CyberFoo 95/96

New Year's 1995/1996

Cyberfoo: First Night in Cyberspace

In 1993, a group of people on The WELL decided that they had had enough with the bad publicity that the Internet was receiving in the media. Every story, it seemed, was about crackers, stolen credit cards, and pornography. As members of a vibrant online community, they decided to show the public at large just what "that Internet thing" was like, so people could see for themselves.

On New Year's Eve, Public terminals were set up in Boston, New York, Copenhagen, Rome, and San Francisco, and people also logged in from every continent but Antarctica.

In 1994, we had public access to the chat area on ECHO, the East Coast Hangout; IRC, the Internet Relay Chat; WELLMuse, a text-based virtual reality system on the Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link; Usenet newsgroups; the World Wide Web; and a First Night in Cyberspace conference also on The WELL.

People logged in from New York, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Rome, Copenhagen, London, Brussels, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Vancouver, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Houston, Kansas City, Nashville, Atlanta, Detroit, Caracas, New Brunswick, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Cherry Hill, Middlesborough, Helsinki, Prague, Lithuania, Jerusalem, and South Africa. At that point we stopped keeping track.
It was magic to see people walk in off the street and play with the possibilities of this new medium for the first time.
This time we want to generate more smiles, more wonder, and more memories than ever before.
Cyberfoo: First Night in Cyberspace will be a surprise and surprising--just as it has been in years past.

1995 Public Venues!

For an idea of what it can be like to set up a cyberfoo venue, read 1994's behind-the-scenes report from The Other Side Cosmic Cafe in Boston. You may be able to coordinate something with your local cybercafe.

These aspects of the Cyberfoo were already in place for any venue: For the more technologically adventurous, there was:

If folks were having an internet party that was open to the public, they could find out about WELL support for public cyberfoo venues.
If you're already a WELL subscriber, click here to visit the Cyberfoo Conference via WELL Engaged.
If you're not yet a WELL subscriber but want to be, click here to telnet to the WELL in order to subscribe.

Of course, you did not have to be associated with The WELL to participate; anyone could -- from home or from a public venue. Even that Howie guy.
Where did that word CYBERFOO come from, anyway?