CyberFoo 95/96

WELL Support for Cyberfoo '95-'96

The WELL will be offering support for Cyberfoo: First Night in Cyberspace venues again this year:

For WELL-sponsored venues, we will also have a number of Demo and Guest accounts. Some funds may be available for incedentals such as printing, equipment rental, food, etc.

To be a WELL-sponsored site, your venue must be

We will give preference to venues that show the promise of introducing the most people to cyberspace.

Being a WELL-sponsored site does not mean that you will be limited to showcasing The WELL; we encourage you to feature as many aspects of the Internet as you have the expertise and facilities: WWW, IRC, CU-SeeME, gopher searching, USENET, even other onlin e communities if they are also sponsoring your site. We do ask that if you are WELL-sponsored that you feature The WELL as part of the celebration, and mention The WELL in any brochures or press information that you give out.

If you need some help setting up a foo site and meet the above requirements, email with the following information:

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