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Web Sites of PMHCA members:
Sacred Transformations
Brooklyn's Bridge
Kathryn of the Hills

Various views on Mental Health:
Support Coalition and Dendron News
Re-evaluation Counseling Home Page
Dissident psychiatrist Peter Breggin and his wife Ginger Ross-Breggi

Al Siebert, the keynote speaker for last year's PMHCA conference, and author of The Survivor Personality, has a lot of positive things to say about survivors and schizophrenia. Check out his two sites:

Successful Schizophrenia

Psychiatric Survivors:
Sally Clay - Zangmo Blue Thundercloud
CybrWayn's Bookmarks

John Basham
Madmagic's help!
First person accounts Alex Vulliamy

Selfheal - Superb collection of links to self healing and alternatives

Radical Psychology Network: World Resources
Jon's Big List of Mental Health Sites.

Excellent collection of self-help books by Peter McWilliams. The full text is up on his site - or you can order them for cheap. Some of Peter's books were on the New York Times best seller list for months.
PRELUDE PRESS & Peter McWilliams

McWilliam's latest: Hypericum & Depression
Can Depression Be Successfully Treated with a Safe, Inexpensive, Medically Proven Herb Available without a Prescription?

Frequently Asked Questions about Therapy from a client's perspective.

The Bazelon Center
Legal advocacy for the civil rights and human dignity of people with mental disabilities
Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania
PIE Online WWW Home Page

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