New Kapadokia

Redwood City
June 9, 2004

Oh! The food was so good, and we really enjoyed the fine hospitality. If possible, the food was even better than the last time. (loren-rosen) joined us from Santa Cruz, and brought some local delicacies.

We got all of the appetizers except one    

(lee), (loren-rosen), (coiro), and (arse)
Oops - that's right: (coiro) Caspered on us    

(needtono) digs in - note the cool WeLL shirt    

Vegetarian Manti - even a little spicy    

Plate o'dolma    

(chrys) and her dolma    

(loren-rosen) brought chocolates
from Donnelly Chocolates - Thanks!    

More sweets - great baklava    

Our gracious host

photos by (smash)

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