Some Interesting Quotes on Spiritual Crisis

"It is true that overcoming obstacles and difficulties accelerates spiritual progress. The most serious lifetime difficulties, like severe psychiatric illness or physical disability, may be signs of life progress, not regress. In my opinion, it is often the very strongest souls who have chosen to shoulder these burdens because they provide great opportunities for growth. If a lifetime can be likened to a year in school, then lifetimes such as these can be likened to a year in graduate school. This is probably why difficult lifetimes are more frequently recalled during regressions. The easier lifetimes, the "rest" periods, are usually not as significant."

Brian Weiss, MD - Through Time Into Healing

"...there are often times when custodial care is required for a person, because he is doing work. You see, I'm very far out and I'm somewhat scary from a societal point of view, because I'm not sure I can tell you that two years in a mental hospital isn't much more advantageous in one's growth as a being than four years of a college education. And that maybe six months in prison could be comparable to a post-graduate education in education."

Ram Dass - The Only Dance There Is

"I'm very spacious about this kind of thing, because I've seen people spend time in catatonic stupors in mental hospitals as a result of drugs, and later they turn out to be more effective as human beings, more alive to the moment, than people that went through Harvard and came out summa cum laude. Even with my relatives, whose kids got doped and started to fall apart, and the parents put them in a treatment program, because they freaked because the kid wasn't going anywhere. And I understood the parents' fear, but when I looked at the parents' own lives, I thought, what is it they're trying to do? They're trying to justify their own lives., which has a completely dysfunctional mythology connected with it. And if the kid says, "I don't want to play the game", is that health or is it sickness? Are you asking them to be initiated into a pathological system?

Ram Dass - interviewed in Gnosis No. 26 Winter 1993

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