Oysterfest XVI
Photo credits: af, arto, baker, peoples, and smash

The Cooking conference held its 16th annual Oyster Fest on May 23, 2010. About forty people gathered to feast on our favorite bivalves, to share dozens of delectable side dishes, to raise toasts to friendship, to the food, to the return of the sun, and to enjoy the beauty of Hearts Desire Beach at Tomales Bay State Park.

In past years we've gotten our oysters from Tomales Bay Oyster Company, which offers all sizes of Miyagi (aka "Pacific") oysters, but no other types. This year we made our oyster purchase from Santa Rosa Seafood, which supplied us with a wide variety of oysters, including Blue Points, Malpeques, Steamboats, and Kumamotos, as well as the local Miyagis.