Karla's NDE

I had a near death experience at 24 years ago - massive pulmonary emboli and cariovascular collapse, the result of taking birth control pills for one & a half months. It was many months after the experience before I processed the fear and was able to remember the beauty. I did not "see" a light, but I did enter a space, after the ego had let go, where I knew everything, where I was part of everything, where I could "see" (intuit) why all was as it was. It was a feeling of such intensity and beauty that words are but empty shells - the supreme being, energy - LIFE defies the constraints of mortal terms.

I have talked to people who have lost loved ones and have recounted my experience. I believe that all-knowing awaits us all, and as such, death is not a fearful place.

aloha, karla

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