The Opening

One particularly harrying day in the fall of 1985, Jane was at home tending the four children when she decided to lie down on the bed and relax. Her husband did relaxation exercises and she decided to make the effort to relax herself. Jane lay back, gazing up through the window at the clouds. She closed her eyes and suddenly felt herself overcome by paralysis. Then she felt herself being sucked up by a force through darkness, up through a "tunnel" at the end of which she was drawn into a "bright, bright, bright light." Then she heard a voice: "Don't be afraid. It (the light) won't hurt you."

Jane looked around and found herself in a different world. A tall robed figure spoke to her. "We want to show you where you came from." Two other figures appeared, one on each side of her, and she was led into a bright courtyard, where large numbers of people were walking to and fro. The air of the place was lovely. There were fruit trees, flowers, children, birds, and beautiful music in the distance. Jane felt ecstatic. She noticed before her what looked like a castle, then suddenly she was inside a room of the castle. The room had toys, a bed, a fireplace, a beautiful oriental rug.

"This was your room," the voice said.

"Oh, no." Jance said, puzzled.

The toys, the rug were all strange.

"Would you like to stay here?" asked the voice. The face of the mysterious robed figure was invisible.

"Oh, no" said Jane, alarmed, frightened, "I have to stay with my children."

The figure pointed downward and a tunnel vision opened to a scene below where Jane's children were visible; they were playing, laughing. She could see they were safe.

"There are many worlds," said the voice. "You came from this world. So does Mary, your youngest girl. You and Mary have great powers. If you follow the right path, your powers and Mary's powers will develop."

But Jane was overcome by fear. The figures beside her said they would not hold her against her will, and suddenly she found herself returning, hurtling through a dark tunnel, through, as she put it, "another dimension." As she was thus hurtling, hands reached out from the darkness and seemed to be grasping at her; meanwhile, the voice explained: "Just close your eyes and be a willing subject, and we'll help."

"But I'm afraid."

"Just look for us up in the sky," said the voice. Jane experienced a jolt. She was back in bed, sweating, her heart pumping; she was too scared to look up.

Jane insisted very strongly that her experience was not - definitely not - a dream. When she looked up into the sky she saw a circular pattern of light. Still afraid to look, she looked furtively, hoping it was gone.

There's something out there, God or aliens, I don't know what for sure - but there's something out there."

Whenever Jane looked up into the sky - even in broad daylight - she saw the same circle of light. She called it the "opening." But she was afraid to look, afraid to think or talk about the experience, convinced people would either try to exploit her or not believe her.

- from Crisis and the Healing Imagination by Michael Grosso
The Quest Summer 1989

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