During a three story fall in October of 1969 where I landed on my head on concrete and broke many skull bones......

My experience is very deep, beyond words.
I feel that I enter in to another dimension, a state of awareness totally present, yet beyond time and space.
I experience a sort of ascension, an entering in, a peeling away of layers.
There is a sense of utmost profundity and of shining lightness of being.
I feel that I am entering a primary awareness.

My whole life comes present - every scene, every thought, every experience that had occurred during my entire 19 years on Earth.
I feel I am finally seeing the Truth and this feels like a grand initiation.
I have finally made it. I have come home.

There is a Being here, a Master Consciousness, a Being of Light. This Being feels like an extraterrestrial. This Being knows me intimately. I do not see a form. I experience a Presence.
I am told that it is not my time to go, I must return to earth.

There seems that there may be more to this. I will understand at the proper time.

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