Well Picnic 2006, Flood Park

Yummy food items
(karish) and (ray-coshow)
(needtono) makes a point
(deadeye), (kathbran), (june), (julieswn), Mrs. deadeye, (chrys), (gail) at the conversation table, with (ray-coshow) in the background
(bubbles) bubbles
(coiro), (deadeye), (june), (farren)
(coiro)'s cat/fish
(kathbran)'s bundt cake macramé
yummy canoli
(dbdoty), not to be confused with Michael Jackson (or (smash))
These are not the sausages (mcb) intended
(needtono) says, "Chuck, it's too hot."
(karish) says, "Let me help you"
(needtono): "Ahhh!"
The crowd: "More!"
White beards do not make people look the same.
Nor do bald heads
(cooljazz) knows
(esau) and unnamed friend
Why is everyone standing in the shade?
Ray, you need a hat.
(flash) & (gail)
(bubbles), a member of the glitterati
(coiro) is approximately a head shorter than (smash), and her lack of a white beard makes her look nothing like him.
(arto) captures piñatacide in progress
(peoples) cools off

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