Exceptional Human Experiences

What are Exceptional Human Experiences?

Exceptional Human Experiences (EHEs) are spontaneous anomalous experiences of the psychic, mystical, encounter, and death-related type. They may be transcendent or mystical, and often have the potential to be transformational, depending on how the experiencer relates to her/his own experience or what he/she does with it.

EHEs center on a person's subjective experience. From this vantage the experiencer is encouraged to view her/his own life in terms of the experience itself. Often, one's life perspective will look very different than as is commonly seen in more "cultural consensus reality" oriented ways.

What is an Exceptional Human Experience Autobiography?

People experiencing EHEs may very well be interested in exploring them further. This would not be surprising as people having these experiences often feel that there is more in these experiences than may immediately "meet the eye". EHEs often hold the potential for teachings or transformation.

Through understanding the need to work with EHEs on a personal, subjective basis, Rhea White, the originator of the EHE perspective has developed a powerful way to work with EHEs -- the Exceptional Human Experience Autobiography. A person who experiences an EHE may write his or her life story from the perspective of his or her EHE, rather than from the usual perspective of objective life events such as career or external circumstance. This autobiography may be written as extensively as he or she wants. Telling one's story is indeed a powerful way to learn and develop new meanings, awarenesses and perspectives. The writing of a EHE autobiography may in itself be a tool for transformation.

For further discussion please see Rhea's article How to write an EHE autobiography

What is the Exceptional Human Experience Network?

The EHE Network, started by parapsychological researcher Rhea White, is an organization formed to study the full range of EHE's, and find ways of working and understanding these experiences. Further information, specific activities and the way to join may be found in Rhea White's article The Exceptional Human Experience Network.

Rhea A. White, Director

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