Gail's Psychic Experiences

My expeiences of the spiritual realm began when I was three years old, living in Montreal, Que. I saw a sillouette of a man walking against a wall. He slid in through the door, along the walls of the apartment, and back out of the front door. As it passed over the kitchen windows, it disappeared. This encounter was the first of many, which made me question, what was happening to me.

When I was nine, our family lived in Ottawa, Ontario. We were on a trip to Montreal in the evening. As we entered into the city, our car was at an intersection waiting for the light to change. A car came racing out of another intersection, into ours across the street and rammed into a telephone post. Telephone wires landed on the car, setting it ablaze. As I watched the car burn in the flames, I saw a black sillouette figure emerge from within the flames, enter into the car and pull out a yellow-gold ball of energy, which I would later learn was the soul of the man in the car.

When I became a born-again christian at 16, the visions intensified, combining apparitions of souls, entities and angels. Doors opened and closed, souls or spirits appeared out of nowhere trying to make contact with me. I had seen one soul dressed in a WW1 uniform walking through my kitchen, a lumberjack standing behind our backyard pool, and a sea captain walking through my house in the middle of the night.

This was so very unsettling, that I sought help from a minister who gave me an exorcism rite to read before going to bed. The first night that I tried this prayer, I heard loud rapping on the walls of the house, and so did my sister and father, who all came upstairs into my room, asking me what this was. I had an idea, but didn't say anything.

When I reached 18, I decided to try and rid the paranormal activity in my house by meditation an prayer. I, unknowingly went into a trance, and four hours later I became aware that a strong wind was blowing throughout the house. Objects flew off the kitchen walls, soon to be followed by a loud explosion. In the following few minutes the house went silent. It was quiet. I felt a strong sense that the entities that once occupied my house were gone.

Many of my visions were not limited to entities or guides. Later on in life as I attended college I met up with a woman who was into metaphysical studies. She introduced me to crystals, cards, pyramids, and meditations. She became familiar with my abilities as a seer, and brought back my confidence in myself and my abilities, without being afraid. Six months later I attended my first workshop on angels, and in a meditation met up with my own personal angel,named Michael. Several other people in the workshop also recognized a white streak of lightning zip across the room leaving a trail aroma of roses behind. It was a pronounced awakening for me, on the possibility of angels in our lives. I attended a second workshop on inner light journeying, and found myself travelling to a Divine place which I call Heaven, a pink/fushia plane with angels and souls alike. I was astonished by the inward trip, and this provoked me to continue my search about angels, guides, animal guides and souls.

I met up with a social worker who had spent 5 years sending souls to the light. Apparently he had the ability to 'see' souls and angels. We spent about six months meeting as a group, teaching me how to recognize souls and send them off to the Creator Light. After that, I met another woman who taught me to channel. I found this quite difficult at first, as I thought I was getting my own thoughts in the way. But a photograph taken with a polaroid proved otherwise. As I saw the image in my mind the angel also appeared on the photograph. This erased all doubts about my channelling abilities.

As I work with the present person on a business venture, he has also taught me how to ground myself, as my sight abilities expand. My sight has included seeing angels, guides, animal guides, spirit guides, souls of all kinds, identifying paranormal activity, negative energies, entities, alternate dimensional gateways, and the list goes on. I have experienced Kundalini energy, the second time in my life, and it is definitely an experience which affects the human senses, the psychic self, and spiritual self. I have met up with Saints of all kinds, not only in the Christian religion, but in other religions as well. This has expanded my beliefs where religion is concerned.

Today I am in training once again, to fine tune my sight abilties, that I may be able to channel Divine energies into my sight, and hands, so that I can help other people in a way that is most beneficial to them.

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