WELL 2004 Oysterfest

Heart's Desire Beach
May 8, 2004

With (peoples) off having fun in Paris, (wiggly), (gower), and (axon) stepped up and organized this year's fest at lovely Heart's Desire Beach in Tomales Bay State Park. (peoples) did come back in time to help a bit with getting it together. It was a clear, beautiful day, with only a little fog.

As always, my feeble mind misplaces names, so please let me know of corrections.

850 oysters arrive, courtesy of (axon) Some of the intended victims

(ode) getting his gloves on Down goes the first oyster of the day

(kathbran) digs in "The time has come," the Walrus said... (ode), Janice, Alan, (rose-vita)

One oyster fought back (mcb) (axon) delivers an oyster kiss

(nanlev) (rats), (dherr), (reet), and (aronan) get grillin' (peoples) was on a low carb moratorium

(needtono) and (smash) some of (nanlev)'s tasty Meyer lemons (calliope) blows the coals

(barbg), (jayson), (peoples) read the Walrus and the Carpenter, while (flash) records

"O Oysters," said the Carpenter, "You've had a pleasant run!"

(gower) brought some outstanding sauces (tex) and (axon) serenade the bivalves (calliope) with lemoncello and vintage WELL gear

(barbg) and (peoples) A selection of toes and shoes See, I told you you could juggle.
(What, you don't remember doing this?)


A stowaway

(jayson) takes a break

Some of the damage collateral

photos by (smash) and (rose-vita)

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