WELL 2004 Tomatofest

(smash) & (rose-vita)'s
September 18, 2004

Celebrate tomatoes. That was the idea: let's get together and share tomatoes (and things which complement them) from our gardens. As it turned out, many of our gardens had already peaked, and we were concerned that we would not have enough. Fortunately, Diana (Mrs. (snitil)) saved the day with 5 buckets of 'maters - enough to taste, and enough for the tomato-deprived to take some home. About 30 people enjoyed the sun and the fruits, about half from the WELL, and about half (smash) & (rose-vita)'s NOTW friends.

As always, my feeble mind misplaces names, so please let me know of corrections.

More than enough! Ingrid, Mumble, and Laramie Laramie and Yolanda at the Gazpacho table

Laramie, (kathbran), Mrs. Ramanathan, and (peoples) Todd, Ingrid, and Mumble compare tomatoes Suku, Margo, (needtono), and Beau
but note Harry the cat watching Beau from the fence

Diana, Yolanda, and (snitil) Laramie, Margo, (karish), (peoples), Johnnie Go on! Have some more!

(peoples) and some peppers. Oh, and a ladle through her head.

See more pictures (by (karish)) here

photos by (smash) and (rose-vita)

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