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Ever wonder where the authors of science fiction get their ideas? Judge the process for yourself in the MIRRORSHADES Postmodern Archive on the WELL. It's a mix of weblog, archive, and commonplace book, plucked out of Bruce Sterling's email and from websites worldwide. Currently tracking: art, science, design, environmental catastrophe, crime, virtual war, rip-off cybercreeps, dead media, anarchy, spooks, sickening outrages and cheering developments.

If it's in MIRRORSHADES, it's already science fiction. The world just doesn't know it yet.


Bruce Sterling, author of Zeitgeist, Distraction, Holy Fire, Heavy Weather, Schismatrix, The Hacker Crackdown, co-author of The Difference Engine, editor of Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology, etc. Read the Bruce Sterling FAQ and the Sterling Bibliography

Jon Lebkowsky (jonl), author, journalist, web consultant, homme d'affaires.

Bruce Sterling

Bruce Sterling


Books by Bruce Sterling

Tomorrow Now by Bruce Sterling
Tomorrow Now

A Good


Holy Fire


See The Mirrorshades Bookstore for more Sterling books, plus book recommendations by Bruce and cohost Jon Lebkowsky. Also check out the Viridian Book List.


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