From the South Conference:

Volunteer hurricane watchers please report

Response #337: (djb) Wed 4 Oct 95 12:38 PM

 In Miccosukee we are on the edge of the current projected path.  I closed
 the business at noon and have the yard rats out collecting potential flying
 missles.  Let's see..we have the cars full of gas, have some get away cash
 in our pockets, have plenty of batteries.  The Volunteer Fire Department has
 it's units ready to roll, chain saws at the ready.  The state EOC is
 activated.  Most of the costal counties are under mandetory evacuation.
 Interstate 10 is clogged east of here.  The highway patrol is considering
 making it a one-way road with both sides east bound between Pensacola and
 Tallahassee.  Speaking of Pensacola, it was at first ordered evacuated this
 morning, then, because of traffic problems, people were advised to stay in
 their homes if they were on higher ground.

 I'm planning to stay home until the worst of the storm is over and then see
 if I can find a volunteer job in one of the shelters.

 There is already several reports of coastal flooding.

 I'll try and log in later today for an update if we have power.  I don't
 have a ups at home.  I do have a Motorola Marco wireless email pad...
 If things are totally crazy here tomorrow with phones and power, 
 it may work.  During Andrew, the ARDIS system, used by the Marco, was 
 the only communication system that never went down in Miami.

As seen on The WELL, quoted with the permission of the author