in a learn-as-you-go, three-part format.

  • STAR FLEET COMMAND & STAFF COLLEGE BASIC STARSHIP TACTICS is the first of these rules. This set teaches you the basics of maneuvering the starship and firing its weapons.
  • ADVANCED STARSHIP TACTICS is the next step in your tactics course. These rules apply to using Sensors, Special Equipment (Cloaking Devices), new Weapons, and Damage Control.
  • THE GRADUATE COURSE is the final set of rules additions and gives the highest level of detail. These provide a more detailed damage location system and additional rules on Damage Control and Defense Outposts.

The Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator is more than just a boardgame, for it also contains a complete starship combat roleplaying game titled Command & Control. This game allows players of the Star Trek Role-Playing Game to play out their encounters using their characters' abilities to the fullest. Now you can take command of a starship during a combat mission and see for yourself what it's like to be the Captain, Chief Engineer, Helmsman, Navigator, or Science Officer. With Command & Control, you can step into the future, today.


This was apparently issued as a boxset, like the main game box, but I don't have a copy of either of the two editions. The first was branded as a Star Trek II tie-in, the second as a Star Trek III tie-in, and apparently there were significant changes between editions..

Thanks to Steve Rikli for providing the blurb for this module.

Basic Game2004 Star Trek: The Role Playing Game (Basic Set)

Now you can join the USS Enterprise in Star Trek: The Role Playing Game, each player assumes the identity of a character in the Star Trek universe. While controlling the actions of his character, the player leads him through one adventure after another, facing new challenges and unknown dangers. Each game is an ever-changing story as players solve near-impossible puzzles, complete dangerous missions, or simply battle to survive.

The game may be played by 3 or more people, ages 12 to adult. Included are the following:

Star Fleet Officer's Manual

This 40-page book contains information on how to play the game. With it, you can create and train your own Star Fleet Officer as well as direct his actions in ground-based adventures. Included are an introduction and a glossary for players new to role-playing games.

Cadet's Orientation Sourcebook

This 80-page book contains information about the Star Trek universe. It includes illustrated sections on the races and governments in the known universe, as well as photo-illustrated sections on the organization and equipment of Star Fleet. For players new to Star Trek, there is a time line of events and a glossary of Star Trek terms.

Game Operations Manual

This 48-page book contains all the information necessary for designing and running games. It has sections on designing adventures and presenting them to players. There are sections on judging character generation and actions planetside and in space.


This is the basic role playing game, without the Starship Combat Role Playing Game included in the deluxe edition above.

The Romulans2005 The Romulans: Starfleet Intelligence Manual
The Romulan Way: Game Operations Manual

This rules expansion for Star Trek: The Role Playing Game provides hundreds of interesting facts about the Romulans, their personality, their history, and their religion. These books also tell about the Romulan Star Empire, the fascinating Eridam Papers that describe it, its government, its relations with the UFP and the Klingons, and its extent. And they tell about the Imperial Navy, its starships, its weapons and equipment, its organization, and its combat tactics.

Now you can find out all about the Romulans. All you need is right here to add these mysterious aliens to Star Trek: The Role Playing Game. Included are the following:

The Romulans: Star Fleet Intelligence Sourcebook - This 32-page book contains the latest intelligence on the Romulan people, the Romulan Star Empire, and the Romulan Imperial Navy. It includes up-to-date information that every Star Fleet officer should know if he is to serve anywhere near the Neutral Zone or the Triangle. Its many illustrations show uniforms and equipment, as well as starships, and Romulans engaged in various activities. It also includes short articles written by Commander Spock and others about the Romulans, as well as a short dictionary of common Romulan words.

The Romulan Way: Game Operations Manual - This 48-page book contains all the information necessary for designing and running games that feature the Romulans. It provides the information necessary to create and train Romulan characters; a Romulan Character Record also is provided. This information is complete and accurate, unlike the information possessed by Star Fleet Intelligence. With it, a gamemaster may add the Romulans to his game, keeping much of their mystery to his players.


As with many other FASA game supplements, this was released as two booklets in one package.

Although the Klingon supplement was based on the Klingons of John M. Ford's popular Trek novel, the Romulans were not, unfortunately, based on Diane Duane's Rihannsu.

2006 Star Trek III Starship Combat Role Playing Game

Take command of a starship and outmaneuver the enemies of your race to gain the victory. Hide in asteroid fields, lay a trap with deadly gravitic mines, or battle for planets in this fast-paced, exciting game. This easy-to-learn combat role playing game includes 78 colorful playing pieces, a large 22" x 33" starfield map, rulebook, record-keeping panels and counters, and a 20-sided die. Four games in one, for two or more players ages 12 and up.

The 64-page rulebook includes the rules, scenarios, and ship data for Basic, Advanced, and Expert Starship Tactics and for the Command & Control versions of the game.


This was included in the deluxe second edition box set, as described above.

The Triangle2007 The Triangle

The Triangle, long known for its disregard for any law but its own, is the setting for this Star Trek campaign. The Triangle is full of renegade Romulans and Klingons, pirate kings, black-market weapon dealers, and many other unsavory characters. Included in this set are a beautiful full-color map (17" x 22") that shows all the inhabited planets of the Triangle and all political boundaries of the major races and minor states, and a 96-page book containing information about the political, military, and economic goals of the three major powers bordering this neutral region of space. The largest part of the book is made up of 120 world logs of the inhabited planets of the Triangle and character sheets for some of the more important and interesting personalities who live and do business there. Also included are several maps and indices for easy reference and cross-indexing.


In FASA's version of the Star Trek universe, the Triangle was a dangerous, intrigue-ridden region of space that lay between the Federation, the Klingons, and the Romulans. The game supplement The Triangle Campaign (below) builds on the information established in this book.

The Orions2008 The Orions
Book of Common Knowledge
Book of Deep Knowledge

"There are three kinds of people I don't want to face while making a deal," master trader Carter Winston once said. "Vulcan bankers, Tellarite lawyers, or anybody Orion."

The Orions supplement for Star Trek: The Role Playing Game consists of two books. The Book of Common Knowledge contains information that is known to Federation, Klingon, and Romulan characters. Inside are the Orions' spocial structure, a racial history dating back hundreds of thousands of years, descriptions of trade on Rigel IV (where alien races have traded for millennia), details on Orion slavery, and numerous planetary descriptions.

The Book of Deep Knowledge provides that information known only to the gamemaster and Orion characters. It fills the gaps of Orion history, presents the Orion character generation system, describes Orion families, corporations, and governments, and sets the record straight on Orion pirates.

Whether seductive slaves or merchants extraordinaire, Orions are the most treacherous, egocentric, opportunistic, materialistic, hedonistic, and barbaric beings in the galaxy. Play them to the hilt with The Orions.


Another two-book package, this is one of very few Star Trek tie-ins to attempt to create a detailed background for the Orions.

The Federation2011 The Federation

Spanning over 5,000,000 cubic parsecs in size, encompassing thousands of unique planetary systems... this is the Federation... the most ambitious political and cultural experiment ever attempted. This booklet contains comprehensive information that has never before appeared in a single volume.

The Federation covers the entire history of the Federation, Articles of Federation, current Federation interstellar relations, the governmental and bureaucratic structure of the Federation, as well as providing information on individuals who have made their mark -- for good or ill on Federation history and statistics on the major civilizations and over 500 planets within Federation space, and much, much more.

As a primary information source, an easy-to-use reference guide, and a compendium of facts and figures found nowhere else, this booklet synthesizes hundreds of sources, past and present, to make the Federation a complete political, military, and cultural entity.


Though far from canonical, this is an interesting attempt at describing the Federation, and one of the FASA books as interesting to non-gamers as it is to gamers.

Officer's Manual2012 Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual

Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual is an introduction to Starfleet of The Next Generation. Includes: changes to ship's operational procedures that reflect the new officer positions, detailed information about new equipment, and extensive sections about the Galaxy Class cruiser and artificial persons like LCDR Data.

A must for Star Trek fans of every age.

The Next Generation Officer's Manual contains:
Deck plans for the main bridge
Deck plans for the battle bridge
Deck plans for officers and crews quarters
Rank insignias
Starfleet uniforms
Science, medical, and engineering tricorders
The Mark V personal phaser and other weapons
The Ferengi, the Q and other new alien races


According to rumor, this is the book that Paramount forced FASA to pull off the market, because it had not been properly approved. Basically, it's a nicely-done 144-page technical manual, albeit one that is now far from canonical. Published after a single season of The Next Generation, this contains a number of details about 24th century Trek that were contradicted over the next few years (for example, the information about the Enterprise-D's predecessors). Interesting, but often wildly wrong, and more than superseded by various Pocket reference books.

Intelligence Manual2014 Star Fleet Intelligence Manual
Agent's Orientation Sourcebook
Game Operations Manual

He said three things before he died...

Never use Code 2 when Romulans are about!

If your contact does not know why Denebian Slime Devils never attack Tellarites, kill him!

And for God's sake, be careful with matter/antimatter charges!

Add espionage and intrigue to your Star Trek: The Role Playing Game campaign with the Star Fleet Intelligence Manual. The players' book, the Agent's Orientation Sourcebook, contains the history and organization of Star Fleet Intelligence Command, operating procedures for field agents, and gadgets from the deluxe security system briefcase to anti-laser aerosol.

The second book, the Game Operations Manual, provides the gamemaster with front organizations and current missions, guidelines for judging new skill and equipment use, and information on other intelligence organizations, such as the Klingon Diplomatic Corps and the Andorian Corps of Enforcers.

The world of archagents and undercover missions awaits you in the Star Fleet Intelligence Manual!


This is another two-book package.

2102 Klingon D-7 Deck Plans

The deck plans of the infamous Klingon D-7 Battlecruiser are presented in 15mm scale. All rooms and decks are shown with descriptions.

The Vanished2201 The Vanished

It started as just a friendly conversation--until suddenly there was no one left to talk to! The crew of the Federation Deepspace Research Station 39 has disappeared, and the crew of the Federation Starship must find out why -- before they too are among The Vanished.

This booklet contains a complete adventure scenario for Star Trek: The Role Playing Game, with all the necessary background material. Included are complete deck plans for FDR 39 and a complete crew roster for use with this adventure and beyond in your own scenarios. This gamemaster package can be used with campaigns set aboard the USS Enterprise or any other Federation vessel.


The first adventure module is fairly typical, introducing and describing in detail the situation, setting, and characters.

Witness for the Defense2202 Witness for the Defense

The crew of the Enterprise returns to Janus VI, scene of their adventure with the Horta ("The Devil in the Dark"), and finds tragedy. A young miner stands accused of murder and genocide. Will he be convicted by the swift justice of the final frontier, or can Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy find evidence to clear him? And if they do, where is the real killer, and will he strike again -- bringing disaster to the mining colony of Janus VI?

This adventure scenario for Star Trek: The Role Playing Game contains everything a gamemaster needs to recreate the mystery and excitement of murder on Janus VI. This booklet is designed for use in campaigns featuring the U.S.S. Enterprise crew, and includes complete maps and floor plans for the Janus VI pergium processing facility, which can also be used in later adventures.

Trader Captains2203 Trader Captains and Merchant Princes
Spacelanes: The Magazine of Interstellar Trade

From trading tribbles to outwitting Orions

Enter the world of high finance and low dealing in the Star Trek universe, and enjoy the freewheeling life of the independent trader.

This supplement to FASA's Star Trek: The Role Playing Game enables players to buy private ships, obtain cargoes, and turn profits no man has turned before. In addition, players and gamemasters will learn the ins and outs of the Federation economy -- from pricing goods to trading on the UFP stock exchange, and more.

The players' book, a copy of the 23rd century trade magazine Spacelanes, gives an inside look at the ways and means of merchant life.

The gamemaster's book provides details on generation trader characters, and all the necessary information for running trader adventures.

Start plying the space lanes today.


Though the first edition was apparently a single volume, the second was another two-volume set, with Spacelanes printed to resemble a magazine, complete with advertising (for the Jade Orion Spaceport, Wrigley's Pleasure Planet, First Vulcan Interplanetary Securities and Loans, and others).

Ship Construction Manual2204 Ship Construction Manual

Begin your career as a starship engineer.

The Ship Construction Manual contains all of the information necessary to construct starships for your Star Trek Role Playing Games. The recently declassified information in this manual allows the design of state-of-the-art starships of Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Gorn, or Orion origin. The easy-to-use format combined with the comprehensive data also provides the information necessary to build any ship active during the last 60 years of Star Trek history.

The 80-page rulebook includes the tables for the various engines, weapons, shields, and computers that make up starships, essays on the design philosophy of the major races, detailed information on the cost and availability of the equipment, and a system for rating the ships in combat.

The Ship Construction Manual is required reading for all Star Fleet personnel and potential ship designers from all of the major races.


Two editions were published; the above is from the second.

Denial of Destiny2205 Denial of Destiny

"He's stealing my soul!"

While strolling down the street the party comes upon a beggar who appears to have only one leg. You may wish to put some Kopas (local currency) into his bowl at which the beggar will smile genially.

The medical officer decides to carefully scan this individual since he has not seen any other Alerian who does not seem totally fit.

As the tricorder is turned on it begins making its normal whining sound. The beggar hears the peculiar noise, sees the device and begins shouting in mortal terror: "Ayak! Ish Bendanaada ju serada megeni kra kra Jhopo!" which when translated will turn out to mean "Help! This off-world swine is trying to steal my soul!"

The local merchants, who have become quite attached to this fellow as knows just about the filthiest stories ever heard in Kembali, will come running to his aid and will insist that the party leave him alone. They won't be violent about it since, after all, he is only a beggar and no one fights over a beggar.

The tricorder reading taken by the medical officer indicates something peculiar about the beggar's missing leg.

Termination: 14562206 Termination: 1456

Termination Order 1456:
Issued by Internal Security, Imperial High Command
SUBJECT: Thought Admiral Krador zantai Rrilac
MISSION: End his command!

It is suspected that Admiral Krador has been gathering forces to overthrow the Emperor. Under the direction of the Fourth Frontier Security Area Command, you and your crew will go to Muldor IV, penetrate Krador's stronghold, and take appropriate action against Krador and his senior officers. The mission is a vital one, and must be accomplished, even at the expense of your lives.

Demand of Honor2207 Demand of Honor

Although the Federation and the Gorn Alliance have concluded a treaty, a band of renegade Gorn ships have been raiding Federation shipping. This threatens to jeopardize the peace. The Gorn have told Star Fleet the location of the planet where the renegades have their base. Your detroyer, the USS Hastings, has been dispatched to carry a Gorn Ambassador to meet with the renegades.

It seems like a normal mission, but the Ambassador turns out to be none other than the Gorn Captain who fought with Capt. James T. Kirk of the Enterprise. He brings aboard with him a squad of 'bodyguards.' Your Security chief senses that something isn't quite right...

Orion Ruse2208 Orion Ruse

The Captain of TransSolar's Eridani Star was not a happy man. By all rights, he ought to have been satisfied, confident, and even smug. He'd just received permission to open trade talks with the Orion-settled world of Daros IV, the commercial center for an entire sector.

'Unfortunately,' thought the Captain, 'there is a fly in the ointment -- several flies, in fact, and they all wear Star Fleet uniforms. A Federation merchant ship had disappeared near the Daros system, and someone in Intelligence was convinced that the Eridani Star would make an excellent spy ship.'

Margin of Profit2209 Margin of Profit

"I knew things were too good to be true!

"Our sweetheart stock deal with TriMark won't be worth lizard lips if we can't stop whoever has been hijacking the dilithium shipments. If the TriMark shipment next week is hit, our margin of profit will drop to nothing and we'll lose the Two Brothers. We'll have to take matters in our own hands if we want to keep the ship!

"Hmmm... I wonder if that Orion 'trader' named Akalzed knows something about this..."

The Outcasts2210 The Outcasts

Greetings, old comrade!

I trust that this message finds you well and that your career is going smoothly. It has been a long time since we were in contact, and so it is difficult for me to presume by asking for a favor. What I ask I cannot explain, but much depends on this.

You will be contacted by a Vulcan named Salak, who is on a mission of utmost secrecy dealing with a renegade Romulan. I urge you and a few of your best fellow officers to aid him with his mission, though you will have no official Star Fleet sanction.

Do not attempt to contact me. I cannot respond, and would be forced to deny all.

For whatever it is worth, I wish you all the luck that humans seem to put so much faith in.


A Matter of Priorities2211 A Matter of Priorities

As newly-promoted Commander of the refitted IKV Malevolent patrolling near the infamous Triangle Zone, opportunities for quick advancement and promotion would arrive as a matter of course. Although the crew has different opinions about the current power struggle in the politics and policies of the Klingon Empire, they all work well together.

Then came the order from Fleet Command to perform a security inspection on the secret intelligence base on Valtor III located in the Klingon/Romulan disputed area. Captain's discretion allowed.

Captain's Discretion: the chance to live or die by one's own actions. No one said that success in the Klingon Empire was easy.

A Doomsday Like Any Other2212 A Doomsday Like Any Other

It was a dull patrol, and the officers and crew of the frigate USS Fife were tired of the routine, tired of watching an empty frontier. Then, a call for help put the Fife face-to-face with the most implacable foe ever faced by Star Fleet -- one of the robot-brained "Doomsday Machines," like the one destroyed years before by the USS Enterprise.

As if that weren't enough, the Fife had to contend with panicky civilians, selfish VIPs, interfering Romulans, and a colorful rogue whose surprising cargo might hold the only hope of stopping the planet-crushing juggernaut.

It would be a day they would all remember... but it certainly wouldn't be A Doomsday Like Any Other.

The Mines of Selka2213 The Mines of Selka

We were on the verge of cracking an Orion smuggling and pirate ring when Star Fleet called in our ship, and assigned us to another case. Just when things were falling into place, the blunderheads in command come in and screw things up. Now we have to investigate ship disappearances in the Selka system. Who knows where this will lead?

Star Trek III Sourcebook Update2214 Star Trek III Sourcebook Update

Bring your Star Trek role playing universe up to date with the official Star Trek III Sourcebook Update.

This supplement contains a complete time line from the beginning of Earth's space history to the time of Star Trek III. Also included are detailed sections on the changes made since the time of the TV series in the governments of the Klingons, Romulans, Gorn, and Orions. Sections on the UFP and Star Fleet Command, complete with photographs and illustrations, give the latest information on uniforms, insignia, equipment, sidearms, and shipboard systems. A starship recognition file gives pictures and data for the Enterprise, the Bird of Prey, and the other starships. The personnel file provides updated statistics on your favorite characters from the movies.

In addition to all this, a complete adventure, "Lost and Presumed Dead," is included so you can use all the new information.

Triangle Campaign2215 Triangle Campaign

The Triangle... A hotbed of deceit, destruction, and death.

Over the next year
State secrets will be bought and sold,
Wars waged,
Revolutions launched,
Planetary governments will topple,
Millions will die,
And billions of credits profit will be made.

The Triangle Campaign contains four background plots of enormous proportions that could reshape the galaxy. Details for all the plots unfold over a one-year period. "Merchant of Death" deals with the unhealthy actions of a Romulan weapons dealer. In "A Dose of Revenge," Thought Admiral Krador not only plots the overthrow of the Klingon throne, but the conquest of known space. "A Family Affair" involves an Orion pirate with visions of grandeur and the cunning to realize them. Planets and populations are only pluses and minuses on the ledger sheet of BioResearch in "The Corporate Grasp." Overall, it's just another typical year in The Triangle.

Graduation Exercise2216 Graduation Exercise

Four long years you've drilled and studied and trained. More than once you almost gave up, but somehow, you kept on trying. You've taken all the punishment and all the pain the Empire's best could throw at you, and somehow survived it all. You're the one in a hundred. You're one of the survivors. Now at the age of sixteen, only one thing stands between you and your final goal. Only the last assignment to be completed, and then, at long last, you and your comrades will receive your commissions as officers in the Imperial Klingon Navy. After what you've been through, your task seems incredibly simple. Just hop over to a small backwater planet in the Triangle, and bring back an agent Imperial Security needs to question. Simple... except the Romulans might have other ideas about the matter...

Where Has All the Glory Gone?2217 Where Has All the Glory Gone?

It started as a routine patrol for the crew of the Chandley Class USS Niwen. For weeks, the vessel had been picking up only normal subspace radio traffic along the patrol route near the Romulan Neutral Zone. Then came the distress signal from within the zone. Help was needed because the senders said that they had less than 24 hours remaining in their life-support system. If the Niwen pushed its limits of warp speed, they might make it in time -- maybe.

Return to Axanar2218 Return to Axanar
2218A The Four Years War

The crew of the USS Cooper were long overdue for some R&R at Star Base 23. Even the ship needed some work after the long patrol. Then, new orders came in. Now the Cooper had to transport some scientists to Axanar, site of the first battle between the Federation and the Klingons in the Four Years War. The trip would take months in travel time alone. No scientific theory could possibly be important enough to tie up a destroyer for so long. Or could it?

This adventure module also includes a separate book that details The Four Years War. Essays by Federation experts on Axanar, the major battles, and the political, social, and economic factors are included.

Decision at Midnight2219 Decision at Midnight

The warble of phaser fire filled the empty corridors. Through the heavy smoke figures moved, closer now, almost within range. Lieutenant O'Shanter crouched lower behind a blasted bulkhead.

"Funny... I don't feel like a mutineer."

The gauge on his phaser showed the charge was almost gone. Maybe there was still time... if only he could talk to them, reason with them...

From behind came a low throaty growl -- a sound no Human voice could ever make. Turning slowly, Tam found himself fce to face with the yellow eyes of Commander Brr'ynn. The Caitian's weapon never wavered as she licked her lips of anticipation.

"You tried to kill my Captain..."

For Tam time had just run out.

An Imbalance of Power2220 An Imbalance of Power

Your advance scout vessel has just discovered an inhabited planet with large amounts of durallium, a rare and valuable mineral. The Empire will reward you and your Klingon cohorts if you can find an efficient way to exploit the natives and take the minerals for the Empire.

The usual course of action is to put one faction of the native population into absolute power. Thus the Empire does not have to waste time with any internal problems. However, there is the small matter of a civil war to resolve first.

Old Soldiers Never Die2221 Old Soldiers Never Die
The Romulan War

While on a routine survey mission, the crew of the USS Sparon receives an urgent message from the Star Fleet Museum at Memory Alpha. As the closest available ship, the Sparon is ordered to investigate an attempted break-in of one of the museum's storerooms. The investigation leads to the planet Daran V and a group of dissatisfied Star Fleet veterans who voice the opinion that much stronger measures should [be] taken against the Federation's enemies.

Decisive action is needed when the museum reports the successful theft of a mothballed battleship, the USS Juggernaut, a relic of the Romulan War. If this ship were fitted with modern warp engines and other equipment, it would be a very potent vessel. The adventurers must find those responsible for the theft before the Juggernaut can be used against Star Fleet.

This adventure module also includes a separate book describing the Romulan War, fought between the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire. Included are essays by Federation experts on the causes of the war, the major battles, and the political, social, and economic factors involved.


Thanks to Nicholas Roche for the above blurb. He adds, "As with many of the FASA modules, a lot of the background information was contradicted by later materiel established in the later Trek series. However, the module makes an interesting read, as it follows up the original series episode 'The Lights of Zetar' by including Mira Romaine in the mix of NPCs."

Conflict of Interests2222 Conflict of Interests
2222A Klingon Intelligence Briefing

This adventure pits two groups of players against one another as diplomatic teams from the Federation and the Klingon Empire. The objective is to convince the population of Sheridan's World to join either the Federation or the Empire. The only problem is that this planet was settled by the Organians right after the Organian Incident by 100 colonists from the UFP and 100 colonists from the Klingon Empire. Having kept the planet in isolation for 15 years, the Organians have decided that now is the time for the colonists to decide whether they will become Klingon, Federation, or independent. Each diplomatic team must do its best both publicly and privately to convince the colonists to join their side.

This adventure module also includes a separate book, a Star Fleet Officer's Intelligence Briefing on the Klingon Empire. The briefing includes information on prominent family lines, Klingon society, and new information on the little-known, non-military side of Klingon life. This information further rounds out that included in FASA's The Klingons supplement.

The Dixie Gambit2223 The Dixie Gambit

Operation Dixie...

These files describe the Federation's most ambitious Intelligence mission as "Lost -- Presumed Destroyed." Three vessels, betrayed to the Klingons one by one, have been swallowed up behind the Imperial frontier, never to return.

Now the last of Dixie's ships has been spotted, owned by a shipping company in the Triangle, far from the place where it had presumably been destroyed. A crew of Intelligence Operatives has been given the crucial mission of discovering the fate of Operation Dixie and recovering the important data lost when the expedition failed.

But in the Triangle, things aren't always what they seem, and this is only the first move in a dangerous game of thrust and counterthrust... a move that leads to The Dixie Gambit.

Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update2224 Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update

All is not well on Terra...

Admiral Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise are en route to Terra to face court-martial proceedings for their actions in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. The Klingons are demanding custody of Kirk for his part in Genesis while the Genesis controversy rages unabated. And an even more catastrophic danger has materialized to threaten the very existence of Terra.

The Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update contains all the information needed to bring your Star Trek: The Role Playing Game campaign up to date. It discusses the opinions of the Klingons, Romulans, and different factions within the Federation regarding Genesis and contains essays about Operation Armageddon, a Star Fleet computer simulation detailing war between the Federation and the Klingon and Romulan Empires. Sections describe what can be done to prevent the unauthorized use of starships and what sort of military justice the Enterprise crew will face when they return to Terra.

The races of the Federation...

Also included is a 16-page color section illustrating some of the new aliens seen in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Along with each illustration is a description of the creatures as well as notes on their civilization and history.

The White Flame2225 The White Flame Starship Combat Scenario Pack

Engage and destroy!

Our ships closed upon the helpless Federation ships like an animal on wounded prey. Their destruction would allow the glorious plunder of undefended Federation space...

The White Flame is a scenario pack for the Star Trek Starship Combat Game which details the exploits of the Emperor's own 123rd Assault Flotilla. This Klingon Battle Group patrols the uneasy border of Klingon, Federation, and Romulan space. Included are unit history, organization, personalities, and combat readiness, as well as fifteen scenarios, pitting the White Flame against Orion, Romulan, and Federation opponents in a series of deadly encounters.

The Strider Incident2226 The Strider Incident
2226A Regula-1 Orbital Station Deck Plans

Is the Federation at war with the Klingon Empire?

... or did Captain Reardon violate Klingon space to avenge her brother's death?

While stuck aboard an R-1 type defense outpost, the player characters are drawn into the investigation of the USS Strider's attack on the Klingon Empire. If the group fails to discover who sent the war orders to Captain Reardon, the Klingons will use the incident to gain control of a strategic system in the Neutral Zone. In addition, they will take Reardon prisoner... and Klingons do not treat Federation prisoners gently.

First Year Sourcebook2227 Star Trek: The Next Generation First Year Sourcebook

Update your game with new stats!

The First Year Sourcebook gives information and game statistics based on the first year of the new Star Trek: The Next Generation television show.

With this book, you can integrate the characters, new civilizations, and equipment used in the first year of the show into your Star Trek: The Role Playing Game campaign.


New ship positions -- Learn the jobs of the new personnel on the Enterprise.

Personal history and game statistics for all the major characters, including:

Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Commander of the Enterprise
Lieutenant Commander Data, the android helmsman
Lieutenant Worf, the Klingon Security Officer

New equipment like the Holodeck, new tricorders, new phasers, and Lieutenant LaForge's visor.

New races and planets that have been encountered.

A section of tables and skills for generating characters for The Next Generation.


One of the last FASA Trek publications, this is the Paramount-approved Next Generation supplement. Unlike the Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual, this is relatively short, game-oriented, and full of disclaimers (for example, on page 3, "Some materials in this book were created expressly for Star Trek: The Role Playing Game, and may be invalidated by later episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation.") There's less canon-violating material here, but there's less of almost everything; this is roughly half the length of the first Next Generation role playing book.

Klingon Ship Recognition Manual2301 Ship Recognition Manual: The Klingon Empire

The Klingon Ship Recognition Manual is intended for Star Fleet personnel with a "need to know" concerning information on the Imperial Klingon Navy. This comprehensive study discloses, for the first time, all known combat, visual, and historical data on 42 different Klingon ships and their variants. Also included is a chronology of service and silhouette recognition chart. This manual is a must for all Star Trek enthusiasts.


Two editions were published, the first as Ship Recognition Manual: The Klingon Empire, the second as Klingon Ship Recognition Manual.

Federation Ship Recognition Manual2302 Ship Recognition Manual: The Federation

The Federation Ship Recognition Manual is intended for Star Fleet personnel with a "need to know" concerning information on the Star Fleet vessels. This comprehensive study discloses all known combat, visual, and historical data on 42 different Federation ships and their variants. Also included is a chronology of service and silhouette recognition chart. This manual is a must for all Star Trek enthusiasts.


As above, this was published in two editions, with a similar title change.

Romulan Ship Recognition Manual2303 Romulan Ship Recognition Manual

The Romulan Ship Recognition Manual is intended for Star Fleet personnel with a "need to know" concerning information on the Romulan Star Navy. This comprehensive study discloses, for the first time, all known combat, visual, and historical data on 40 different Romulan ships and their variants. Also included is a chronology of service and silhouette recognition chart. This manual is a must for all Star Trek enthusiasts.

2801 Starship Combat Hex Grid

Contains five 22" x 33" starfield maps for use with Star Trek III Starship Combat Role Playing Game.

2803 Tricorder/Sensors Interactive Display

This play aid allows players to use a tricorder for scans and scientific readings. The unit is a hand-held simulated tricorder with display windows.

Unpublished Material

2228 Star Trek: The Final Frontier

It was the mission of the USS Enterprise to go where no man had gone before. Star Trek: The Final Frontier takes the reader there too! It is filled with information from all five motion pictures. This is a complete sourcebook for all enthusiasts, fans, and players of the popular role playing game. Makes a great gift.


Steve Rikli provided the above information from a 1991 FASA catalogue. Though this book was listed on a 1990 order sheet, to the best of our knowledge this was never actually published.

2304 Ship Recognition Manual: Gorn
2305 Ship Recognition Manual: Orion
2306 Ship Recognition Manual: Yachts
Ground Forces Manual


These titles were listed as "upcoming" in FASA order forms and flyers circa 1987 or 1988, but they were never actually published, as far as I know.

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Looking for more information on Star Trek role-playing games? Check out former FASA game writer Guy McLimore's website. It's no longer active, but can be found through the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. XON Gaming's FASA page has almost everything you might want to know, including catalogues, ads, articles, and more. The Pen & Paper website has cover scans and information as well as links back here.

For information on the more recent but now discontinued Star Trek role-playing games from Last Unicorn Games, try Trek-RPGNet. Finally, there are also a lot of Star Fleet Battles modules and manuals. Star Fleet Battles, originally licensed from Franz Joseph (author of the Star Fleet Technical Manual) and later through Paramount, is a Trek-based starship combat game that also included a role-playing component. Because the license restricted the game's creators to the original series only (nothing from the movies), they expanded the scope of their game by adding new civilizations and creating an entirely new timeline with little resemblance to canonical Trek. John H. Kim's Unofficial SFB Page is a now outdated but still useful site; the official site is the best source of current information.