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Wide-ranging talks between artists, authors, experts and interesting people like you. Conversations in the Inkwell can be read by all within The WELL and out on the Web: no password is required to read.

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Welcome to Inkwell.vue, an unusual WELL conference that can be read without a password.

The books and commentary we've spotlighted over the years run the gamut from timely political commentary, to noteworthy blogs, to gardening and cooking books, to parenting issues, to the social implications of new technologies. We've delved into the evolution of online culture and communications technologies, and we've explored improvisational and collaborative branches of music history. Who can say what we'll talk about next?

Check out what's happening in the Inkwell.

Hosted by: Brady Lea (brady) | Cynsa Bonorris (cynsa) | Jon Lebkowsky (jonl) | Julie Sherman (julieswn) | Lisa Harris (lrph) | Ted Newcomb (tcn)

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