About the photos and video clips.

All the pics were taken over a four day period between the 27th and the 30th of December 2000, during a flying visit to Paris.

Most of the photos you can see here were taken with my newly acquired Fuji MX-2700 digital camera. The full resolution was 1800 by 1200, and they've all been shrunk to 600 x 400. If, for some reason, you'd like full sized copies of any of the files, let me know, and I'll see what I can do!

All the images with PICFxxx filenames were taken with a Sharp Internet Viewcam, as were the video clips. Treat the video as more a demo. of what the Sharp can do (all the video clips fit onto one 4mb smartmedia card, along with all the stills), rather than as really good video (I'm still working out how to get the best out of it).

To view pictures, just click on one of the options to the left - a new page will open up here, containing thumbnails. Just click on one, and you'll see a larger image. From the larger image, you can either click on the big picture to return to the thumbnails, or use the links under the picture to navigate. The thumbnail pages were created using Smaller Animals' Thumbnailer 6, which makes doing this kind of thing very easy.

The fonts used for the menu and the title graphic are P22's rather wonderful Vincent (Van Gogh - for the title), and Rodin (for the menu). Great fonts downloadable from their website for just $24.95 each)

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