JANUARY 25, 1959

by Dorothy Bush

I was due to have my second child near the end of February of 1959. (My first child was a normal delivery - in labor for a short time before delivery.)

On the fifth of December of 1958 1 started to hemorrhage and I had several of these hemorrhaging spells until the 25th of January. I knew this day that the bleeding was not stopping as it usually did! Still nearly a month early of my expected delivery date of February 20, I was taken in an ambulance to a private hospital on a Sunday afternoon and went into labor and also fainted while in the ambulance.

Upon arrival at the hospital I was taken to a room to be examined. My doctor was the family doctor who had delivered my daughter. At the time there was a surgeon who was seeing one of his patients. He was called in to examine me. When I fainted again they felt I would not be much help in a normal delivery and decided on a Cesarean section. I was wheeled down the hall into the operating room. The Surgeon was preparing himself for the surgery and the anesthetist was talking to me, telling me they would put me to sleep and I would have my baby. I said "Fine."

I then felt faint once again, and told her, and she gave me some oxygen. I said that this was not of any help and she gave me more, and I again said: "This is not helping." She then started to scream: "Doctor, Doctor, hurry, please hurry, her blood pressure, it's falling!" I glanced at the clock on the wall (I don't know why) and then suddenly I found myself in this absolutely most beautiful, peaceful place. The flowers were extraordinarily beautiful, and there was such lovely music. I can only say the flowers were so much more beautiful than any we see on Earth, and with that kind of music and beauty, and being surrounded by love and peace, I had no wish to return to Earth.

Then, someone started to talk to me. I didn't see His face. I say "His" because it was a male voice. He said, "Dottie, I am leaving you here (on Earth) for a purpose." He then proceeded to make known to me ALL THINGS. As He talked to me, I thought: "Why me, as I am not anyone special; but since He has revealed all to me so clearly, now when I return back to Earth, I can help so many people." As soon as I thought this, He answered by saying: "No one will know what you are going through." When He finished talking I started to float back to Earth, and the closer I got the dirtier and uglier it appeared. I then felt myself enter into my body on the operating table with a sound like WHOOSH!

Then I felt the doctor pressing tape across my stomach. I could not open my eyes. I listened to someone saying the Lord's Prayer and as soon as they said: "Amen," I opened my eyes, after which I was taken back to my room.

During all this time, my husband had been waiting in the lobby of the hospital. He said nurses were running into the hallway and he heard paging for blood, not realizing it as all for me. I am sure that for him it was best this way.

My Mom had "felt" the need to get to the hospital and made my brother take her there. Upon arriving, the surgeon who operated was coming out of my room and told Mom: "It was very close for both of them, (the baby and me) but we made it."

My family doctor did write the following in a medical records booklet I kept for my son born during my N.D.E.: "Resuscitation necessary because of apnea and hypoxia (oxygen deprivation) due to anemic shock. Secondary to Placenta Previa. Delivered by Cesarean section."

On seeing my husband and Mother, I said: "No one will know what I have just been through." But because of the assurance I had been given concerning the future I told my husband and mother that I would not complain again about anything. That night, just as I had been told, I could not recall the great knowledge given me, but I did eventually become more patient with everyone and everything.

I never said anything to the doctor or nurses about this special experience while in the hospital, but nurses came to see me as they had heard about the excitement on that Sunday, and one expressed her disappointment at not having been called on the case!

But now I have told many people of my experience. I have gone through some personal trials in recent years, but I know that they are lessons that must be learned here on Earth. I seem to be led to be at certain places or drawn to certain experiences at times, and I look at life differently. Helping people and expressing love at all times for each other is what we are here for.

I know and understand things new that seem just impossible to put into words. It is a great frustration to see people running about with a self-centered attitude, pursuing activities that are such of a waste of time and to be unable to help them understand. Seeing so much unthinking selfishness in the world today just makes my heart ache. But those of us - and we are many - who have had the benefit of the near-death experience, long to share with everyone the lesson of this higher consciousness and love.

I have no fear of death, actually looking forward to going home when God calls and yearn to be able to assure others of the reality of the beauty and joy of Heaven, for my experience remains as vivid and convincing today as when it happened. I tell others simply: "The best is yet to come!"

Six years later I had another child by Cesarean section, delivered by the same surgeon. No problems with pregnancy or delivery!

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