Beyond Imagination

In the Fall of 1993, I had a Manic experience for about three months that put me on a medical disability leave for two months and landed me in a mental hospital for ten days.

I experienced this period as a major spiritual awakening. The doctor in the mental hospital diagnosed me as bipolar.

During that period of time, I was transformed from a metaphysical information consumer (1,000+ books, several seminars and classes), to an information generator.

In 45 days, I wrote a 100 page book, Beyond Imagination: Foundations for Creating a New World. Then I wrote a 50 page book Reality Creation 1010 in 10 days. Two years later, I have over 1200 pages of Notes documenting my experiences and thoughts month by month. Also, in January 1995, I generated four briefings on Society, Government, Education and Economy.

The focus of my endeavors is how to enable spirit to be more fully expressed in flesh -- not only for myself, but for the whole world.

You can visit my writings at:
Beyond Imagination

Be Happy and Create Well! In Peace, Love and Light, Wayne.

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